How to Manage Pipeline From Your WordPress Dashboard in Easy.Jobs?

Pipeline refers to the entire recruitment levels every submitted resume passes through before reaching a final appointment call. In general, almost all companies have the primary Recruitment Pipeline steps i.e. Submission of Application, Shortlisting, Phone Screening, and a Final Face-To-Face Interview.

Easy.Jobs comes built-in with these four primary features to effortlessly manage pipeline from your WordPress dashboard. It offers a default pipeline, which you can easily use to create new job posts. However, you can create a new pipeline, customize it, delete an existing one, or reset it back to the default pipeline at any time.

  • To edit the Easy.Jobs Pipeline, open your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to Easy.Jobs>>All Jobs. From there hit the right-most tab titled “Edit Pipeline”.

Manage Pipeline

  • This will open up a new window from where you can add or remove one or multiple Pipeline steps.

Manage Pipeline

How to Manage Pipeline Status for Candidates? #

  • To edit Pipeline status for candidates first navigate to Easy.Jobs>>All Jobs. At the right-most corner for each candidate card, you will see a ‘three horizontal’ icon. Click on it to open the ‘Pipeline Status‘ option.

Manage Pipeline

  • Pick the one that best describes a Candidates’s Status, and the card will be moved under the respective Tab.

By following these steps, you can manage pipeline in Easy.Jobs to easily from WordPress dashboard. If you face any difficulties, feel free to contact us for further assistance.


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