Create a Careers Page using for Your WordPress Website

With shortcodes, you can create a careers page for your WordPress Site & showcase your job posts.

Create a Career Page using #

  • First, connect your account with your WordPress Website. When you are done, you can start using shortcodes. You can see the list of all jobs on your account by navigating to>>All Jobs>> Published Jobs.

Create a Career Page using

  • You will find the shortcode for all jobs by navigating to>>Settings>>Shortcodes. Copy the shortcode.

Create a Career Page using

  • Now open your Careers Page. If you have not yet created a Career Page you can do it by navigating to Pages>>Add New. Paste the shortcode inside the page.

Create a Career Page using

  • Open the preview and you will see your jobs are beautifully sorted into a list. All the jobs are posted inside a box layout having three separate columns, one for the title of the jobs, the second contains a CTA and the third one shows the time remaining before the deadline for application. The job list box also comes with its own heading.

Screen Shot on 2020-06-02 at 15-34-48.png

Get WordPress Plugin.

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