How To Verify Your Company Profile Using lets you give that facility to verify your company profile with a simple verification process. To do that quickly, you have to follow a step by step guidelines and make your company verified to recruit the best talent faster below:

Note: You have to verify your company link with a valid URL using because to make your organization credible and trustworthy among your potential employees.  


Step 1: Click On Verification Message #

You have to first ‘Sign In’ to your account, and if you didn’t create any, then first ‘Sign Up’ to create an account by following the steps of this documentation and log in. 

As you have logged in to your account, you will now get a company verification message whoever sections you may click before verifying your company URL. So first, click on the ‘Details’ button that comes with the verification message. Verify your company profile

It will redirect you to the → Settings→ Basic Information section, where you have to insert your organization authorized domain link in the ‘Website URL’ section. Afterward, you have to just hit the ‘Save & Continue’ button to proceed further.Verify your company profile  

Step 2: Complete Verification Process For Your Company Profile #

Once you have entered your company valid link, now you can complete your full verification process from your domain. To do that, go to the  ‘Verification’ section on, follow the guidelines that haven given there, and then click on the ‘Verify’ button to complete the full verification process.  Verify your company profile

That’s how easily you can complete the verification process to make your company profile easily authorized by and successfully continue your remote hiring process with this easiest recruitment SaaS solution. Moreover, if you have verified your custom domain previously, then you won’t need to verify your company separately in Easy.Jobs. Your company will be verified automatically in Easy.Jobs. 

Get stuck? Feel free to contact our amazing Support Team for any assistance, and join our Facebook community to get connected with other company owners like yourself.



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