Release notes, updates of ongoing development.

Though the coronavirus situation is forcing us to work remotely, we are fighting here to keep all our development within the deadline. We are committed to caring about our valued customers, please stay keep in touch for the updates.


  • Feature: Additional messages templates for Messaging
  • Feature: Verified Badge implementation
  • Feature: Pinned job in career page
  • Feature: Add language support for Indonesia
  • Improvement: Message filter for me, team member & everybody
  • Improvement: Show proper POP UP validation message
  • Improvement: Better UX for the pipeline
  • Bug: Template related minor issue fix
  • Bug: All the options seems disabled in candidate apply settings
  • Bug: Fixed shows the white background message at the top for 'Read' message
May 24, 2023


  • Feature: Slack Integration
  • Feature: Find Jobs Like/Follow feature
  • Improvement: Hint text for our team members under the Note section on the Quiz/Screening/Assessment.
  • Improvement: When job title is long scroll bar has extra padding.
  • Improvement: Implement CK editor customized version.
  • Improvement: Integration UX suggestion with a green tick mark or button's label change.
  • Improvement: Need no-star rating by clicking star again.
  • Improvement: After login redirect to previous URL.
  • Improvement: The character limit warning is missing in the Evaluation (Screening).
  • Improvement: 'Custom job apply field' popup make both first & last names checked & disabled.
  • Improvement: All users messaging package rules permission update.
  • Bug: Fix Find job pagination, UI issue.
  • Bug: Custom Category not found in settings page
  • Bug: SMTP Secure SSL/TLS Settings issues fix.
March 20, 2023


  • Improvement: Upgraded Laravel version 8 to 9
  • Improvement: Upgraded Caddy server 1 to 2
  • Improvement: Refactor evaluation module API's
  • Improvement: Dashboard will not show the JOBs I've unfollowed
  • Improvement: Persistent company settings and email template.
  • Bug: Fixed Validation error wasn't showing properly while entering blank space into an input field.
  • Bug: Fixed Hide screening question back button in job quiz page
  • Bug: Fixed When duplicate email added for invite candidate error message isn't showing properly.
  • Bug: Fixed the 'Job Delete' modal after deleting a job.
  • Bug: Fixed Candidate Navigation issues.
February 13, 2023


  • Feature: Added reject reason details under more position.
  • Feature: Added a tiny cross button to reset the search.
  • Feature: Added candidate's educational info in bulk export.
  • Improvement: Conversation text writing area improved
  • Improvement: Message read/unread icon activity improved
  • Improvement: Proper validation added in the candidate basic information
  • Improvement: Vacancy input field improved.
  • Improvement: UI improved in Notes section of candidate's application page and in conversation page.
  • Bug: Fixed Cross-Site-Scripting Issues.
  • Bug: Fixed Click on the assessment a console error has shown.
January 16, 2023


  • Feature: Added a quick option to unpublish a job.
  • Feature: Added an internal note in question set & assessment so that team member can know about it.
  • Feature: Added an instruction in assessment, quiz & screening question so that candidate can know about it when taking evaluation.
  • Feature: Implemented job collaborator invitation accept/rejection option.
  • Feature: Added job/message filter option in conversation.
  • Feature: Implemented sentry for better critical error logging.
  • Improvement:Improved package related feature access.
  • Improvement: Candidate search extended via candidate phone & email.
  • Bug: Fixed some responsive issues.
  • Bug: Fixed Job Collaborator permission issue.
January 1, 2023


  • Feature: Added candidate navigation button in candidate details page.
  • Feature: Countdown timer added in quiz confirmation modal when candidate apply for a job.
  • Feature: Added job type when creating a job post.
  • Improvement: Added transition effects to all modals.
  • Improvement: Manager can accept/reject invitation when company invited him.
  • Improvement:Company input data translate based on company language setting.
  • Bug: Pending candidate deleted / loading issue fixed.
  • Bug: Email hiding issue fixed when user reset a password.
December 6, 2022


  • Feature: Show other applied jobs on candidate details pages.
  • Feature: Added transition effects in all models.
  • Improvement: Package limit exceeded modal UI design changed.
  • Improvement: WP app key generate setting UI changed.
  • Bug: Job expiration date increment button issue fixed.
  • Bug: Expire job post-date validation issue fixed.
  • Bug: Email template button color issue fixed.
  • Bug: Applicant ID duplicate issue fixed.
  • Bug: Job screening and quiz question disable mode issue fixed.
November 14, 2022


  • Feature: Added the required option in the job screening question.
  • Feature: Salary range can be added to a job post.
  • Feature: Publish a job to our job board setting added.
  • Improvement: Show the active tab after the page reloads on the candidate details page.
  • Bug: User active job limit based on user package.
  • Bug: Job post filter bug fix
  • Bug: Candidate attachment delete issue fix.
October 17, 2022


  • Feature: Show the manager profile picture at the top bar.
  • Improvement: Collaborator notification improvement.
  • Improvement: The manager conversation email template UI enhancement with an action button.
  • Bug: Subscription renewal process for expiry account.
  • Bug: Job page button label responsive issues.
September 22, 2022


September 13, 2022


  • Feature: Company manager can follow and unfollow for a specific job post.
  • Feature: Filter option added to the Question Set page.
  • Improvement: Job apply & candidate profile auto-suggestion dropdown improvement.
  • Improvement: My Notification setting page UI improvement.
  • Improvement: Candidate reject message improvements.
  • Bug: Job post skill concurrent user delete issue fixed.
  • Bug: Minor issue solved for job post multiple candidate invitation sections.
August 16, 2022


  • Feature: Feedback emails & attach documents when rejecting a candidate.
  • Feature: Password reset option in the job apply section. 
  • Improvement: Primary tab is highlighted on the candidate details page.
  • Improvement: Company AI settings page UI redesign.
  • Improvement: Company template setting UI improved.
  • Improvement: Concurrent user check to allow assign assessment to ‘Selected’ and ‘Rejected’ candidates.
  • Bug: Assessment window powered by text visibility issue fixed.
August 02, 2022


  • Feature: Infinite scroll in notification pages.
  • Feature: Concurrent pipeline change validation.
  • Feature: Subscription reactive / update if package expire.
  • Improvement: Candidate apply settings page UI redesign.
  • Improvement: Company AI settings page UI redesign.
  • Bug: Assessment email hyperlink issue fixed.
  • Bug: Active sidebar menu issue fixed.
  • Bug: Conversation attachment upload UI issue fixed.
  • Bug: On duplicate job share modal bug fix.
July 24, 2022


June 30, 2022


  • Feature: Option to change expire date from job edit.
  • Feature: Option to change password for third party user.
  • Bug: Dashboard recent Jobs applicant count issue fixed.
  • Bug: Account management message issue fixed.
May 31, 2022


  • Improvement: Duplicate question validation in job create and question set management.
  • Improvement: Question validation message improvements.
  • Improvement: Company description improvements.
  • Improvement: Attachment and Assessment UI change in candidate details.
  • Improvement: Re-published job improvements.
May 09, 2022


  • Feature: Add custom employment type while creating a job post.
  • Feature: Add custom SMTP setup for the company.
  • Feature: Infinite scroll pagination on published, draft, and archived job listing page.
  • Improvement: Assessment, Question Set, Job Quiz validation system.
  • Improvement: Applicant Job Apply Quiz Page UI improvements.
  • Improvement: Company email setup settings UI improvements.
  • Improvement: Mobile device responsive issues fixed.
April 20, 2022


  • Feature: Change sender email from company email setup (For pro users only).
  • Improvement: Candidate quiz and assessment countdown.
  • Improvement: Resume UI changed in candidate details.
  • Improvement: Candidate job application last screen UI changed.
  • Bug: Multiple UI responsive issue fixed.
  • Improvement: Upgrade Laravel version from v7.24 to v8.75.
April 06, 2022


  • Feature: Duplicate question set.
  • Feature: New notifications for managers for conversations, notes, ratings, attachments, etc.
  • Improvement: Notification settings description updated.
  • Improvement: Message box user experience improvement.
March 30, 2022


  • Feature: Add advanced options like bold, italic, ul, ol, link to message input.
  • Improvement: Candidate experience responsibility section make collapsible.
  • Improvement: Hide quiz base sorting if job post or job candidates does not have any quiz.
  • Improvement: Change to candidate conversation UI.
  • Bug: Replace owner name with actual message sender in the email template.
March 16, 2022


  • Feature: Send new messages to candidates from the message box.
  • Feature: Message box responsive support.
  • Feature: User can access job post preview without saving.
  • Improvement: User notification setting according to their user permission.
  • Improvement: Message box notification improvement.
  • Bug: Subscription cancel issue fixing.
  • Bug: Candidate pipeline change drop-down issue fix.
  • Bug: Block access to deleted job candidates via notification URL.
March 07, 2022


  • Feature: Company users can send messages to the applicant using the message box.
  • Feature: Company users can filter applicants in the message box using applicant name, job title, company name.
  • Feature: Company users can change message read/unread status.
  • Feature: Two new public page templates designed for the company.
  • Feature: New template selection system for company users.
  • Improvement: Added Dissenter browser support.
  • Improvement: Company users can manage candidate notes from the message box.
February 16, 2022


  • Feature: Release notification popup on the dashboard.
  • Improvement: The whole system permission updated.
  • Improvement: Company manager add, update and permission UI updated.
  • Improvement: Show assigned assessment link when Assign Assessment popup show.
  • Improvement: Move To Stage button appears at the backside when the remote, onboard popup appears in the pipeline.
  • Improvement: Show a confirmation toast message on the Quiz and Screening question Section when the candidate want to skip a question.
February 03, 2022


  • Improvement:  Multi-language support improvement.
  • Bug: Job Apply resume upload button issue fixed.
  • Bug: Candidates AI-based sorting enable/disable based on AI setup.
  • Bug: Fix back button issue from candidate details.
  • Bug: CSS issue fixed on company settings pages.
January 09, 2022


  • Feature: Quickly change candidate stage in job candidates page.
  • Feature: Candidate sorting option in job pipeline.
  • Improvement: Remove the hint text from candidate job apply fields.
  • Improvement: Open the candidates in a new tab on the job pipeline.
  • Improvement: Style fix on candidate details cover letter.
  • Bug: Chat Box & feedback button responsive issue.
  • Bug: Job route URL blank page issue fixed.
  • Bug: Applicant educational qualification and employment history auto-suggestion issue in job application page.
  • Bug: Translation issue fixed in company setting page.
December 29, 2021


  • New: Add custom brand color on company public pages.
  • New: Candidate profile order employment history.
  • New: Candidate profile order education qualifications.
  • Improvement: Job apply section warning text removed where not needed.
  • Improvement: Add placeholders on HTML editors.
December 14, 2021


  • Improvement: Push notification content improvement.
  • Improvement: Conversion section hyperlink support.
  • Improvement: Real-time countdown on candidate assessment and quiz.
  • Bug: Responsive support on the job pipeline page.
  • Bug: HTML editor Unicode-related bug fix.
December 05, 2021


  • New: Job pipeline candidate sort feature added for Board and Default view.
  • New: Separate notification control page added for an individual manager.
  • New: Application notification and email notification on/off control added.
  • Improvement: Job pipeline board view drag and drop improvements.
  • Fix: User personal information sidebar menu issue fixed.
  • Fix: Job candidate filter issue fixed for small devices.
  • Fix: Conversation\Messaging responsive issue fixed.
  • Fix: Remove quiz concurrent user issue fixed.
November 09, 2021


  • New: Edit/Add profile image from my account.
  • New: Remove screening question option from job posts.
  • New: Remove quiz question option from job posts.
  • Improvement: Remote interview is extended to provide external information for any other integration.
  • Improvement: Specific LinkedIn link validation in a job application and candidate profile.
  • Improvement: Users can remove attachments from conversations.
October 25, 2021


  • New: Edit/Add profile image from my account.
  • New: Remove screening question option from job posts.
  • New: Remove quiz question option from job posts.
  • Improvement: Remote interview is extended to provide external information for any other integration.
  • Improvement: Specific LinkedIn link validation in a job application and candidate profile.
  • Improvement: Users can remove attachments from conversations.
October 06, 2021


  • New: Job expiry email notification to the manager before one day of job date of expiration.
  • Improvement: Show the latest candidate at top of each pipeline.
  • Improvement: Show the current pipeline name at the top corner of the candidate card.
  • Improvement: Hide assessments column if job post has no assessments.
  • Improvement: Filter improvements on published jobs.
  • Fix: Manage users page responsive issue fixed.
  • Fix: Pipeline page CSS issue fixed.
August 22, 2021


  • Bug: Job Post activity log bug fix.
  • Bug: Company cover photo activity log bug fix.
  • Bug: Candidate dashboard add eduction information autosuggestion fix.
  • Bug: Candidate dashboard add employment history autosuggestion fix.
  • Bug: Account verification page refresh button fix.
  • Improvements: Candidate page loader improvements.
  • Improvements: Remove chat weight from candidate dashboard. 
August 05, 2021


  • New: Introduce setting for hiding company cover photo.
  • New: Introduce setting for hiding job post cover photo.
  • New: Introduce a new setting for attach resume links via email.
  • Improvements: Company dashboard page speed optimization.
  • Improvements: WordPress API released for company job templates.
  • Fix: Message system link hover issue fix.
July 14, 2021


  • New: Now the user is able to downgrade his subscription lower packages.
  • Improvement: User notification date time-related improvements.
  • Improvement: Job pipeline improvements.
  • Fix: Job apply screening question responsive issue fixed.
  • Fix: Job apply field resume required option improvements
June 22, 2021


  • New: integrations page added under settings.
  • New: Analytics data added for WordPress plugin.
  • Improvement: Ui improvement of third-party integrations page.
  • Improvement: Google search console indexing improvements.
  • Improvement: Job pipeline page navigation improvements.
  • Fix: Candidates page filter issue fix.
June 14, 2021


  • New: Company public page visitor analytics.
  • New: Tooltip added in each job for analytics data.
  • New: Checkbox added to make a screening question required.
  • Improvement: Card payment set default payment method improvements.
  • Improvement: Candidate applied jobs pagination added.
  • Improvement: Job candidates page. pagination added.
  • Fix: Candidate page pending assessment issue fix.
June 01, 2021


  • New: Pipeline filter added for company candidates page after selecting a job.
  • Update: Custom domain adding process.
  • Update: Custom domain instruction changed and DNS record suggestions added like validation messages.
  • Few more bug fixes & improvements.
May 11, 2021


  • Update: Subscription process improvement.
  • Update: Company skill management improvements.
  • Update: Domain verification instruction updated.
  • Fix: Job application date on candidate details page issue fixed.
  • Fix: AI Scoring minor issue fixed.
  • Fix: All pagination component issue fixed.
  • Fix: Candidate assessment concurrent user issue fixed.
April 30, 2021


  • Update: Job template search improvements.
  • Update: Sitemap and auto-indexing improvements.
  • Update: Portuguese language translation improvements.
  • Fix: Job screening question correct answer issue fixed.
  • Fix: Candidate assessment-related issue fixed.
  • Fix: Custom skill deletes confirmation issue fixed.
  • Fix: Pending candidate removal issue fixed.
April 19, 2021


  • Update: Job applies pages performance improvements.
  • Update: Translation: Improvements: French & German.
  • Update: Job pipeline basic view improvements.
  • Fix: Candidate and pipeline page responsive issue fixed.
  • Fix: Company Setting image upload issue fix.
  • Fix: Job template expire date issue fixed.
  • Fix: Cancel button issue fix when creating and updating a job post.
April 08, 2021


  • New: Auto cursor focus for better user experience.
  • Update: UI & UX improvements for screening & quiz create/update page.
  • Fix: Back button Issue fixed on few pages.
  • Fix: Candidate profile applied jobs issue fixed.
  • Fix: Date format issue fixed on the candidate onboarding process.
  • Fix: Candidate card picture size issue fix on the company dashboard.
  • Fix: Candidate details screening question multiple correct answer issues fixed.
March 29, 2021


  • New: Allow company users to remove job applicants.
  • New: Added notification for company users when applicants revoke job applications.
  • Update: Job template improvements.
  • Update: Job creates banner image improvement.
  • Fix: Candidate profile dropdown issue fix.
March 21, 2021


  • New: Allow company users to remove job applicants.
  • New: Added notification for company users when applicants revoke job applications.
  • Update: Job template improvements.
  • Update: Job creates banner image improvement.
  • Fix: Candidate profile dropdown issue fix.
March 09, 2021


  • New: Added templates for job posts.
  • New: Company settings to disable search engine index.
  • Update: Language improvements.
  • Fix: Job post public page read more button issue fixed.
  • Fix: Public page company banner image ratio issue fixed.
February 24, 2021


  • Improvement: New maintenance page design.
  • Improvement: First name and Last name input field added on the candidate signup page.
  • Improvement: Only the company owner and super admin can delete the company.
  • Improvement: Read more button added to company description section on company public page.
  • Fix: Coupon related issue fixed.
  • Fix: Candidate dashboard assessment timezone related issue fixed.
  • Fix: Pipeline setting activity log issue fixed.
February 15, 2021


  • New: Search & filter added for jobs in company public pages.
  • New: Public page filter control added in company settings.
  • New: Google job post indexing added.
  • Improvement: Inline docs are added to Custom skills, Job search & filter, Company update pages.
  • Improvement: User auth improvement.
  • Fix: Company activity log issue fixed.
February 07, 2021


  • New: Company Setting Log added (Pipeline, Email Setup, Apply Settings, Manage Users, Custom Domain).
  • New: Integration of auto job post.
  • Update: Improve content and language support.
  • Update: Empty message changed on the candidate's page.
  • Fix: Issue of user package permission change while changing company.
  • Fix: Custom input delete under candidate apply setting issue fixed.
  • Fix: Company settings data saving issue solved.
January 26, 2021


  • New: Company owner will get email notification when the company will be verified.
  • New: Company setting activity log added for (Basic information, Photos, API keys).
  • New: Lifetime package money receipt added in payment history.
  • New: Company can add skills for job posts.
  • Update: System should not ask the candidate to re-login for starting the assessment.
  • Update: Custom input for a job improvement.
  • Update: UI improvement for small devices.
  • Update: Inviting/adding candidates to a job post.
  • Update: SEO sitemap and search index added for all company and job pages.
  • Update: Translation improvements.
January 14, 2021


  • New Candidate job invitation list added & existing feature improvement.
  • New Activity log for all candidate action is added.
  • Update Job application error message improvements.
  • Update Job status-related consistency improvements.
  • Fix Pipeline permission updated for managers.
  • Fix User payment history related issue fixed.
  • Fix Candidate filter issue fix.
January 07, 2021


  • New: Job category management added for company settings.
  • New: Activity logs for job operation (create/update/delete).
  • Update: Job post custom fields data added to candidate export.
  • Update: Candidate page search & filter improvement.
  • Update: Improvement of translation for new keywords.
  • Update: Job apply form section hide based on fields customization.
  • Update: Improvement of error messages.
  • Update: Minor UI improvement.
  • Fix: Date time input & Date picker issue fix.
  • Fix: Candidate auto-redirect issue fix.
Dec 28, 2020


  • New: Company can add the custom text-based input field on job posts.
  • New: Navigate away alert added on the job creation & update field.
  • Update: Job applicants data export improvement and new field added.
  • Update: Company integration settings minor bug fix and improvement.
  • Update: Recent Jobs UI design improvement.
  • Update: Email title translation for managers.
  • Fix: Subscription related bug fix.
  • Fix: Candidate apply related bug fix.
Dec 14, 2020


  • New: Candidates can delete applied and unfinished jobs.
  • New: Candidate data export system. Feature
  • Update: Datepicker changed.
  • Update: Company creator wise package validation.
  • Update: Hide Cancel Subscription Button for Lifetime users.
  • Update: Candidate login setting for Company.
  • Update: Improvement of mail and notification system.
  • Update: Improvement of candidate attachment security. Improvement
  • Update: Candidate note manager tagging improvement.
  • Fix: Submenu collapse issue fixed. Bug
  • Improvements: Assessment Message.
Dec 06, 2020


  • Improvement: WordPress plugin API improved.
  • Improvement: Remote interview one click submit modal after auth.
  • New: email notification added for multiple custom actions, below: 
    • Candidate rejection mail.
    • Job application completed mail.
    • Candidate job invitation mail.
    • Candidate remote interview invitation mail.
    • New message to the candidate mail.
    • Invitation for an assessment mail.
  • Improvement: Only login with social accounts when candidates apply.
  • New: Toggle option to hide/show company explore button on the company public page.
Nov 12, 2020


  • New: The manager can upload candidate documents from the candidate details page on the attachment section under the evaluation tab.
  • New: New assessment feature added for company managers.
  • New: Company can assign the assessment to candidates from any stage.
  • New: Company can see assessment results on the candidate details page from the evaluation tab.
  • New: Candidates are able to attend an assessment test through an invitation link.
  • New: Remove powered (public pages) setting on company basic setting added for pro customers.
  • Improvement: Message links are now clickable.
  • Improvement: Apply login language issue fix.
  • Fix: Skip the email verification process for social login/signup.
Nov 03, 2020


  • New: Inline documentation added.
  • New: Custom email subject on email setting.
  • Improvement: Login page and Dashboard style improvement.
  • Improvement: CleanUp translation releated files.
  • Fix: Users can see the subscription page after expiration.
Oct 26, 2020


  • New: Company verification by adding a TXT record.
  • Improvement: Pipeline change custom email issue.
  • Improvement: National ID' label changed to 'National ID/Passport Number/Driving License'. Nationality & National ID/Passport Number/Driving License field optional.
    Improvement Ui for mobile and tab improvement.
  • Fix: AI Scoring condition update on pipeline pages.
  • Fix: Question Set issue on firefox solved.
  • Fix: Language issue on candidate login and signup page fixed.
Oct 13, 2020


  • Improvement: Duplicate Manager invitation issue has been solved.
  • Improvement: The notification message has been improved.
  • Improvement: Question set, job quiz, and screening question these parts are enhanced.
  • Improvement: Hired/Rejected/Applied filter added on the candidate page.
  • Improvement: AI scoring added on the subscription page.
  • Improvement: Manager invitation link resend for the existing managers.
Oct 01, 2020


  • New: Gear icon added as notification setting button in the notification header panel.
  • Improvement: Toast message has been improved.
  • Improvement: Translation has been enhanced.
  • Improvement: Resend invitation link added to the manager settings page.
  • Improvement: Email setup toggle button has been enhanced.
  • Improvement: Company auto-switch option added when viewing candidate details from email as a manager.
  • Improvement: Cancel button improvement in the candidate profile.
  • Improvement: Application platform updated.
Sep 24, 2020


  • New: Quiz and Screening Questions Tabs have been added with percent viewable impressions.
  • Improvement: All the design of E-mail templates has been improved.
  • Improvement: Based on candidate profile data AI rating has been enhanced.
  • Improvement: The visual range of AI scoring data has been improved in Job Pipeline.
Sep 04, 2020


  • New: A User can add a Candidate Without Having Permission.
  • New: A cancel subscription button has been added to my account on the subscription part.
  • New: Sorting by quiz score added on job candidates.
  • Improvement: On Job create/edit, Job Details validation issue fixed.
  • Improvement: In the Candidate profile, Basic Information, When updating the profile ‘Date of Birth’ field will not accept any future date or the current date.
  • Improvement: Job search has been improved, On the job search page it doesn't get reload when enter is pressed.
  • Improvement: Popup has been fixed for job duplicate option.
    Improvement: Published jobs count replaced by Active jobs count in the company dashboard.
  • Improvement: New messages will be shown as the total number of messages from now on.
  • Fix: Quiz related bug fix on job apply.
Aug 24, 2020


  • New: AI-powered resume parser implemented to score resumes following key criteria. It will let you know who are the most qualified candidates throughout the scores.
  • New: Discard option added for unfinished jobs on the candidate side.
  • New: Notification permission added for the company owner.
  • New: Current password field added on change password option inside Account information.
  • New: Board view added on Job Pipeline.
  • Improvement: We’ve updated the passing year input structure.
  • Improvement: After deleting a job, Candidates of that particular job are removed from the dashboard. (WP Plugin and Web Dashboard)
  • Improvement: Job publishing toast message has been removed.
  • Improvement: Job creation and job application validation rules are updated.
  • Improvement: Life at the company is set to default not showing from the settings. Users need to put a tick mark to show life at the company part if they want.
  • Improvement: Job menu is removed from the job pipeline page.
  • Improvement: Minimum length of the question title has been removed from the quiz and screening questions.
  • Improvement: Blank names are hidden from the tagging option. If a user name is not found then it won’t come into the dropdown list.
  • Improvement: Missing translations are added on the platform.
  • Fix: Customised field issue fixed. The phone Number input field was showing while it was not set from the customized field, it is fixed now.
Aug 16, 2020


  • Better implementation of reserved usernames.
  • During job application submission, an option added for who does not have job experience (Freshers)
  • An individual tab for the job responsibility option has been introduced in the job create/update page.
  • Company managers can write company benefits from the company settings page.
  • Company benefits can be hide/show from the job create/update page.
  • Remote Interview feature onboarded on the platform. (Started from Start-Up Package).
  • All out-going links will be open in the new tabs.
  • Employer note for individual candidates will be saved as a draft, the user will be able to modify the draft from other devices, and browsers as well.
  • Messages for individual candidates will be saved as a draft, the user will be able to modify the draft from other devices, and browsers as well.
  • Screening question style issue resolved.
  • Popup confirmation messages and login page typo change (minor)
  • The translation issue resolved on the personal information page during the candidate application.
  • On candidate profile, Applied Job field, information presentation is enhanced.
  • An option has been introduced to change the brand color for the companies. That'll impact company-related pages.
  • Changed 'Company Photos' tab to 'Photos & Colors and re-organize logo, favicon & brand color.
July 30, 2020


  • Remote Interview set-up added for google and zoom platform.
  • Frontend & backend both side validation has improved with the restricted future dates on the Job apply page
  • In the candidate details part, managers are now able to tag each other on their notes.
  • To skip screening questions & quiz questions, a skip option added on job applications.
  • The job share option is enhanced.
  • Email setup placeholder has added.
  • E-mail content has updated for all E-mail notifications.
  • The content of some pages has been updated.
  • Messages and notes will be saved as draft from now on.
  • The app key length for WordPress integration has been reduced.
  • The implementation of reserved user names has been enhanced.
July 18, 2020


  • Error message updated on the Login and Registration page.
  • In the process of deleting candidate’s note, a restriction has been added (Only the individual who added notes will be eligible to delete it afterward).
  • Candidate’s ratings can be removed from the candidate details page after confirmation.
  • Client-side validation added for the job creation part.
  • Error message updated on create company part.
  • The Notification Header panel will show the only unread messages.
  • Viewing the uploaded resume in a large width screen(New Tab).
  • Confirmation message changed on the candidate profile.
  • Calendar icon and dropdown icons are fixed.
  • Show quiz questions, correct answers, and wrong answers.
  • Click To Copy API Key.
  • Automatically copy API while it’s generated.
  • Question ordering functionality has added.
July 05, 2020


  • Conversation with the candidate is well-formatted now line break allowed.
  • Note format is improved under individual candidate details.
  • Fix: Question set name & Question title validation.
  • The question number(serial) added to the candidate details page on the evaluation tab under the screening questions section & job apply screening questions section.
  • When a user is landing on the candidate details page, the Candidate menu will be highlighted.
  • Status dropdown does not open on the 1st click issue fixed.
  • Reset Password confirmation message has changed and updated.
  • Language switcher added on the public pages.
  • My Account input form is labeled and the error message has been fixed.
  • When a candidate is visiting the message details, the Message menu will be highlighted.
  • Not getting verification mail because of a long E-mail address, this issue is fixed now.
  • The style has been updated for the job preview page. The responsive screen size is 1200px now.
  • The default language selection is implemented for the company.
  • Job candidate page filter has improved
  • Confirmation message added during deleting the candidate note.
  • Job Published date has separated from created/updated
  • Hiding the notification panel by clicking on ‘All clear’.
June 18, 2020


  • Draggable pipeline sorting added in the pipeline.
  • Drag and drop option added to move the candidates to another pipeline.
  • Language switcher added on public pages.
  • Option to set ‘Exam Duration’ and ‘Marks’ has been removed from the question set making part. It can be set while creating the job.
  • The question update date issue is fixed and updated.
  • Validation system has improved and now it's more readable on the mentioned pages (My Account, Company Settings, The Company Create Pages, Question Set)
  • Success and Error messages are improved on several pages.
  • Terms & Policy link added in the company create page.
  • Issues on creating the company have been fixed and improved.
  • Signup, Login and Reset password validation messages are added.
  • Notification text has been improved to make it more readable to the user.
  • Removed and Updated inconsistent Add buttons.
    Readable email verification messages added on the platform.
  • For mobile devices, the Hamburger menu for the settings page has been improved.
  • Frontend & backend both validation has been improved in the job creation option.
  • In my account, users will see special packages.
  • The candidate dashboard navigation link has been added on the platform.
  • Option to remove the media (e.g. company logo, favicon, cover photo & gallery photos)
June 08, 2020


  • New language added Portuguese, Franch, Dutch, Hindi, Japanese, Russian, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified)
  • Switching option From Employers account to Candidate Profile is removed from the Employers account
  • For all new job post, three default pipeline added on the platform (Applied, Shortlisted, Interview)
  • A fixed pipeline has been added on the platform named ‘Selected’. Under this option Selecting salary type, joining date, and contract type added on the platform. The candidate will automatically be notified about these changes.
  • Employers can be able to change the Email content of ‘Selected Pipeline’ and ‘All Pipeline’ from the system.
  • For selecting specific notification access of each team member a setting has been added under the Manage User Option.
  • Two-step confirmation added for deleting a Company or User from the system.
May 20, 2020


  • Language Feature Updated With Instant Changes
  • Switching into Candidate Account Updated
  • Switching into Employee Account Updated
  • Candidate Details Updated On Pipeline Details
  • Company account Info Saving Before and After Login
  • Improved Candidate Details
  • Improved Message Action From Notification
  • Improved Package Selection After Signing Up
  • Add name and email update option beside change password in account.
Apr 30, 2020

v2.0.0 | API Driven Single Page Application with New UI / UX

  • Create Job: 
    • UI/UX Design Improvements
    • More Efficient and Flexible (reduced unnecessary fields)
    • Reduced 5 Steps  to 3 Steps (including quiz & screening questions)
    • Faster user experience
    • Improved apply fields customization
  • Job Management
    • UI/UX Improvement
    • Efficient Search & Filter
    • More User-Friendly Shortcut to Job Actions (Ex: Pipeline, Job Candidate etc.)
    • Job Pipeline Layout Changed
    • Candidates Filter Improved
  • Candidate Management:
    • UI/UX Improvement
    • Candidate Filter is Much Faster and Reactive
    • Improved Add Note Feature for the Candidates
    • Candidate Rating Made More Efficient
    • Faster Messaging System to Candidates
  • Company Management:
    • Improved Company Create Page.
    • Dedicated Page for Company Photos.
    • Dedicated and Simple Page to Update the Company Informations
    • Reduced Required Fields in Basic Company Information Page
    • More User-Friendly & Faster Company Image Upload
    • User Management is More Efficient
    • User Access Management Made Improvement
    • WordPress App key Management Improvement: Can Add Key Label
    • New UI for Whole Company Settings Part
  • Account Management:
    • Package Subscription Made More Efficient
    • Billing Process is Now Faster and Easier to Understand
    • Improved Billing History
    • Improved Billing Information
  • Candidate Profile Management:
    • Applicant Profile UI/UX Improvement
    • Profile Divide into 3 Parts (Basic Profile, Educational Qualifications, Employment History)
    • More Efficient Educational Qualification and Employment History UX/UI for add/update/delete
    • New UI for Messaging List and Single Messages
Apr 15, 2020


  • New: Option to add the company 'favicon' from the company settings page (screenshot)
  • New: Option to customise the brand color and typography for EasyJobs Blue Theme (screenshot)
  • Update: (company) candidate resume view updated.
  • Update: Applicant apply process is improved.
  • Update: Localisation improved
Feb 25, 2020


  • New: Applicant can apply from the custom domain instead of re-directing EasyJobs platform
  • New: Drag and drop added to re arranging the quiz and screening questions (screenshot)
Feb 20, 2020


  • New: New theme added for the company page (screenshot)
  • Update: Applicant resume uploading process enhanced
  • Update: Applicant's external resume link saving in real-time
  • Fix: Country code updated for USA phone number
  • Fix: Applicant's cover letter warning issue
  • New: Image rotator added
Feb 17, 2020


  • Update: Create, save and re-use screening and quiz questions set (screenshot)
  • New: Company can add candidate manually [so far from the registered users only] (screenshot)
Feb 12, 2020


  • New: Create, save and re-use screening and quiz questions set (screenshot)
  • Update: 'Bi-weekly' and 'Others' added as salary type (screenshot)
  • Update: Dashboard, Job list wired reload fixed
  • Update: Create job, back button added on preview page
  • Update: Company can decide require documents to submit (screenshot)
Feb 11, 2020


  • Update: Email content
  • Update: Candidate profile data display
  • Update: Dashboard stats for active candidate count
  • Update: In-app notification
  • Update: Candidate CV parser
Jan 30, 2020


  • New: Pipeline template (video)
  • Update: Quiz hint text
  • Update: Responsiveness for small devices
  • New: Continue applying process for unfinished job
  • Update: Multiple time/roaster  for working time (screenshot)
Jan 27, 2020


  • New: day wise office time screenshot
  • New: Billing > Payment processing
  • Update: EasyJobs chat button removed from the company page
  • Update: Address fields ordering updated for company settings and job
  • Update:  Company page layout for small devices
  • Update: Hyperlink on Job description
  • New: Option to Reject/Remove applicant (screenshot)
  • New: Option to show password (login/registration)
  • Fix: Design issue of candidate notes (screenshot)
  • Update: Job title 15 character limit
  • New: Logout popup
Jan 23, 2020


  • New: All candidates list page added with filters
  • New: Candidate view modal added on dashboard and candidate list page.
  • Fix: Company contextual permission
  • Update: Sidebar menu and actions 
  • Fix: Placeholder image added for 404 images
  • Update: Others benefits
Jan 16, 2020


  • New: Company, option to add custom script
  • New: Generate multiple API key
  • New: Branding, EasyJobs chat widget removed from the company page
  • New: Bengali language support
  • Update: German and Norwegian translation
  • Update: candidate application email is separated from account email 
  • Fix: Notification internal error
Jan 14, 2020


  • Update: Branding removed from custom domain page
  • Fix: applicant registration using social account, while applying into the job
  • Update: Company page responsive issue
  • Fix: Applicant job application preview layout
  • Fix: Apply job, education based on required fields
  • Fix: Employment company tag remove
  • Update: Session, Cache, Queue management
Jan 5, 2020


  • New: Custom domain
  • Update: Candidate application preview data
  • Update: Username excluded from the company URL
  • Update: Links on the company dashboard
  • Fix: Job expire issue
Jan 2, 2020


  • New: German Language
  • New: Italian Language
  • New: Norwegian Language
  • Update: Published job URL beautified
  • Update: Email content and added new email actions
  • Update: Job listing tab structure
  • Update: NID is alpha numeric
  • Update: Norway country code (NO +47)
  • Fix: Job preview, broken route
  • Fix: Apply job issue
  • Fix: Team member invitation email destination
  • Fix: Invited team member, general registration issue
Jan 1, 2020


  • New: Spanish Language
  • Update: URL beautified for job application
Dec 25, 2019


  • New: From dashboard, option to share the job link on social media
  • Update: 'Based on Experience' added as salary option
  • Update: Salary type changed 'Yearly' to 'Annually'
  • Update: Spacing issue of company preview page
  • Update: Footer linking
  • Update: UI improvement
  • Update: Extra facility removed from Job Preview
  • Update: Changed Facility to 'Compensation'
Dec 23, 2019


  • New: Social share functionality from job details page
  • New: Option to delete the user account
  • Update: Image uploading from company settings page
  • Fix: Invited team member issue
  • Update: Notification improvement
Dec 22, 2019


  • New: Subdomain based company URL
  • Update: Job URL beautification

  • New: Email notification for in-app messaging

  • New: GDPR Cookie consent added
  • Update: Create Job

    • Added ‘Hourly’ & ‘Weekly’ as salary option

    • Added more Employment type, such as: ‘Part-time, Freelance, Internship, College Program’

    • Salary allows to key-in cent/decimal value

  • Update: Apply for Job

    • Avatar image is now optional

    • Employment history: Can add the custom company name

    • The applicant can decide to submit the resume or submit the resume link

    • GDPR Confirmation added

    • Company name linked with company public page


  • Update: Job Page (Public)

    • ‘Apply Job’ button added into the sticky header

    • Company name is linked with the company profile page

    • Optional data will disappear instead of N/A

    • Date format is updated

    • Added more data validation

Dec 19, 2019


  • New: View candidate details & rate from the pipeline (company dashboard)
  • Update: Published job list design improved (company dashboard)
  • Update: New applicant count, date format improved (company dashboard)
  • Update: Create a job, tab/step structure is improved
  • Update: Invited team member list
  • Update: Invited user can sign up using the same email
  • Fix: Job apply related issue fixed
  • Fix: Job preview broken route fixed
Dec 11, 2019


  • New: Candidate can set the currency for the salary (candidate profile)
  • New: Company can set the job-wise currency for the salary
  • New: Company admin & HR manager will get the email notification while candidate applies for a job
  • New: Company admin & HR manager will be notified when a candidate is shifted between the pipelines
  • New: Company can decide which fields are required for the applicants to apply for a job (Job create)
  • New: Job public URL beautification
  • New: Applicant can choose 'No Educational Degree Available'
  • Update: Only company admin/owner is able to delete the company.
  • Update: Image is resizable while candidate apply for the job
  • Fix: Numeric field validation for create and edit job
Dec 10, 2019


  • New: Option to add custom city and state for the company
  • Update: New team member roles are added
  • Update: Candidate image processing mechanism
  • Fix: Company address issues
Dec 05, 2019


  • New: Candidate can add intro video link
  • New: Option to delete the company
  • New: Option to change the password
  • New: Footer version no. and Last update date
  • New: Option to re-generate the API Key
  • Update: Improvement for the job apply process
  • Fix: Random JavaScript issues
  • Fix: Image uploading issue from company settings
Dec 04, 2019


  • New: Option to upload the banner image for each job
  • New: Candidate can create custom educational level, educational degree, previous company name
  • New: Company can create custom industry and department from settings page
  • New: Option to duplicate the job
  • Update: Image processing mechanism (company side)
Dec 03, 2019


  • New: Company can set their own currency for the salary range
  • New: Option to delete the team member
  • Fix: DOB validation issue
  • Update: Image processing mechanism
Dec 02, 2019


  • Update: Open graph data
  • Update: Image processing
  • Fix: Job posting error
  • Fix: Create company using free license
Nov 30, 2019


  • Fix: Error of screening question (apply job)
  • Fix: Error of quiz section(apply job)
  • Fix: User profile update
  • Fix: Pipeline update issue
  • Fix: Image cropping issue
  • Update: Educational experience is optional now (update profile) 
  • Update: Job experience is optional now (update profile)
  • New: Option to add-in custom category, sub category, department, state (create job)
  • New: ‘Remote job’’ option added (create job)
  • New: Year picker added instead of dropdown
  • New: Image cropper for profile photo
Nov 26, 2019


  • Update: Validity of user profile fields (require/optional)
  • Update: Permission for company team roles
Nov 21, 2019


  • New: Team member invitation
  • New: Image cropping mechanism
  • Fix: Free package permission
  • Update: Apply job & job creation
Nov 20, 2019


  • Integration: Released first WordPress plugin.Download now
  • Fix: Job application process for candidate
  • Update: List of job categories & subcategories
Nov 19, 2019


  • New: Company’s public page
  • Fix: Create job process
  • Update: Company username validation
Nov 18, 2019


Initial Launch

Nov 18, 2019