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Why Should You Verify Company Profile In

Why Should You Verify Company Profile Using Easy.Jobs? #

As you already know, is the easiest SaaS recruitment solution that manages your recruitment online and helps you to onboard the right talent faster. It’s now adding more advanced facilities to make your remote hiring process easier and faster. Let’s check out the reasons why you need to verify company profile using Easy.Jobs below:

  • There are many organizations who claim themselves as a valid recruiter, but in reality, their company does not even exist and this kind of scam is happening a lot if you are looking at online recruitment
  • So to create a secure hiring process and to avoid any further harassment from both the recruiter and applicants’ end, made it mandatory to verify company URL. 
  • That’s why Easy.Jobs offer you the facility to create a custom domain with, or you can add your company valid URL in to verify as an authorized organization by following some simple steps of this documentation.
  • This will make you look like a credible organization, and your applicants will feel confident to apply for your job posts. 
  • Soon will also add an option to let the applicants know which are the verified company’s or not during the time of their application in order to avoid any inconvenient situation.  

These are the reasons why Easy.Jobs assure the verification first as a valid company, and then you can run your remote hiring process in an authorized way. That will help you to gain trust and enrich your value as an organization among your future applicants easily by avoiding any further harassment. 

Got stuck? Feel free to contact our amazing Support Team for any assistance, and join our Facebook community to get connected with other company owners like yourself.

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