How To Delete Company Account in

If for any reason you want to supprimer le compte de l'entreprise dans Easy.Jobs. you can do it easily from your dashboard with 1 click. This will remove your company permanently from Easy.Jobs and you will no longer have access to company logo, images, contributors, pipelines and other information.

Follow these instructions below to delete your Easy.Jobs company account. 

Étape 1: Connectez-vous à votre Easy.Jobs account et cliquez sur le bouton "Settings’ tab from your dashboard. Afterwards, click on the ‘Delete Company’ button as shown below.

supprimer le compte de l'entreprise

Étape 2: After pressing on the ‘Delete Company’ button, a confirmation popup will appear on the screen. Here you can see all the information that will also be permanently deleted if you delete your company. Type ‘delete’ in the input field and then press on the ‘Yes’ bouton to confirm.

supprimer le compte de l'entreprise

This is how you can delete company account in Easy.Jobs.

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