Hoe maak je een nieuw bedrijf binnen Easy.Jobs?

Check out the guideline below to learn how to create a new Company in Easy.Jobs:

Stap 1: First visit the login page.
Stap 2: Fill in all the necessary fields.
getting started, easy.jobs

Company Name– Enter your registered Company Name.

Username / Company – Enter the name you want to display on your Account on our website.

Phone No – Enter a valid phone number so that potential stakeholders can reach out to you. (Do make sure to pick the correct Country Code)

Industry – Specify an industry that best describes your business.

Number of Employees – Select the number of employees working in your company.

Stap 3: After you have provided all the necessary information, hit the ‘Get Started’ Button. This will take you to your Dashboard.

new company easy.jobs

If you have followed the steps, congratulations! You are ready to create job posts for your new company.

Als u hulp nodig heeft, kunt u dat gerust doen Neem contact met ons op of doe mee Facebook-gemeenschap om in contact te komen met andere bedrijfseigenaren zoals jij.

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