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How To Create And Manage Custom Job Categories In Easy.Jobs

Makkelijk. Banen lets you easily create and manage custom job categories for any vacant job post in your organization. This feature is useful if you want more flexibility and want to add a category outside of the default job categories list. 

Follow these steps to create and manage categories in Easy.Jobs.

Step 1: Create A New Custom Job Category In Easy.Jobs #

Sign in to your Easy.Jobs account and click on the 'Instellingen' tab from your company dashboard. Afterwards, click on the ‘Manage Categories’ option as shown below.

custom job categories

Next, click on the blue ‘Add Category’ button to add your custom category in Easy.Jobs. You can also update or delete your categories any time from your dashboard by clicking on the 'Bijwerken' en ‘Delete’ options respectively.

custom job categories

Step 2: Add Custom Job Categories To Job Posts #

After creating your job categories in Easy.Jobs, you can add them to any job post in your organization. When you create a new job post in Easy.Jobs, or update an existing job post, you will see an option to add job categories by clicking on the ‘Category’ option. You will then be able to choose your custom job category from the list of options as shown below.

custom job categories

By following these simple steps, you can easily create and manage custom job categories in Makkelijk. Banen.

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