Hoe berichten als concept in Easy.Jobs op te slaan?

Makkelijk. Banen let you save messages as a draft so that you can come back, make changes, and resend them at a later time. Check out these guidelines below to learn how to save messages as draft in Easy.Jobs.

Step 1: Create A New Conversation With A Candidate #

Log in to your Easy.Jobs account and navigate to ‘Candidates’ from Easy.Jobs Dashboard. Click on the ‘View Details’ button of any candidate to whom you want to send a message.

easy.jobs, save messages, draft

You will be redirected to this page below, from where you need to click on the ‘Conversation’ tab. From here you are able to send messages to candidates. easy.jobs, save messages, draft

Step 2: Save Message As Draft #

If you write something in the text box and leave the page without sending it then the message is automatically saved as a draft in Easy.Jobs. You can come back later and complete writing your message to candidates.

easy.jobs, save messages, draft

This is how a message is saved as a draft in Makkelijk. Banen.

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