How To Add A Quiz For Your Job Posts Inside Easy.Jobs?

To help you screen and identify the right talent for your team, Makkelijk. Banen comes with a useful feature that lets you add a quiz for your job posts. By adding question sets, you can easily find candidates who answered most accurately and recruit them on your team.

How To Create A Quiz In Easy.Jobs #

To find out how to add a quiz for your job post in Easy.Jobs, follow these steps below.

Step 1: Create A Question Set From Easy.Jobs Dashboard #

First, log into your Easy.Jobs account using your credentials and click on the option called ‘Question Set’ from your dashboard as shown below.

add a quiz

You will be redirected to a new page where you will see an option called ‘Add Question Set’. Simply click on this button to start creating a quiz for your job posts in Easy.Jobs.

add a quiz

Step 2: Add Questions For Your Quiz Test In Easy.Jobs #

Now all you have to do is add the questions for your quiz test in Easy.Jobs. To do this, first click on the ‘Test Type’ option and choose ‘Quiz Test’ from the dropdown menu. Then give a name to your question set. 

Afterwards, you can start adding questions for your quiz. Simply write your question and add multiple options for answers. You can add extra options for a single question by clicking on the ‘Add Option’ button at the top. Don’t forget to mark the correct option as the right answer for your quiz question.

How To Add A Quiz For Your Job Posts Inside Easy.Jobs? 1

Add as many questions as you need to for your screening test in Easy.Jobs. You can also tick on the Required checkbox of the questions, to make answering them mandatory for every candidate. When you are done, click on the 'Bewaar vraagset' knop. screening

You will now be able to view your saved quiz set from your dashboard.

add a quiz

How To Add Your Saved Quiz Set To A Job Post #

You can now add your saved quiz set to any job post in Easy.Jobs. When you are creating a new job or editing an existing job post, head over to the Quiz option and select your saved quiz set from the ‘Select An Existing Question Set’ drop down menu. You can also add the time duration for your quiz and marks per question here.

add a quiz

By following these simple and easy steps you can easily add a quiz for any job post inside Makkelijk. Banen.

How To Edit Or Delete Quizzes From A Job Post #

In Makkelijk. Banen you can easily remove or edit added quizzes from your published or duplicate job posts. 

To update quizzes, open Easy.Jobs dashboard, go to the job post, which is published or recently duplicated. Then navigate to the ‘Quizs’ tab. There you will find the option to ‘Edit’ or ‘Remove’ options. You can either remove the quiz set or edit and add new quizzes. After making changes, click on the ‘Save’ knop.

create a quiz

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