¿Cómo crear una nueva publicación de trabajo en Easy.Jobs?

Easy.Jobs is an all-in-one hiring solution to create a new job post, manage ongoing job campaigns, hire the right talent, and many more. Using this stunning platform, you can easily create a new job post and streamline your hiring process.

¿Cómo crear una nueva publicación de trabajo en Easy.Jobs? #

Consulte la guía a continuación para aprender cómo crear una nueva publicación de trabajo dentro de Easy.Jobs:

Paso 1: Inicie sesión en su cuenta easy.jobs y oescribe tu Tablero.
Paso 2: Haga clic en '
Trabajos' desde la barra lateral izquierda y lo llevará a esta vista a continuación.
Paso 3: Para crear un nuevo trabajo, haga clic en '
Crear una publicación de trabajo ' botón desde la esquina superior derecha. ¿Cómo crear una nueva publicación de trabajo dentro de Easy.Jobs?

Paso 4: You can either create a new job post using ready job description templates or by adding them manually.  If you want to create a job post using ready templates, then click on the ‘Select A Template’ button and choose your preferred one. There is also a Default Job Description Template, which you can use to create any generalized job post. Check out the complete procedure from aquí.create a new job post

If you want to create a new job post manually then fill out job information such as job Title, Job Details, Category, and all the necessary information that you want to show on the job post in the given fields. Don’t forget to fill up all the required fields. Besides this, you can toggle to the right to showcase company benefits on your job post from ‘Show Company Benefit’ section. 

create a new job post

Easy.Jobs provides built-in banners for job posts. If you want to hide them, toggle to turn on hiding mode. You can also change the job post cover banner by clicking on the ‘Update Banner Image’ botón. Once you have done filling out all the information, hit the ‘Guardar y continuar' button below.

create a new job post

Paso 5: It will take you to the ‘Screening Question’ view. From there you can add your premade question set or create all questions one by one.create a new job post

You can also tick on the Required checkbox of the questions, to make answering them mandatory for every candidate. After adding the question set on the job post select Time Duration y Marks and add them on the respected fields. Then hit the ‘Guardar y continuar' botón.

easy.jobs screening

Paso 6: Te llevará a la 'Examen' ver y desde aquí, puede seleccionar el pre-hecho Examen questions for the new job post or create one by one manually. You can also organize your quiz questions by moving them up or down with the ‘Move Up’ & ‘Move Down’ buttons. After making all the changes, haga clic en el 'Guardar y continuar' botón.create a new job postPaso 7: Before publishing your newly created job post, set the information requirement you want to collect from candidates. To do this, click on the ‘Customize Fields’ and check on the necessary fields. Then click on the ‘Save & Continue’ botón.

create a new job post

Final Outcome #

To check out how your job campaign will look live, click on the ‘Preview’ button. If you are satisfied with the final look, then hit the ‘Save And Publish’ botón. Congratulations! You have created a new job post for your company.

create a new job post

This is how easily you can create a job post using Easy.Jobs hiring solution.

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