Come aggiungere note ai candidati?

Check out the guideline below to add notes to jobs/candidates in

Passo 1: Accedi al tuo account e clicca su I candidati from the sidebar. You will see all of your candidates here, who applied in different jobs in your recruitment system. Select any of the candidates under whom you want to add a note.,notes,candidates,add notes

Passo 2: It will take you to this view from where you will be able to add notes. Write on the box and press the Save button, your note will be saved here.,notes,candidates,add notes

This is how you can add notes to keep track of something special about a particular candidate or just to let your team members know about it. Se hai bisogno di aiuto, sentiti libero di farlo Contattaci o unisciti al nostro Comunità di Facebook per entrare in contatto con altri proprietari di aziende come te.

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