Easy.jobs è conforme al GDPR?

What Is GDPR? #

GDPR refers to the control you have over your own data, which you share with various third-party service providers. The service providers must be transparent about how they collect, use, and share personal information according to your consent. In the new regulations of Europe, you will have more control, access, and choice over how your personal data will be collected, used, and shared.

Nevertheless, you should also take note that GDPR is a law that applies to EU citizens as it is an EU law. In this case, it applies to all businesses and websites that have a customer base from the EU (collect, store, and use data from residents of the EU). Read the full law here.

Is Easy.Jobs GDPR Compatible? #

Yes, Easy.Jobs is Conformità al GDPR. Keeping user data and privacy secure is vitally important to Easy.Jobs. Since the beginning of our company, we have adhered to strict principles regarding privacy and data security. Fortunately, many of them are in line with GDPR principles. 

The following sections provide information on how Easy.Jobs maintains the GDPR principles during data collection, storing, and using your data:

1. The information we collect includes your name, email address, phone number, and address. Profiles are created based on all the data that you provide. By GDPR rule book article 35, these data are completely protected and secured by us.

2. Our system collects your order data such as your IP address, web browser, payment email, billing address, payment method, or credit card information during the time of purchase. This information is collected for fraud prevention and invoicing purposes.

3. We also collect tracking information from you while you are browsing our website. These include the pages you visit, the products you see, and the pages you interact with, for marketing purposes.

4. We are using Google Cloud Platform managed database and it’s located in East-Asia and the US region.

5. All data stored is encrypted with DEKs using the AES-256 algorithm

6. We keep Easy.Jobs invoices for about 5 years. As a result, we keep your billing information for five years unless you ask us to delete it.

7. Our web application and external application interfaces are TLS/SSL only. We further ensure security by encrypting data at rest with industry-standard encryption algorithms.

8. Our website uses Google Analytics. They are renowned service providers as well. The data you provide to us is not shared with other companies or businesses.

9. It is entirely up to you how your content is presented. Every time you want, you can modify your profile. In addition, you can email us to request that we send you the data we have collected about you. 

10. Furthermore, you are free to delete your information at any time. We will delete your data if you send us an email asking us to do so. We are also working to give you full control over your data and the ability to delete it on your own.

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This information was last updated in August 2021.

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