How to Setup Remote Interviews In

With the help of, you can take advantage of remote hiring by setting up 远程采访。这样,您可以以更快,更有效的方式为组织中的合适职位空缺雇用合适的人员。 

How To Configure Remote Interviews In #

首先,您需要通过添加远程面试阶段来更新您的招聘渠道。请按照以下步骤添加新的 “远程面试” 工作管道中的阶段。

步骤1:更新管道以进行远程采访 #

登录到您的 easy.jobs帐户 然后点击 职位 从左侧边栏。之后,您需要点击 管道 纽扣 如下图所示更新您的招聘阶段。

Set-up remote interview

步骤2:将远程面试添加到您的招聘管道中 #

这会将您重定向到 职位 page in your Dashboard. Here you can see your recruitment pipeline and edit it to add ‘Remote Interview’ by clicking on the blue 编辑管道 按钮。

set up remote interviews

这将打开一个新的弹出窗口。只需检查 “远程面试” 框以将该阶段添加到您的工作管道。确保保存更改。

set up remote interviews

您应该能够看到一个名为 远程面试 从仪表板返回到“作业”页面时,它会出现在管道中。

How to Setup Remote Interviews In 1

How To Set Up Remote Interview While Creating A New Job Post #

In, you can enable remote interview while creating a new job post as well.  Follow the below steps to enable remote interview while creating a new job post:
From your dashboard, go to Jobs –> Create A Job Post. there you will find the toggle bar to Allow Remote interview.

How to Setup Remote Interviews In 2

Toggle the button to enable remote interview and it will be added to the pipeline as well.


设置候选人的远程面试 #

要通过Google Meet或Zoom开始为入围候选人安排远程面试,请按照以下步骤操作。

步骤1:将候选人沿管道移动以进行远程采访 #


How to Setup Remote Interviews In 3

Step 2: Set Up Platforms For Remote Interviews #

填写完远程面试的所有必要详细信息(例如面试的持续时间,日期和时间以及位置)后,您需要选择进行面试的方式。您可以选择 配置Google Meet with to conduct your remote interviews.

Note*: Follow the step-by-step guide to 配置缩放应用 to conduct remote interview on Zoom meetings.

How to Setup Remote Interviews In 4

Step 3: Connect With Google Calendar #

To conduct a remote interview in Google meet, select it as your platform and you will be directed to log in to get access to your Google account. Continue to get the access successfully. Click on the ‘Create Interview’ button Now. Go to your Google Calendar account and click on ‘Interview Event’. Thus, Google Calendar will be connected with for remote interview.

Step 4: Set Up Remote Interviews On Other Communication Media #

If you want to set remote interviews using other communications channels like phone calls, Skype, Hyrell, etc. then you can do that easily in To mention alternative communication media for remoter interviews, click on the ‘Others’ option. Now provide the information or URLs there and then click on the ‘Create Interview’ 按钮。

How to Setup Remote Interviews In 5

按照这些基本步骤,您可以轻松地在 轻松工作 在几分钟之内。

如果遇到任何困难,请随时 联系我们 寻求进一步的帮助,或 

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