How to Edit Pipeline in Easy.Jobs?

轻松工作 come with a structured pipeline setup feature that will help you to make your whole remote hiring process smoother by following some simple steps. You can easily customize each pipeline step and can reuse it anytime for multiple job openings as well. 

Let’s follow this step-by-step guideline to 编辑管道 in 

步骤1: 登录到您的Easy.Jobs帐户并导航到 Settings –> Pipeline Setup. There you will find a default pipeline, you can’t modify or edit that. To edit pipelines of your created,  press the “更新” 管道上的按钮进行编辑。


第2步: 它将在您面前打开一个弹出窗口,您可以在其中编辑管道上的信息。完成编辑后,请按保存并继续” button. Your pipeline has been successfully edited. Whenever you will create a job post, you can easily use this updated pipeline.

edit pipeline

This is how you can edit Pipeline in You can also delete pipeline phases anytime. But before deleting any phase of a pipeline, you will get notified about the existing candidates of that phase. 

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