How to Connect with Your WordPress Website?

轻松工作 lets you completely manage your hiring process from within your WordPress website with a powerful plugin. Let’s follow this quick and simple guideline to connect with with your WordPress website. 

Step 1: Add The easy.job Plugin To Your Website #

打开您的WordPress网站并导航到 ‘Plugins’ → ‘Add New’. Then, search for from the Search Bar.


点击 ‘Install Now’ button to get the plugin to get started. After completing the installation, ‘activate’ the plugin.


Step 2: Collect Your App Key #

In the next step, you need to collect your App Key to connect the SaaS platform to your website. So, log in to your account from website (SaaS platform), and navigate to Settings→Integration. Here, you will find the option to integrate your account into your ‘WordPress’ website. Simply, click on the ‘Configuration’ button for ‘WordPress’ here.


This will redirect you to another screen where you will find an App Key. To integrate your WordPress website to your app, you need to copy that App Key. Simply click on the key and it will be copied automatically.


Step 3: Paste The Copied App Key #

Now open your WordPress website’s dashboard and navigate to ‘’. You will see an interface like the following. Here, paste the copied App key in the “ API密钥” 现场和命中 Connect.


Once you have successfully completed the steps, you can see all Job Posts you have created using inside your WordPress website by navigating to → Settings.


After successful installation, the WordPress Plugin will place all job openings of in a different web URL.

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