How To Show Company Benefits In A Job Post In

轻松工作 让你展示 公司利益 for each published job post. This is a good way to attract interested candidates. 

How To Show Company Benefits With #

Follow this guide to learn how to show company benefits in a job post in 轻松工作

步骤1:从仪表板配置作业 #

Log in to your account and navigate to '工作' 从仪表板。

之后,从工作清单中选择要显示公司利益的特定工作。点击 '更多' button. Then you will get a drop-down menu, from there select the ‘编辑' 选项。 

Show Company Benefit

Step 2: Enable the‘ Show Company Benefit’ Option #

它将带您到该页面,您需要向下滚动以找到该页面。 “显示公司利益” option. Toggle to enable it. When you preview your job, you will see that the company benefits are now visible. 

Show Company Benefit

如果您已按照所有步骤操作,那么恭喜!您现在可以 显示公司利益 在一个工作岗位 轻松工作.

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