candidate recruiting trends

Top New Candidate Recruiting Trends In Post Covid-19 World

If you want to run a successful recruitment campaign, the post Covid-19 candidate recruiting trends are a must to follow. Recently, recruiters have been having a hard time reaching the right candidates. So, today we tried to summarize the top talent acquisition trends that will eventually lead you to the right candidates.

candidate recruiting trends

Can you recall working life before Covid-19? Those memories seem distant now. The world has changed drastically and many of us no longer relate to it. Candidate recruiting has been disrupted as much as every industry and every organization on planet Earth.

Why Should You Adopt New Talent Acquisition Trends? 

Before we get introduced to talent acquisition trends, let’s find out why we even encourage you to follow them.  People’s behavior changes according to their surroundings. This means that our strategies and matrices must evolve accordingly. The same is true for talent acquisition. Let’s take a look at the benefits of following talent acquisition trends. 

⭐  As all of us already get habituated with the post Covid-19 world. So, while running recruiting campaigns, if we can’t follow the present trends, it will be difficult to reach niche candidates

⭐ When you are a newbie in the talent acquisition line, it’s quite impossible to have a date that will guide you to run successful hiring processes. In these kinds of cases, the safest way is to follow present candidate recruiting trends. In this way, the chance of failing is decreased

⭐ It is not possible to gain knowledge about new tools and technologies without following the latest trends in candidate recruitment. Even if you’re following a strategy or action plan, you’re likely to hit several limitations. New talent acquisition trends could be the answer. 

5+ Top New Candidate Recruiting Trends In Post Covid-19 World

Wondering which are new ongoing trends to follow for your hiring process? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Here we are presenting the most popular yet new candidate recruiting trends to implement for further talent acquisition campaigns.  

Remote Hiring Is The New Normal

In the post-COVI-19 world, office work has become mostly rare and unreachable. Almost everyone stays home locked for long periods of time and people also develop the habit of working from home as well as on a flexible schedule. More and more employees are choosing remote jobs over office jobs. Therefore, when planning for your next hiring process, you might consider including Remote Working in your job postings. 

candidate recruiting trends

Virtual Interviews Are No Longer Temporary; They’re Essential

While going for physical interviews was the most normal thing and an important part of the hiring process, nowadays it has become the rarest thing. Recruitment agencies and candidates are feeling comfortable conducting virtual interviews. It is another popular talent acquisition trend that seems to be lasting for the coming days as well.  

Hiring Automation Tools Became A top Priority

As of now most of the recruiting processes are happening online so depending on the hiring automation tools also has increased. So managing a list of the applied candidates, screening them, taking assessments, etc turns from manual to automated. So the demand for hiring automation tools is now top demand. 

Among hiring automation tools, at present popular ones are Easy.Jobs, Recruitee, Simply Hired, etc. These hiring automation tools will streamline your hiring process.

Find out the advanced and exclusive benefits of getting Easy.Jobs as your hiring automation tool.

The Use Of AI In Recruitment Process Has Increased

The hiring process of the post Covid-19 world has not only become tools dependent, but lack of human resources also makes organizations more dependent on Artificial intelligence. Furthermore, AI is helping to analyze career sites, job campaigns performance analysis, and also helps in predicting the future. 

As an example, in Easy.Jobs hiring solution, using AI you can categorize best-matched candidates for the post, screen them, and so on. 

Companies Are Emphasizing In Internal Hiring

Before Covid-19 flows, most of the people were comfortable in attending physical workshops, seminars, job fairs, etc. so it was easier to run external recruiting and get the best talents. But due to lockdown, people are not that much connected physically. Also, organizations are giving more priority to run internal hiring. As that helps is easy screening, save times and other many benefits. 

Recruiters Are Prioritizing The Soft Skills More

Candidate skill priorities changed as a result of Covid-19. Now, recruiters give more importance to soft skills. Although the pandemic has created challenges, it has also created positive growth and development in key areas, such as hiring and recruiting. 

With technology adapting to meet the demands of new procedures, recruitment and interviewing have leapfrogged ahead. The importance of soft skills is being placed a newfound emphasis, while issues concerning resumes, locations, and fair and diverse hiring processes are being addressed with greater vigor since the pandemic began. 

Candidate Recruiting Trends That Are Losing Ground

Not only new trends and practices are added in the hiring process in the post Covid-19 world, but many of them are also already losing importance. Maybe in near future, some past popular candidate recruiting trends may go forever. Here we’ve mentioned the past top trends that are trending down. 

Physical Job Board

Once billboards, in-house job boards, etc was the best place to invest money for advertising job openings. But due to Covid-19 effect, people mostly stopped coming outside of their home. So, the importance of the physical job boards is also falling. People are now getting more dependent on online job boards. 

Here are the top 20+ online job boards for you to check out recent job openings.

Inhouse Candidate Recruiting

Nowadays in-house recruiting is considered the most time-consuming and money-wasting process. Organizing in-house recruitment in your office will require you to allocate space and schedule assessments, and the list goes on. Simply using Zoom, Google Meet, or other virtual communication tools, recruiters now can complete recruiting in a snap. 

Physical mobility is no longer required

Before the Covide-19 affected word, organizations and recruiters used to encourage physical tasks and activities. But Covid-19 has changed the total value and perception. The priority of physical mobility has decreased. Organizations are more interested in turning everything online. 

Here is the present demographics of candidate recruiting trends for the present and the future at a glance: 

candidate recruiting trends
Source: People Matters

Accelerate Your Hiring Process With The New Recruiting Trends

Candidate recruiting trends are mostly influenced by present lifestyles and status. And Covid-19 has brought dramatic changes in every sector as well as the talent acquisition sector. So, if you want to run successful candidate recruiting campaigns, these above-mentioned trends can save your boat from the storm. 

That brings us to the end of our post. Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for the latest tutorials and updates, or join our friendly Facebook Community.

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Employee Offboarding: What It Is & Why It Matters

Employee Offboarding: What It Is & Why It Matters

A smooth employee offboarding process is crucial to advancing your organization’s growth and branding. And it’s the most hassle procedure in the HR process. Need to mention, that most organizations fail to implement them properly. Later that results in a dilemma in the long run. 

If you plan to build a smoother offboarding process for your company, this post will guide you through. 

Employee Offboarding: What It Is & Why It Matters

Employee onboarding and offboarding both are parts of the HR process. But, if you can get to know the HR team, you will find that most of them get puzzled about handling the employee offboarding process. They will all agree that the following statement holds true for them.

‘Employee Offboarding Is More Important Than Onboarding In HR Process’

Let’s dive into the blog to see what employee offboarding is about and get the ultimate checklist to help you smooth out your employee offboarding process. 

What Is Employee Offboarding? 

This blog is prepared in such a way that from the beginner to the expert of the HR team will benefit. Let’s start with the definition of employee offboarding process. 

A separation between an employee and a company is called offboarding. This is the process of what happens when an employee leaves an organization. An employee offboarding process is needed after any employee resignation, retirement, or termination occurs.

Employee termination, in essence, ensures that everything is in order when an employee leaves, so you don’t find yourself contacting a former employee two weeks later for his or her ID badge. Additionally, this employee termination process gives you a chance to find out what you may be able to improve for your employees currently and in the future. 

The Importance Of Offboarding In HR Process

Now let’s focus on why you should start practicing employee termination and make it an essential part of your HR process. This is not surprising when you consider that as many as one-third of ex-employees still have access to company data. 

Approximately 20% of organizations have suffered data breaches by former employees. You can prevent this by ensuring people don’t have access to company networks or systems after they leave the company as part of your offboarding process.

Here are some reasons why employee offboarding is important:

1. Keep Communication Line Open For Boomerang Employees 

When the HR team doesn’t go through the employee offboarding process, then the employee and organization both have to go through rough patches. Such as employee payment kept due, important access to the organization still stays with the former employee, and so on. All of these things hurt relations between the former employee and the organization.

employee offboarding process

Thus, if you plan to hire former employees in more experienced positions in the future, they may not return because of the last bad experience. Obviously, this is not good for any organization. 

Can’t deny that rehiring former employees can be advantageous for an organization. As re-hiring former employees becomes productive and operational faster, and as we know that they fit our company culture, this method is cost-effective as well. Due to tough recruitment times and a growing talent shortage, many companies today will not turn down a boomerang employee

2. Key Source Of Promoting Employer Brand

Basically, rather than in-house employees, former employees play a bigger part in promoting the employer brand of your organization as former employees go for other new companies and new environments. If you could offer formers a smooth employee termination, that would create a positive impact.

You will likely speak highly of your former employer if you have fond memories of your last days there. Despite not working for them anymore, you are likely to be positive when others ask about your time there. This, in turn, will positively influence the company’s employer brand, which in turn will benefit its appeal to candidates. 

employee offboarding process

3. Keep Organization Data Secure

A proper employee termination process is incredibly important for data security reasons. In spite of the fact that we don’t like to think about it if someone isn’t leaving voluntarily, they might act out of spite or desperation and harm the organization. This can be done by deleting files or by publishing the company’s client database.

4. Opportunity To Convert Former Employees Into Customers

Former employees can be considered to be customers when you run a product- or service-based business. Keeping rejected candidates happy is essential, but keeping former employees loyal is key to maintaining your candidate experience. Imagine if you can turn a former employee who is still a customer even after he or she leaves the company, that would be great advertising for your brand. You onboarded show how well you treat your customers through the way you treat them.     

Step By Step Guide: How To Implement Employee Termination In Your Company

Wondering which steps should be taken in the employee offboarding? Here is presenting the employee offboarding checklist which you can easily integrate into your HR process. Let’s get started. 

Step 1: Commence With Thanksgiving For Service

As previously mentioned, employee termination can occur from both the company end and employee end. But whatever the reason is you should start the employee offboarding process by thanking the employee for his or her long-time service, dedication, and efforts. It’s never a good practice to shut down communication with the employee immediately.

It’s more warming to start the employee offboarding process in person, rather than in cold email. If your organization is fully remote, then you can schedule a personalized online meeting for the employee. 

Step 2: Clear Up Everything About The Employee's Departure

The next step is to communicate with the employee and collect all the information about his last day at the office or departure time. When the employee is terminated by himself, you can ask for the day he or she wants to terminate employment and take necessary steps regarding that. 

Also, if the organization is offering termination, then the organization side should give 1 or 2 months’ notice. So that the employee can wrap up all his works smoothly. 

Don’t forget to announce the employee departure date to the entire team!

Step 3: Arrange For The Transfer Of Knowledge

You might be wondering why you need former employees’ knowledge when you are recruiting new ones. But this simple step has great significance. It is possible the would-be former employee was in charge of leading or planning. 

Therefore, you can schedule a knowledge-transfer session instead of allowing employees to work in a dark and sloth-like fashion. This way, every employee will be on the same page, and the next person who succeeds him or her won’t have to start from scratch. 

employee offboarding process

Aside from this information, it’s always good to ask people to prepare a handover document, internal documentation, or video with some tips for whoever will be taking over their role in the future. Automating or incorporating tasks into standard operating procedures can be done by the departing employee. By doing so, you’ll save both time and money. Further, keep the doors open, so that if you are missing some knowledge after they leave, you can ask them for help, which they will gladly provide.

Step 4: Take Away Former Employee’s System Access

Keeping your system as well as data under former employees will cost you in the long run. It will directly create concern about your organization’s security also. So you have to revoke all the system access from the employee. Of course, this includes email, internal platforms, etc. but depending on someone’s role, numerous other accesses may need to be revoked.

Step 5: Take Care Of Company Assets

When you onboard a new employee, it is obvious that you have been given job responsibilities related to office equipment like laptops, mouse, vehicles, cell phones, and others. Don’t forget to ask the departing employee to return company types of equipment. The newly onboarded employees can utilize these assets and it will be a cost-effective move.

Step 6: Arrange A Warm Farewell Party

Never think arranging a farewell for a departing employee is a waste of time and money. Arranging a farewell is a good way to show appreciation towards the departing employee and will also help you to boost your employer’s brand. Additionally, the departing employee and the current employee will have the chance to say goodbye and thank each other. 

As part of the employee offboarding process, you can also conduct exit interviews. You can gain insights and suggestions on company workflow in the exit interview, along with guiding the departing employee about his shortcomings and areas of improvement. It’s possible to learn how to improve your organization’s weaknesses and strengths by conducting an exit interview

Step 7: Clarify All Kinds Of Financial Dependency

Check out your finance department whether the departing employee has any dependency there. Even though payroll systems have built-in functionality for this, you want to ensure that payroll is actually handling the final payment. 

In order to streamline the employee offboarding process, make sure you include all the information they need, such as the deadline, the notice period, and any upcoming holidays. It’s never a good practice to hold the payroll of departing employees, as it will negatively affect the employer brand.

Step 8: Try To Keep In Touch With Former Employees

When an employee goes through the offboarding process, that doesn’t mean that it has to be the end of everything. It is possible to keep in touch with former employees in various ways. There are talent pools and alumni groups, for example. By using either option, you can send former employees the latest company news and vacancies so they can stay updated. 

The benefits of staying in touch go beyond just keeping in touch. It can be useful when you have lost knowledge that was only known to the departing employee, as we briefly mentioned earlier. You can also use it to help their successor. 

Planning to start job opening campaigns for new members? Then check out this tested and proven guideline on job postings.

Streamline Your Offboarding Process 

A successful employee offboarding process will help your organization to go a long way. If you can apart all these 8 steps of the employee offboarding process, surely it will streamline your organization’s workflow and create new opportunities.

Start implementing a complete employee offboarding process into your HR process. In case you need further guidance or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team or other manager-related people through our Facebook community. And to be the first to get these kinds of stunning blogs, insights, tutorials, and all, subscribe to our blog.

10+ Social Media Captions To Share About Job Posts & Get More Applications [Templates]

10+ Social Media Captions To Share About Job Posts & Get More Applications [Templates]

Wondering how to create user-engaging social media captions to share about job posts and get maximum reach? We are here to the rescue with some brilliant ideas. Today we will share with you the importance of attractive social media captions for hiring with  10+ ready templates.

10+ Social Media Captions To Share About Job Posts & Get More Applications [Templates]

It is no surprise that social media is becoming the most reliable medium for promotion. Using social media can help you reach the maximum number of candidates. As well as increase the likelihood of getting the right candidate. Hence, advertising job openings on social media is an excellent way to succeed in your hiring process. 

Why Should You Start Using Social Media Caption Templates? 

We all know the hiring process is not a one-man job! In order to hire the right candidates for your company, you will need proper planning, a good team, and great execution. When it comes to advertising job openings on social media, here is why you should start practicing to use ready social media caption templates

🚀 Streamline Hiring Process: When you use ready social media captions to share job posts, you can save a lot of time! If you start writing social media captions for every platform it will kill a lot of valuable time of yours and slow down the hiring process. 

⏫ Maintain Consistency: Often, it’s not only you who advertise the job openings on social media when you are working collaboratively in a hiring process. Furthermore, when multiple people are given the responsibility, the best thing might not always make it into the social media captions. So when you use ready social media captions to share job posts, you can easily deliver the same message to everyone. 

⚙️ Provides Flexibility: Another mentionable benefit of using ready social media captions to share job posts is it gives you mobility and flexibility. So, if you have ready social media captions for hiring templates in your hand, you can publish them anywhere and from any place. 

🔥 Helps To Avoid Skipping Important Points: It’s essential to add job application links with social media shares, otherwise, how will candidates apply and how will you screen the right talent? If you start using ready social media captions to share job posts, it will help you to not make silly mistakes like these. 

🆙 Maintain Priority Hierarchy: Posting on social media platforms means you get the chance to advertise job postings among millions of people. So to get the best out of it, you have to create user-interactive content maintaining a user engagement hierarchy. When you are using ready social media captions to share job posts, just copy and paste the social shares. 

Best Social Media Platforms To Advertise Job Openings

Now. Let’s discuss which social media platforms should you choose to advertise job openings? There are thousands of social media platforms on the web. While you are advertising job openings, not all social media platforms are effective to get the right talent. Also, not every candidate will use every platform. Don’t feel distressed! In order to make your hiring process easier, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular social media platforms to promote job posts.

social media captions to share job posts


Facebook is the best social media platform to advertise your job openings. At present, its active user is 2.89 Billion. Whether your organization type is Facebook will help you to get a lot of potential candidates.


Instagram is a good way to establish your personal brand while demonstrating your social media skills and enhancing your overall digital-savvy. It’s also a smart way to glean information and insights about a company where you might want to work.


Pinterest reports over 300 million active monthly users. The site is heavily visited by women, so contractors who wish to promote their services to women are likely to accrue the greatest benefit from the site.


Despite TikTok’s status as video creation and sharing platform, people worldwide use it to create videos for a variety of purposes. You can use it to advertise job openings as well with short and catchy promotional videos & social media captions.


LinkedIn is the number one spot for people searching for jobs, with nearly 660 million registered users. So, LinkedIn is also a suitable platform for advertising job openings.

social media captions to share job posts
Source: Kinsta


A benefit of Twitter is that there is no need to submit a resume. As you can speak directly with recruiters and candidates. Twitter will help you to get candidates easily.

Here Are 10+ Social Media Captions To Share About Job Posts

You have to maintain a different tone while posting social media captions to share different types of posts. To make your social sharing hassle-free, here are the 10+ ready social media captions templates to share job posts. 

1. Classic Social Media Caption Template For Hiring

Here is the classic social media caption template. You can use this one on any social media platform as well as for any position.

We Are Hiring!’ 📣
We, [X] are looking for an experienced [Position Name] to join our company. In this role, your duties will include completing your assigned duties, leading your team, and most importantly collaborating with other teams.

Apply here: {apply_link}

#joinus #jobopening #hiring

Here is another social media caption to share job posts on multiple social media platforms. You can use these as well.

‘We Want You!’ 📣

Our company is looking for a highly experienced [Position Name] to join our team. As a member of this team, you will be expected to complete your assigned tasks, lead your team, and most importantly collaborate with others. If you are interested, apply today! 

Apply here: {apply_link}

#jobhunt #jobopening #nowhiring

2. Promote Number Of Vacancy In Social Media Hiring Posts

You can easily promote the number of vacancies of your companies in your social shares to attract potential candidates. Here is a sample copy you can use to promote vacancies.

Looking for 2 highly talented [Position Name] in our team!
To join as a [Position Name] in [X] company, you should have strong knowledge and the ability to work with a large amount of complex data. Ultimately, a top-notch [Position Name]  should be a highly detailed and organized individual with an analytical power. If you feel you are suitable, then apply now! 

Apply here: {apply_link}

#joinus #jobopening #hiring

3. Promote Required Skills In Social Media Captions

When you are looking for experts in a certain skill, then you can create a social share like this one. It will help you to easily niche down the qualified candidates. As only experts in certain skills will apply for the job post.

Are you extremely good at team collaboration & communication?To ensure success as a [Position Name], you should have strong knowledge and the ability to work with a large amount of complex data. Ultimately, a top-notch [Position Name]  should be a highly detailed and organized individual with an analytical prower. If you feel you are suitable, then apply now! 

Apply here: {apply_link}

#joinus #jobopening #hiring

4. Social Media Caption Template For Remote Working

Due to the recent pandemic outburst, remote working has become very much popular! If you are planning to offer remote working opportunities for your new employees, then you can use these social media captions to share job posts.

“Remote Work Opportunity”
We, [X] are offering remote work opportunities in our organization. Do you have a track record of meeting deadlines and communicating well online? If so, we’d love to have you on board. 

Check out the job openings here : {apply_link}

#joinus #jobopening #remotework

5. Create Social Share For Hiring With Team Photo

Writing social media captions to share job posts with a team photo will create a buzz among the potential candidates. Everyone wants to join a team where he or she can easily collaborate and learn new things. With your organization team photo, you can use this social media caption to share job posts instantly.

Social Media Captions To Share Job Posts
Source: Grizzly's Grill

We are looking for a fun-loving & energetic team member to our team! Join us for a crazy adventure. 

Apply here: {apply_link}
#joinus #stafflove #workwithus

6. Add A Candidate Placeholder In The Social Share For Hiring

It’s another most effective way to attract potential candidates if you can use an image with a placeholder. It helps candidates to relate themselves with your team. Check out how creatively The Nutty Irishman has created social share captions to share job posts.


Source: Grizzly's Grill
Source: The Nutty Irishman

Perhaps this is you! 😎

We [X] are looking for an amazing teammate, who could join us and take us to the next level. If you could imagine yourself in that position, then apply now! 

Check out the job openings here : {apply_link}

#joinus #jobopening #hiring

7. Humorous Social Share Content For Hiring

Everybody enjoys humor! While you are writing social media captions to share creative job posts like salesman, artist, copywriter, it’s better to create a humorous post. Check out the job opening advertisement of Aspire Hong Kong team. To help you out, you can copy and paste the below social share caption to share job posts instantly.



Social Media Captions To Share Job Posts
Source: Aspire Hong Kong

Do you enjoy sleeping on weekends? 🤣
So do we! We, [X] are looking for amazing teammates to join our team. If you think you are humorous enough, then join us.
See the job openings here: {apply_link}
#joinus #hiring #workwithus

8. Promote Geo Location In Social Media Caption For Hiring

You can easily take advantage of your company office location and promote that too into your social media captions to share job posts. Does your office location have the best oyster, or the bar, or the stunning natural view? Then why not mention that!

Are you a fan of drinking coffee while looking at the sky? ☕

You are mad not to apply! We, [X] are located in the nicest location of the city. And we are looking for 2 excellent [Job Positions] in our organization. If you are interested, apply here: {apply_link}
#joinus #hiring #workwithus

9. Promote Creative Capabilities In The Social Share

Want to enchant your team with an amazing artist or singer? Then you can also mention those in your social media captions to share job posts. This will encourage creatives to apply for your company. It will also promote your brand positively!

‘We Are Looking For Creative Souls’

If you feel you have the potential to enchant us with your creativeness, then apply to us.

We are looking for a [Position Name], you should have strong knowledge and the ability to work with a large amount of complex data with his or her creativity. 

Apply here: {apply_link}

#joinus #jobopening #workwithus

Here is another social media caption sample to share job posts on multiple social media platforms.

‘Have Lots Of Crazy Ideas In Mind?’

Then we are looking for you! [X] is looking for a creator [Job Position] who has lots of crazy ideas and creative problem-solving capabilities. If you think you are worth it, then apply here:  {apply_link}

#joinus #jobopening #workwithus

10. Add Engaging Quizzes In The Social Media Caption

You can also promote job openings with a user engaging quiz. In this social media era, if you can make trending content, then that will help you to get more conversions. You can use the below social media caption to share job posts instantly.

Is hashtagging necessary for social sharing?🤔
If you have the answer then DM us now. We, [x] are looking for an energetic team member as [Job Position]. If you really want to be a part of us, then send your resume to us with the best answer you got to the above question. 

Apply here: {apply_link}

#joinus #recruitment #workwithus

11. Promote Perks & Benefits In Social Media Captions 

What will your company offer to its employees is a major concern for employees. According to recent statistics from Harvard University, about 88% people want better health, dental, and vision insurance as their perks and benefits.

At [X], we are currently looking for [Job Position] to work with the energetic team and the in-house creative department. Check out what facilities are waiting for you! 

🎁 Perks & Benefits That You Will Get:

  • Free breakfast, lunch, amazing coffee, tea and snacks
  • Yearly Profit Share as you contribute to the growth
  • Monthly team buffet in top places
  • Training and learning materials to improve skills
  • Yearly Retreat (Out of the city/country)
  • Yearly Family Day
  • Two festival bonuses
  • Sports Facilities 
  • Accommodation in 2 storied dorms for our team members
  • Leave: Casual + Annual + Maternity + Paternity + Conference leave + Marriage Leave [Check all benefits -[Company_Perks_Page_Link]]

If you are interested, apply here:{apply_link}

#joinus #recruitment #workwithus

Source: WPDeveloper

12. Promote Vacant Job Position In Social Share For Hiring

When you have a vacancy for only one position it’s wiser to mention that on your social media captions to share job posts. That will also help you to screen smoothly. Here we are mentioning social shares as well as demo video content that you can get from Canva.

[Job Position] Needed! 🧐 

We are seeking to hire an experienced [Position Name] for our team. Among the requirements of this team are completing your assigned tasks, leading your team, and collaborating with others. Get in touch with us today! 

Apply here: {apply_link}

#jobhunt #jobopening #nowhiring

Also, you can use this social share caption to share job posts of a certain position on multiple platforms.

‘We Are Looking For [Job Position] 🧐 ’

We are seeking to hire an experienced [Position Name] for our team. Among the requirements of this team are completing your assigned tasks, leading your team, and collaborating with others. Contact us today!  

Apply here: {apply_link}

#jobhunt #jobopening #nowhiring

13. Create Social Share By Promoting New Onboarding Employees

Employer branding is another effective strategy to attract potential candidates for your available job openings. Whenever new employees join your team, you can use their image or video to promote new vacancies in your organization instantly. Check out this social media caption sample to share job posts. 

[New Onboarding Team Image]
We are blessed to welcome our newest team members in [X]! 🥳

Check our Career Page for open positions: {apply_link}

14. Use GIFs While Sharing Job Posts On Social Media

On Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social media platforms, you can now easily upload GIFs. And you can grab this opportunity to create interactive social share posts for new job openings. It will grab instant attention and help to get more applicants.

[New open related GIF]
📢 Are you ready to upgrade your career? 🚀 We’re on the hunt for someone who’s as passionate about memes as they are about coding! 💻 If you’re a master of multitasking and thrive in a fast-paced environment, we want YOU! 
Check our Career Page for open positions: {apply_link}

 #JobOpening #JoinUs #TechHumor 😄

✨ Bonus Tips: Must-Check Lists Before Posting On Multiple Social media Platforms

We assure you that above mentioned ready social media captions to promote job postings are suitable for all the popular social media platforms. Though, it’s wise to create a checklist and maintain them every time before posting the social shares. For your help, we have the must-check lists here: 

Check Social Media Platform Word Limits

Not all social media platforms have the same word limits. For example, Twitter has a limit of 280 characters, Instagram has a 2,200 character limit and the list goes on. So when you are job posting on any platform, make sure to check that. You have to write the entire social media captions to share job posts within these limits. 

Whether You Are Able To Integrate Hashtags

Job seekers today are much more likely to look for jobs on job boards and on social media, where postings can easily be forgotten among a sea of other employment opportunities. Making sure you use hashtags can make your job postings much more visible. Here is the list of popular hashtags for the hiring process:













If You Can Add Images, Videos, Links Or Not

Images, videos help you to attract candidates effortlessly. So adding interactive images and videos is a great idea to find the right talent for your organization through the hiring process. So, must check if you can add visual content with your ready social media caption. Also, the best practice is to add job application links within social media captions to share job posts.

Start Posting On Social Media To Streamline Hiring Process

Haven’t you started advertising job openings on social media? Then bookmark this blog, and utilize these ready social media captions templates for your upcoming hiring process. These ready social media hiring templates will definitely streamline your hiring process & attract the utmost potential candidates. 

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job postings

Job Postings: How To Promote Job Posts To Attract Candidates

It is hard to attract candidates for your company without interactive job postings and proper promotion for your job posts. And find candidates who have both the right skills and the right mindset to be a part of your team can be challenging. To help you out, today we’re going to give you some ideas on how to promote job postings so you can attract the right talent.

job postings

Definition Of Job Postings & Its Different Types

An organization’s primary method of recruiting for open positions is called job postings. In the past, jobs were often advertised in the classifieds section of newspapers. Nowadays, most job advertisements are posted online. In order to create and circulate job postings, organizations use recruitment software, such as applicant tracking systems or modern talent acquisition platforms. With the aid of recruiting software, jobs are distributed across online properties, like the corporate career site, social media platforms, and job boards.

Basically, there are two kinds of job postings: internal and external.

Internal Job Postings

When a job posting is internal, the circulation of the job postings remains inside the organization. This means that only existing employees will receive the posting. The opportunity for internal mobility is provided by internal postings, which give existing employees the first chance at a new role, either by changing departments or taking on a new responsibility in an existing team. Frequently, organizations instead job postings internally to leverage in-house talent and save time and money.

External Job Postings

The job-seeking candidates get notified as soon as an external job posting is made. Candidates from outside the organization can apply directly for positions advertised externally. External job advertisements posted on job boards are tailored to the specific industry or demographics of the individual employer. Employers use external job postings to expand their existing employee base, hire outside talent, and add external value to their organizations.

What Is Known As A Job Description?

Job descriptions provide information about the responsibilities, nuances, decision authority, and tasks associated with the job at hand. In other words, a job description is a document that details a job’s duties and responsibilities. 

job postings

The difference between a job posting and a job description is that a job posting is an advertisement intended to attract candidates. Therefore, it is important for the job posting to be a simplified, concise, but highly touted version of the job description. An effective job posting takes the form of an advertisement that promotes the position to potential candidates. The best job ads sell the company and the position simultaneously.

What To Include In Job Posts To Attract Candidates?

To attract the highest volume of qualified candidates, it is essential to write a job posting that is both concise and attractive. Job postings need to describe the available positions and explicitly state the qualifications for consideration. The following are the basic features of job postings a.k.a job advertisements:

🔥 It is necessary to write down the job description, expectations of the position, and anything else that is pertinent.

🔥 It’s a good idea to add a few images and videos to illustrate the company’s work culture and ethics.

🔥 Employers who list required years of work experience in similar sectors should include that information in their job postings.

🔥 Specified education requirements or minimum degree requirements should be mentioned.

🔥 Mention that document is required from the candidates for better screening.

🔥 If there are any physical and/or mental requirements, include that too in job advertisements.

🔥 Go for a preferred method for applying to the position, a.k.a call to action.

10+ Stunning Job Post Ideas To Attract Candidates

There are several creative ideas you can implement to attract candidates. Here we are presenting the 10+ proven & tested job posting ideas you can follow effortlessly. 

1. Use Your Website Interactively To Promote Job Posts

In the present digitalized era, websites are considered as the online entity for your website. Also, websites help you to increase company branding, drive sales, get the right talent, and all. Here presenting some popular ideas to promote job posts interactively. 

⚡ Create A Team Or Career Site

If you are looking for the right talent for your vacancies, you better reflect that on your website as well. It’s wiser to create a team page of a career site. There you can maintain an online job board, and promote job posts for vacancies as well. Adding a team page or career site will also help you in improving your SEO score and rank higher in the search engines. 

⚡ Use WordPress Notification Bars To Promote Job Posts

Is your company one of the popular ones in your region? Is your website visitor count above average? Then a great idea is to run promotions for vacant job posts through the top bar or footer bar. If you are planning to hire a huge number like 100/200 then this idea is fruitful. 

Sharing a sample of creating a promotional top bar for your company to promote job posts. In the example below, this stunning top bar is created with one of the most popular marketing solutions, NotificationX.

Job postings ideas

2. Promote Job Postings Through Recruiting Emails

This job posting promotion idea is fruitful for large companies that already have a huge email collection from customers & other sources. Then you can run job posting promotions through email lists and source for potential candidates. The main benefit of promoting job posts with email is that if the recipient knows some one who will be a good fit for the role, they can forward the mail too. 

Thus you can easily attract candidates and get the right talent.

3. Utilize Social Media For Job Posting Promotions

In recent times, social media is not the only socializing tool, it has become a part of the lifestyle. And it’s a great opportunity for you to utilize social media, promote job posts, and most importantly, attract candidates. Here mentioning the most popular trends of job posting promotions in social media:

⚡ Promote Job Posts Using Social Share

If your organization has a social media profile then you can easily utilize them for promoting job posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. Every social media platform has its own word limit. Before posting, make sure you check out the word limit and create an interactive social share based on that. Also, add your website’s job board URL or direct job applying URL in the social share. So that potential candidates can easily jump into your website. 

job postings ideas

⚡ Job Advertisements On Social Media Platforms Job Portals

To stay up-to-date with the emerging digital world, most of the popular social media platforms now have their own job portals. Such as Facebook Jobs, LinkedIn Job Portal, and so on. In these places, you can easily create job posts with eye-catching job descriptions and easily attract candidates. 

If you already have a job apply URL from your site, then don’t forget to mention that too. These popular platforms use their AI and send an in auto notification to the most eligible ones through the platform. Actually, these social media platforms help you with auto advertising of job posts. 

4. Promote Job Posts Through External Job Postings

External job postings mean you are not advertising your organizations on job openings only via your job board or career site. External job posting means other people from out of our company can also apply for job openings. For this, you can share your job posts with other company employees, promote them on your website, and so on. 

5. Promote Job Posts On Job Posting Sites

Apart from popular social media platforms, other sites are averagely visited by most of the visitors. Some mentionable sites are Stack Overflow for developers, Dribbble for designers, etc. These sites offer an open platform where candidates can showcase their works, and share their contact details for recruiters to get in touch with them. You should utilize these platforms to promote job posts and attract candidates. 

6. Index Your Job Postings In Google Search Engine

At present, Google is the most popular search engine. According to recent statistics, every day 5.6 Billion people search for something on Google. You can easily utilize this huge data to promote your job posts. Wondering how? 

There is a feature of Google’s search engine, and that is Google indexing. If you index your open job posts on Google, whenever people search for jobs around them, Google will also suggest your openings.

How To Index Your Job Posts In Google?

You can easily index your job posts in Google if your career site is built with Easy.Jobs hiring platform. While creating a job post, you will find the option to enlist the job post in Google as shown below. 

job postings

7. Internal Job Posting Promotions

This type of job posting promotion is highly effective for medium and big companies where you have lots of employees. While running internal job posting promotions, you have to focus on your job descriptions. With a beautiful job description, you can easily attract office employees and get the best one. Internal job postings save a lot of time in screening recruitments and money as well. 

8. Focus On Employer Branding

Employer branding may not bring results instantly, but it essential in the long run. Among other present job posting promotion strategies, employer branding is widely popular and used by most of the big giant brands like Coca-Cola, Google, Facebook, and so on. 

To promote job posts through employer branding, you can provide such facilities and privileges to employees that promote their office work culture through social media, blog posts, their own lifestyle, and so on. These things will create enthusiasm for other potential candidates to pursue jobs in your organization. 

Check out how google promote their work culture through their own YouTube channel: 

9. Partner Up With Local Universities

The best place to find energetic and optimistic workforce is your local university. Especially if you are looking for freshers, then there is no better alternative to campus recruitment. To promote job posts you can easily partner up with local universities. Whenever any new batch graduates, you can source candidates. Furthermore, you can participate in job fairs as well. 

You can also ask your existing employees, who are university alumni to refer new talent for your team. Almost all universities have a social group of multiple social media platforms. So you can easily promote your job posts there as well. 

10. Run In-house Internship & Leadership Programs

While you hire employees based on their applied job posts, there is no floor to screen those employees for all the potential skills. Also, there is no chance to find out whether they can be better for other sectors. You can easily solve these issues if you can promote job postings through internship and leadership programs. 

Through internship programs, you can easily find out which fresh graduates are suitable for your company’s work culture. It will also help graduates to have experience in working with a team. Same facilities you will also get if you run leadership programs and attract candidates. 

11. Promote Job Posts Through Advertisements

This job posting idea is perfectly applicable for all types of organizations. When you don’t have enough recognition for your company, giving job advertisements in multiple places can be a great help to attract candidates. You can give advertisements on local newspapers, other popular websites as digital ads and so on. 

12. Run Referral Program Among Present Employees

Sourcing candidates and screening the right one isn’t an easy job! It needs lots of planning, strategies, and most importantly time. If you have a full-time recruiting team, it is still hard to collect all the potential candidates in one place. In this type of situation, a referral program can be a great help. 

Your present employees have great connections who can be a perfect match for your organization. If you run referral programs among present employees, then it will make them enthusiastic to suggest candidates.

13. Leverage Reviews From Employee Review Sites 

You, me, and the rest of all have grown a habit to check the reviews of products, services, companies, and all. The same goes for companies who are seeking employees. Before applying to those sites, candidates check out the reviews and experiences that others have with that organization. The most famous employee review sites are Glassdoor, Indeed, and so on. 

To promote your job posts, you can utilize these employee review sites, and gather reviews about your companies. These will develop your company branding value as well as attract more candidates easily. 

14. Attend Job Fairs & Community Fairs

If you are planning to hire talent globally and locally, job fairs and community fairs are the best places. Through fairs, you not only can promote your brands but also get potential candidates for your opening job posts. 

If you are looking to hire candidates with WordPress expertise, then following this blog will help you: 

🎇 Bonus: Successful Action Plans To Promote Job postings For Startups

To attract candidates and get top talent, startups have to compete with larger companies. But it can be difficult to attract the very best people without the resources of a larger company. Many larger organizations have a history of longevity and are trusted by their communities. The budgets and teams of those companies are also bigger. To overcome these odds, here are some of the best tactics to promote job posts for startups

✅ No one can ignore the power of the internet. So, it’s better to run a recruitment process with a hiring platform and promote job posts.

✅ Going for recruiting agencies is another good option. So that you won’t face difficulties due to company size and others. 

✅ Small companies also enlist in the free job posting sites and share their job posts there. It will help them to attract candidates easily. 

✅ Last but not least, get started with popular and user-friendly hiring solutions like Easy.Jobs for creating career sites, running successful job campaigns, screening the candidates, and all. Easy.Jobs will make your recruitment process completely hassle-free.

Get Access To 10+ Best Hiring Methods

Onboard The Right Candidates With Great Job Postings 🚀

To onboard the perfect & suitable candidate to your organization requires a lot of strategies, hard work, and team collaboration. If you start practicing above mentioned job posting ideas, hopefully, they will get the best results in attracting candidates in the long run. It will also help you in streamlining your recruitment process with ease. 

We would love to get your feedback regarding this article. Did you find this resourceful? Then don’t forget to share your thoughts with us via comments or by joining our Facebook community. Also, subscribe to our blog to stay up-to-date about the latest trends, strategies, and insights about the recruitment process.

types of hiring methods

10 Different Types Of Hiring Methods & The Best One You Should Use

Figuring out which types of hiring methods work for your business can be quite a challenge. Especially if you have started to handle the hiring process recently. Here are 10+ different hiring methods to choose from & pick the most suitable one for your company.

types of hiring methods

🤔 Why Should You Learn About Different Types Of Hiring Methods?

To upscale your company and accelerate company growth, you must onboard the right talent as your team members. This means you’ll need a proper, proven, and effective recruitment method. Well-planned recruitment methods are always advantageous to complete tasks because they aid in making chores more systemic and with less hassle. Let’s check out the immense benefits that await you if you follow any specific types of hiring methods.  

⚡ Following recruitment methods mean, you will systematically complete the entire hiring process. So there is no chance of missing any important steps in between the processes. 

⚡ If you follow any of the renowned recruitment methods, it will save a lot of time in hiring. Since everything will take place in a structured manner, there will be no time to waste.

⚡ It is easy for organizations to split up the tasks and work in multiple sectors with structural recruiting methods when they work collaboratively on hiring candidates.

If you want to enjoy these immense benefits while hiring the right candidates, then it’s time to follow these different types of hiring methods.  

10+ Different Types Of You Should Know About

Time to dig into the most popular 10 types of hiring methods for choosing the right candidates for your company. Here are they: 

1. Create Own Job Board To Hire Candidates 

In today’s world, job boards like Indeed, LinkedIn Recruiter and others have made it easier for companies to find new talent. With the help of these job boards,  candidates can easily look for job vacancies and apply for the roles they are interested in. To make your hiring process easier, you can create your own job board on WordPress. This type of hiring is time-saving for both the recruiters and candidates. Moreover, it increases the chance of getting the right candidates.

Benefits Of This Type Of Hiring:

If you use this hiring method, then you can save money in advertising, physical promotions, and so on. If your career site is well optimized, then the potential candidates will easily land on your online job board and apply for the vacancies. 

2. Direct Advertising On Multiple Platforms

In this type of hiring, companies give advertisements on multiple platforms. Such as for designers in Dribbble, for developers in StackOverflow, and the list goes on. Giving advertisements in newspapers, magazines are also part of this type of hiring method. 

Benefits Of This Type Of Hiring:

This type of hiring method is especially beneficial for those companies who have only started their journey. When fewer people know about your company, it isn’t easy to find the right candidate for a suitable post. At that time, this type of hiring will help you a lot. 

3. Recruit Through Employee Referral Programs

It is one of the popular recruitment methods that has been practiced for so many years. In present human resource management, employees are considered as assets. If you can utilize them properly the chance of getting more energetic employees rises. If you run employee referral programs and offer rewards, then present employees will be more interested to suggest potential candidates for your company.

Benefits Of This Type Of Hiring:

This type of hiring method will save a lot of time in the hiring process. Basically, employee referral programs have the advantage that they are time saving and they can bring in skilled people from employees’ own networks. The result is a reduction of recruitment costs, a reduction of employee turnover rates, and improved employee retention. 

4. Internships And Job Exchanges

The internship is another most practiced type of hiring method. To find compatible employees for your company, you can run internship programs. Through this type of hiring, you can easily choose the right candidates for your company. 

On the other hand, the job exchange recruitment method is also a popular one. Job exchange programs help companies develop existing talent by sending them to a different department or location for a short period to develop their skills. By doing so, recruiters do not have to spend time hiring and training new employees but can focus on improving their existing staff.

Benefits Of This Type Of Hiring:

Internship programs and job exchange programs are suitable for newly formed companies. Through internships, companies can find candidates with great potential and turn them into permanent employees 

5. Hire Through Recruitment Agencies

Are you struggling to find the right candidates for your company? Don’t have enough human resources to run the recruitment process? Then hiring through recruitment agencies is the suitable recruitment method for you. Numerous popular recruitment agencies can help you to get the best candidates for your organization. All you have to do is explain your requirements to the recruitment agencies and they will do the rest. 

Benefits Of This Type Of Hiring:

When you can’t get enough time and human resources to run a successful recruitment process, this type of hiring will save your day. Though you have to pay for the services, at the same time you can stay hassle-free while getting new employees.

types of hiring methods

6. Join Job Fairs & Inter-University Programs

Job fairs are the best place to find job seeking candidates. Moreover, you can promote your company branding to create a positive impact in the long run. Hiring through job fairs will help you to get a lot of potential candidates without any promotion. Though this type of hiring will cost you a fortune to decorate your stall in the job fair. Inter-university programs are the best source to get energetic and motivated candidates. Recently graduated university alumni are the biggest asset for any organization.  

Benefits Of This Type Of Hiring:

If you are short of running advertisement promotions for the vacancies of your organization, then a job fair is the perfect opportunity to get the right talents. On the other hand, if you are looking for freshers for your organization, attending inter-varsity programs will help you a lot. 

7. Source Candidates Via Email

Sourcing candidates through emailing is an old type of hiring method. In this method, organizations have to purchase user data from agencies based on work experience, sector of expertise, and so on. After getting this data you can run email campaigns and list down the potential candidates for your company. Moreover, you can complete the whole hiring process via recruiting email campaigns. 

Benefits Of This Type Of Hiring:

Suppose you are hiring candidates from a different region or different sector of expertise. And you don’t have enough data on those sectors. So getting candidates’ emails and communicating with them via email is a good type of hiring method. This recruitment method will save you time in sourcing candidates manually. 


8. Hire Using Top Employer Sites

The most popular review sites for employers are GlassDoor, Indeed, etc. On these sites, you can create a free company account and use it for advertising the vacancies of your organizations. These sites are the most visited sites for potential employees. You can grab the benefit and use these sites for hiring new employees.

Benefits Of This Type Of Hiring:

The utmost benefit of using this type of hiring method is that you won’t need a website for your organizations. Without your website you can use these sites for a new job posting and use these sites as your company career site landing page as well. 

9. Hire Employees Using Online Forms Or Google Forms

To hire employees structurally, Google Forms is one of the most used types of hiring method. All you have to do is create a Google Form with all the additional fields like candidate name, contact number, educational experiences, and so on. You can also add screening questions for better screening of candidates. All your data will be stored in Google Sheets. And from there you can easily shortlist the potential candidates and call them for the interview. 

Benefits Of This Type Of Hiring:

Google Forms are free, so you can create as many job posts as you want. Moreover, Google Forms are sharable. So you can share it on social media platforms, your website, on other websites, and the list can go on. 

Looking For The Best Alternative To Google Forms?

10. Use Social Media To Get The Right Candidate

At present most social media has its own job posting features. Most mentionable are LinkedIn, Facebook, and so on. With the availability of the internet, social media is the first place people visit to gather candidate information about the company or persons. So if you are recruiting using this type of hiring method, it will help you to get the potential candidates easily. 

Benefits Of This Type Of Hiring:

If you use this type of hiring method, then also you will not need any dedicated website. Your social media profile page can work as the landing page. Most importantly, social media platforms are used by all types of people. So these places can help you easily to get the right candidates for your organization. 

Choose The Best Recruitment Methods To Streamline Hiring

Now it’s time for the moment of truth. Which type of hiring will be the best one for you? If you go through all the different types of hiring methods and their benefits, then you will find that it’s not wise to depend on a single type of hiring method. Different types of hiring will give you exposure in different sectors. And the more medium you will use, the chance of getting the right talent will be easier. 

But last not the least, having own career site and running new job post campaigns there; has no alternative. As every organization of the world is creating their online entity with websites, why should you leave behind? And if you are looking for the all-in-one solution to create job posts, run career sites, analyze campaigns performances, then Easy. Jobs hiring solution is the best tool to go for. Check out what amazing things you can do with this hiring platform. 

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recruiting email template sample

10 Time-Saving Email Template Samples For Recruiters

Recruiting email template samples are the best savior for modern recruiters, as it helps to streamline the hiring process. While everything is going online, emails are becoming part and parcel of running successful recruiting campaigns.

But writing and managing recruiting emails of every category isn’t a one-man job. If you also agree on this point, then this blog is for you to make your email communication easier for hiring recruiters.

recruiting email template sample

Why Do Modern Recruiters Use Emails For Hiring?

It takes time and effort to maintain a pipeline of qualified candidates. Building relationships, pitching roles regularly, and being trusted will be key to helping your candidate find jobs.

It is your job as a recruiter to engage candidates before, during, and after the hiring process. Keeping candidates in the loop is the only way to retain them. The best way to accomplish this is through recruiting email.

🔰 Candidates can tell at a glance at what stage they are in the hiring process by reading recruitment emails written in a personal, direct, and active tone. Additionally, recruiting emails assist in automating the hiring process.

🔰 Emails keep every conversation in a loop, so candidates can take a look at the previous email and measure the progress with your company instantly. It isn’t possible if you maintain the hiring process through paper-written candidate applications. 

🔰 Using the email system gives you the ability to communicate with many candidates at the same time. It saves recruiters a great deal of time.

In order to enjoy the privileges mentioned above in your hiring process, you need to familiarize yourself with emailing in the hiring process. 

5 Ground Rules For Writing Recruiting Email Templates

You have to be careful when writing emails to candidates. Particularly when you are new to managing the hiring process, it is difficult to decide what you should include, how often you should follow up, and when you should reach out. No matter what type of recruitment email you send, mentioning the five ground rules for recruiting emails.  

⛔ Avoid Jargon In Your Email Templates

Keeping your recruiting email templates simple is the most important thing. When you are communicating with your present team members through email and with new candidates, two situations are completely different, so is the email template content. So, you can’t use in-house jargon in your recruiting email templates. 

According to 71% of respondents, failing to understand a term in a job description makes candidates feel like they are underqualified. Simple and to the point recruiting email template content will save your day. 

🛠️ Establish & Maintain Your Employer Brand

Although the writing tone of recruiting email template content should be adjusted based on a candidate’s position, maintaining with your company’s brand. A formal manner of communication is appropriate when writing to an executive or a recent college graduate. 

email template sample

It is important to tailor your message to the specific candidates you are targeting but maintain consistency overall. Also, don’t leave your candidates in the dark. It’s better to clarify job duties, salary range, and location upfront if you are actively hiring. 

⏳ Always Be Timely In Sending Recruiting Emails

Send your emails on time and keep to any deadlines that you set. You are allowing others the opportunity to swoop in and hire your candidate. If you wait to send a follow-up email or an application status update, the above scenario will definitely happen. 

In order to avoid this, you should not wait too long to deliver the information you stated you would send to a candidate.

You should respond to emails within 24 hours, but keep in mind that the average response rate for email is two hours.

✅ Make Your Recruiting Emails Concise

Long emails are annoying, especially when they are from strangers trying to sell you something. Your recruiting email templates should be brief regardless of when the process is in progress; emails between 75 and 100 words are most likely to generate a response. 

Do not include more information than is necessary to avoid confusing or disengaging the candidate. It doesn’t mean your emails cannot be engaging. If you’re passionate about a candidate, tell them to keep their attention.

📖 Don’t Forget To Proofread Before Sending

Over half of people admit to making embarrassing mistakes when using recruiting email templates. You will not only appear unprofessional, but your company will look bad as well, as the candidates will think you are not concerned about grammatical accuracy. Make sure that there are no unnecessary placeholders in your email content.

10 Best Recruiting Email Template Samples To Save Your Time 

The goal of using email templates is to ensure candidates have access to all the information they need during the application process to be successful. Here are some easy tips on how you can manage emails during the recruitment process in a time-efficient manner. We have templates that are perfect for every situation, from cold outreach to follow-up after an interview. So, Let’s get started!  

email template sample

1️⃣ Sourcing Email Template Samples

Creating a list of candidates is the first step of your hiring process if you manage your entire hiring process via email. And send them invitations or acknowledgement emails about your new job openings. These types of emails are called sourcing emails. Add a brief explanation of how you located them and why you would like to contact them in your sourcing email template.

You can notify about your new job opening to past employees, previously applied candidates, leads collected from workshop or job fairs, potential candidate lists, and so on. When you are sending sourcing emails to candidates make sure you have mentioned these points: 

  • Establish a network of candidates
  • A clear and straightforward explanation
  • Add a call-to-action that a candidate can answer

Here is a ‘sourcing email’ template that you can use: 

Hello there,

It is [your name], a recruiter with [Company]. About a few months ago, I met you at a job fair. I recall that you were searching for a new opportunity at that time. How did the hunt go?

It is our pleasure to inform you that we are seeking to recruit for [Job Position Name] and you may fit the bill. This time we decided to move forward with a more experienced candidate. Now that we have a new opening, if you feel confident, you definitely should apply. 

I would be happy to explain the role in more detail if you are interested. Also, don’t forget to check the job details here [Job Posts URL].
Thanks in advance. 


2️⃣ Request For Work Samples Email Template

As soon as the candidates have responded, the next step is to screen them and select the potential candidates. To successfully execute online screening, you can ask for work samples, resumes, portfolios, and so on from the candidates. So your request for work samples email template must have the below-mentioned points: 

  • Ask for resume, CV, and online portfolio
  • Live link of his or her work samples
  • URL of active social media profiles

Here is a ‘request for a work sample’ email template that you can use:



Please accept our sincere thanks for your interest in [COMPANY NAME]. We are hoping that you will be the suitable one for the open [JOB TITLE] position. 

Someone from our team will contact you within [TIMEFRAME] to let you know the status of your application.

In the meantime, please share your below-mentioned resources:

  • Your resume with your photo
  • Your online portfolio (if you have)
  • Link of your social media profiles
  • Live work samples


[COMPANY NAME] Recruiting Team

3️⃣ Follow-up Email Template After Receiving Resume

It’s always a great practice to keep track of every step of recruitment via email. A warm follow-up email will help candidates to feel assured about the hiring process after receiving their resumes and work samples. This you must mention in this type of email template samples:

  • A big Thank You
  • Share candidates about the next steps 

Here’s a ‘follow-up email’ template that you can use after receiving resume from an applicant:



Hope you are having a wonderful day. Today we have received your resumes and work samples. Your hard work and experience reflect on them. Thank You. 

As part of the recruitment process, the next step is to assign you some easy yet insightful tasks to get a clear idea about your expertise. We will soon let you know about the assessment and its submission date. 

Till then, take care and have a good day. 

PS: Someone from our team will contact you within [TIMEFRAME] to let you know the next steps.


[COMPANY NAME] Recruiting Team

4️⃣ Email For Inviting Candidate Assessment 

Assessment emails are the most crucial one while you are managing the entire recruitment process via emails. Through this email, you will assign candidates tasks with complete direction and time frame. These responses will make your screening easier. 

Here is an email template sample for inviting candidates for assessments that can you use:



Thank you again for applying for the post. To move forward with you, we would like to invite you to complete an assessment for the next round of our interview process. 

Please find the assessment attached. The purpose of this assessment is to gain an understanding of your abilities, how you approach tasks relevant to the job and provide us with some talking points. 

It would be great if you could return the completed assignments to us [by X date/by Y deadline]. Also while submitting the assignment, make sure you have followed below instructions:



[COMPANY NAME] Recruiting Team

5️⃣ Email For Inviting Candidates For Interview

The next step is to call for an interview for the shortlisted candidates. You have to keep this email template sample sleek and to the point. So candidates can easily get a clear idea about when to attend the interview. 

Here is a ‘call for interview’ email template sample that can you use: 



Thank you for applying to the [JOB TITLE] position at [COMPANY NAME]. 

Upon reviewing your application, we are looking forward to conducting an interview with you.

It is my pleasure to schedule an [INTERVIEW FORMAT] with [INTERVIEWER], [INTERVIEWER JOB TITLE] at [COMPANY NAME]. It will take approximately [LENGTH OF INTERVIEW] to complete the interview.

Are you available on [DAY, DATE] at [TIME, TIME ZONE]? 

I would appreciate it if you responded directly to this email and let me know what time you are free.




6️⃣ Reminder Email Template For Interview

You should always send an interview reminder email to the candidates the day before the interview. Additionally, it helps to increase the number of candidates and prepare them for interviews. 

Here is a ‘reminder email’ template sample that you can use:



Please be reminded that you will be interviewed soon for [JOB TITLE] at [COMPANY NAME].

We will conduct your interview on [DATE and TIME] at [START TIME – END TIME]


Interviewer: Your interview will be with [INTERVIEWER, JOB TITLE]



Ensure you are prepared to discuss:



Upon arrival:

Arrive at the front desk and check in. You will be given a temporary elevator pass by the security guard. 

Office dress code:

If you prefer to wear something comfortable, you may wear anything you wish. Our office is [DRESS CODE].

We look forward to seeing you! 




7️⃣ Job Rejection Email Template

In order to be selected for a job post, every employee tries their best. Thus, not selecting news for an interview is not a good thing. By identifying candidates who aren’t eligible for open positions, you are respecting their time and improving their candidate experience. Rejection emails must be soft and encouraging, so that rejected candidates do not lose their self-confidence.

Here is a ‘rejection email template’ sample that you can use:



I hope you are having a productive day. Thank you for your strong application materials, but we regret to inform you that we cannot select you for this position this time. [CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK].

We hope you’ll keep in touch through our social profiles [LINK TO SOCIAL PROFILES], and be on the lookout for job openings on our career page [LINK TO CAREER PAGE].

Thank you so much for your time and consideration of [COMPANY NAME]. We’ll keep your resume on file for future positions, and we’ll reach out if it looks like you’re a match.

All the best for the future,


8️⃣ Job Offer Email Template Sample

The hiring process ends with offer letter for candidates. It’s a big moment for any company, it represents growth. Offer email is sent to the selected candidates whom you want as your teammate. As a result, you must provide all the details in the email template sample as well as express excitement.

Upon receiving this offer email, the selected candidate will contact a recruiter to express interest in joining. While creating a job offer template, make sure:

  • Email template sample is written in professional tone
  • It’s informative
  • Express excitement and joy

Here is a ‘job offer’ email template sample that you can use:



Hope you are doing well. Now sharing the news to make your day more joyous. It is my pleasure to offer you the position of [JOB TITLE] at [COMPANY NAME]! 

In the interview process, our team was extremely impressed with you, and we are excited to have you on board. We believe that your skills and experience will be an excellent addition to the team at [DEPARTMENT].

Take a look at these details carefully. 


The position is a [FULL-TIME/PART-TIME/TEMPORARY] role as [JOB TITLE] at [COMPANY NAME]. In this position, you will report to [DIRECT MANAGER] in [DEPARTMENT].

As a [FULL-TIME/PART-TIME/TEMPORARY] employee, the position requires [HOURS/WEEK]. Your working hours will be [START TIME – END TIME] with a [30-MINUTE/HOUR] break for lunch. 

Your first day will be [MONTH DAY, YEAR].


[COMPANY NAME] will compensate you [DOLLARS] per [HOUR/WEEK/YEAR/ETC.] for the stated position.


When you are hired for the position and employed by [COMPANY NAME], you will receive the following benefits:

We offer health insurance; stock options; 401K matching; 15 days of vacation; dental, vision, and life insurance. [ADD OR REMOVE BENEFITS]

In addition to these perks, [COMPANY NAME] also provides its employees with [LISTEN TO SPONSORSHIP BENEFITS].

Attached is your full offer letter. In order to accept this offer, sign the document and return it to me by [DATE].

[COMPANY NAME] is delighted to have you as a member of our team. Please feel free to contact me directly at [PHONE NUMBER] with any questions you may have regarding the attached offer.




9️⃣ Onboarding Email Template Samples

Upon hiring your chosen candidates, you will send them onboarding emails. Onboarding emails introduce job responsibilities, office cultures, etc. The right onboarding email shows that you have planned for your new hires and are organized throughout the recruiting process.

Here is an ‘onboarding email’ template sample that you can use: 



Welcome to [COMPANY NAME]! We look forward to your first day! 

Here are some tips on how you can prepare:

Your Arrival: 

It is advisable to arrive by [TIME]. The address of our office is [OFFICE ADDRESS]. Your temporary ID badge will be waiting for you when you arrive at the security guard’s station. Soon after your start date, you will receive an official badge.

Your Agenda:

Please find attached an agenda for your first day. There is a chance that it might change slightly, but that’s a good indication of who you’ll meet.

Documents/ID to Bring:

Your identification documents should include the following: [LIST OF DOCUMENTS]

What to Wear:

As you know from your interview, our office dress code is [DRESS CODE].


Lunch is usually eaten at the conference room, and there are several food options nearby, such as: [LUNCH OPTIONS].

Your Onboarding Plan:

Below is a schedule of the onboarding activities you will participate in over the next [TIME FRAME]. Within your first week, you will discuss it more in detail with your manager.

I would be glad to answer any questions you may have.

You’ll be a great addition to the team. Welcome aboard!




🔟 New Team Member Announcement Email Template

When you have a bigger team, email is the best way to announce the new joining in your team. To make the workplace more comfortable for the new member, mention new joinings’ personal information, area of expertise, a little back story, etc. in the email template. This recruiting email template will also help other members to welcome new one warmly. 

Here is a ‘new member announcement’ email template sample that you can use:


[FIRST LAST NAME] has joined the [COMPANY NAME] team! I’m extremely happy to introduce him.

[FIRST NAME] is joining us on the [DEPARTMENT] team as our [JOB TITLE]. From a [DESCRIBE LAST COMPANY], [HE/SHE/THEY] bring a staggering amount of experience with [SKILL/FIELD].

We have the pleasure of having [FIRST NAME] in the capacity of [JOB TITLE], working closely with [TEAM LEAD] on [PROJECT OF FOCUS/JOB RESPONSIBILITIES].

A little bit more about [FIRST NAME]:


It’s great to have [HIM/HER/THEM] on board. [FIRST NAME’S] first day is [START DATE]. 

Welcome aboard, [FIRST NAME]!




✨ Bonus: Manage All Types Of Recruiting Emails Using Interactive Tools

Utilizing a management tool for managing your emails to candidates during the hiring process would help you simplify the hiring process. Instead of managing spreadsheets and other manual tools, you can directly use a SaaS recruitment tool such as Easy.Jobs

Easy.Jobs helps its users to run successful job opening campaigns from scratch. Using this single recruitment tool, you can manage your career site, job board, analyze job campaigns performance, and so on.


Moreover, Easy.Jobs comes with an email hub, where you can find email template samples for each stage of the hiring process. The platform also allows you to modify email template samples, as well as add new pipelines, and many more. 

How To Manage Recruiting Emails Using Easy.Jobs: Guideline

Here’s presenting you the easy-to-use guideline to manage recruiting email templates directly from Easy.Jobs.

If you are hearing about Easy.Jobs for the first time, then first create a free account in Easy.Jobs. in Easy.Jobs for free you can run 1 active job campaign at a time and use the email hub as well. To unleash all exclusive features of Easy.Jobs at a time, then choose your favourite pricing deal from the available pricing plans.

email template sample

Step 1: Create A Company Profile In Easy.Jobs

After creating an account in Easy.Jobs, it’s time to completely update all your company information. From the dashboard, go to ‘Settings’ and update all the fields available there. Add a company logo, company details, employee benefits, team images, and so on. Easy.Jobs will instantly create a career site for your company using this basic info. You can customize the career site look as well.

Step 2: Set All Recruiting Email Templates

Now is time to create pipelines of your hiring process and add email template samples as well. Easy.Jobs has a default pipeline, you can continue job campaigns with it or create a new one from Dashboard → Settings → Pipeline Setup.

email template sample

In the ‘Email Setup’ section, you will get all the available recruiting email template samples there. You can customize them, add new placeholders, and many more. After making changes, don’t forget to click on the ‘Save & Continue’ button.

email template sample

Step 3: Create A Job Post In Easy.Jobs

Your environment for running job opening campaigns is all set. Now you have to create a new job post and run your hiring process in the search for the right talents. Easy.Jobs also comes with 40+ ready job templates as well as a default job description template. These job templates make it easier to launch job campaigns instantly.

All you have to do is, go to ‘Jobs’ from the dashboard and click on the ‘Create A Job Post’ → ‘ Select A Template’. From there search for the desired job post, insert the template and publish the job post. That’s it! This is how easy it is to run job campaigns with Easy.Jobs.

email template sample

Run Successful Hiring Process With Best Recruiting Email Templates

You require emails in order to manage the hiring process to close business deals. It is an essential tool for your company. The following email template samples will aid you in completing your hiring process in a timely and efficient manner.

So get started with these appealing email template samples and improve productivity with Easy.Jobs. Now it’s your turn to share your thoughts and insights. If you have found this blog helpful then do share it with others. And to get more of these kinds of tips and tutorials, subscribe to our blog or join our facebook community today.


google form

Why Should You Shift From Google Forms To More Advanced Hiring Solution In 2024?

Whenever companies are planning to handle their recruitment process, it’s very possible that some of them are still using Google Forms. But is it the most convenient hiring process in 2021? Let’s dig deeper into what you’re missing when using Google Forms to hire and learn how to take remote hiring to the next level with modern solutions.


google form

Streamlining your recruitment process with advanced hiring tools is the best way to onboard energetic, enthusiastic, and qualified employees for your business. In the absence of a proper hiring solution and an efficient hiring workflow, it will be hard to find the right candidates. 

When you are using Google Forms to  manage hiring process wrokflow, then you the complete ides of it’s limitations and shortcomings. As we are living in the digital era, you must modernize your hiring process. And the best way to do that is by using a remote hiring and talent sourcing solution trusted by large enterprises and startups alike.

Typical Ways To Manage Recruitment Process Workflow

Before presenting you with the modern hiring solution let’s take a look at the old-school ways of managing hiring workflow. Hiring process is the most important part of every company from the beginning. This typical old school recruitment process is still maintained by lots of companies. Here we have identified the old conventional hiring workflow that is still available. 

1. Manage Hiring Workflow With Google Forms

As mentioned earlier, a lot of organizations are still using outdated methods like Google Forms for hiring instead of modernizing their recruitment process with advanced tools. Many startups and small businesses prefer this because they are free, and, above all, they are not up-to-date about the latest hiring solutions. But if you want smarter, faster, and more efficient ways to manage your recruitment process, then you should shift from Google forms and use recruiting tools instead.

google forms

2. WordPress Form Plugins For Recruitment Process

Aprat from using Google Forms, some people use another way to create jobs posts using WordPress plugins. Companies that have a WordPress career site most often use WordPress plugins for their recruitment process. You can also find plugins from the WordPress repository. But WordPress forms plugins have specific limitations, so they are also considered as old-school ways of managing hiring workflow. 

As WordPress form plugins are a good tool to create quick communication channels or surveys, they are not a perfect option for managing completerecruitment process. You will need additional tools to collect candidate applications, sorting them, evaluating them, and so on. 

Advanced & Modern Alternative Approaches To Manage Hiring Workflow

Until now, we have mentioned the hiring workflow based on typical old methods. Therefore, the question might come to your mind: what is the more advanced and more effective approach for your recruitment strategies?

SaaS tools are the most advanced, modern, and dynamic tools for managing smart hiring workflow. With this tool, you can hunt for potential candidates, sort them, evaluate them, and screen them, all at the same time. Your huge energy and time will be saved by using these SaaS hiring solutions.

The main steps of the hiring workflow are: first, run recruitment campaigns to collect resumes and CVs from the candidates, then screen the applicants, and lastly communicate with the selected candidates. SaaS hiring solutions can help you to manage these efficiently.  At present the most popular hiring solutions are Easy.Jobs, Recruitee, JobVite, and a few others. 

Limitations You’ll Face While Managing Hiring Process Workflow In Google Forms

 In this section, we will take you on a short tour of how to manage the hiring workflow with Google Forms and then how SaaS hiring solutions can easily fill up the gaps of Google Forms easily. To point out the limitations of managing hiring workflow using Google Forms, we have chosen Easy.Jobs to compare the differences in the next section. 

Creating A Job Query In Google Forms Is Time Consuming

The first step of the recruitment process is to create a job query. It will give the potential candidates the way to show their interest in your organization and prove eligibility. Usually these days people add quizzes, multiple choice along with the job query form. So the recruiter can easily check out the eligibility of candidates. 

In Google Forms workflow you have to create an answer file manually one by one to collect candidates, names, email addresses, contact details, and so on. You can mark down the required fields, add quizzes for screening, and so on. google forms

While creating a job query, every time you have to create input fields manually. There is no option of creating templates, so that major information like candidates, names, email, address details won’t get missed out. 

Cannot Create Screening Question Sets Easily

As in recent times, recruiters find it beneficial to take a general screening test to get a better understanding of the employees. You have to add screening questions one by one or import questions from any previously created job posts. Also, you can add space for short answers, long answers, multiple choices, and so on. 

Though you can create quizzes in Google Forms but you can’t create screening questions templates and use them in other job posts. Moreover, the system of setting quizzes and questions is so simple in Google Forms, so fewer options for innovation. google forms

Analyzing Data From Google Forms Can Be Challenging

After creating the job query it is ready to share with all the potential candidates. Google Forms can be integrated with Google Sheets so that you can access a CSV file that contains the information your applicants have provided.

However, you will eventually need to spend time and effort organizing these results, which can slow down the recruitment process. Moreover, you can get any quick evaluation of analytical data based on these data from Google Sheets; for that, you may need to use another third-party tool.

google forms

You’ll Need To Spend Money On External Email Management System

In hiring workflows, you notifying your candidates about every phase, in very important.  Whether they are selected for the next phase, appointed as an employee, or rejected from this job opening. To keep the communication professional, email is the best tool. As Google forms doesn’t have built-in email functionalities, you have to integrate the email management system externally. 

Google Forms doesn’t provide any email management system. So you have to depend on 3rd party tools in this regard as well. It will make the recruitment process lengthy. You have to create an IFTTT account and integrate it with the Google sheet. So that you can automate the total email communication with your hiring workflow of Google Forms. Using Gmail isn’t necessary for this step. It also works with Office 365 email and any other email service that’s integrated with IFTTT. Authenticating the account with IFTTT is all you need to do.

Difficult To Collaborate Seamlessly With Recruiting Team

Handling the entire recruitment process in a single hand is a tough nut to crack. Especially when you are managing the hiring workflow manually in Google Forms. Google forms provide the opportunity to collaborate with other recruiters. With it, you can easily distribute the recruitment related chores. google forms workflow

As mentioned above, Google Forms provide you the option to collaborate with your recruiter team. But you can’t restrict each recruiter’s responsibilities and access. If you need to maintain restrictions, you can’t do that with Google Forms. 

More Reasons To Shift From Google Forms Workflow

If you use Google Forms as your hiring solution, then we are pretty sure you also follow the above hiring workflow. Now time to point out more limitations of Google Forms workflow. We are sure that you are facing enormous limitations, here we’ve pointed out the most major ones that everyone has complained about. 

🔴 Submitting and collecting resumes is one of the essential parts of a hiring Workflow. Google Forms has limitations in this sector also. You can’t provide the option to upload a resume and share an online resume URL at the same time in Google Forms.

🔴 Creating a pipeline for the recruitment process is the smartest step of the hiring workflow. With Google Forms flow, you have to do that within Google Sheets and manually. This makes the total recruitment process messier.

🔴 Unless you use the same Google Sheet for any new recruitment, there is no way to store your all applied candidates’ information centrally. So you can’t keep track of applied candidates easily.

🔴 Google Forms provide a statistical view of the performance of your form. But that limited data isn’t enough to evaluate candidates properly. Only you can get a count of how many candidates have applied, who has filled out all the sections, and who’s not, etc. 

How Easy.Jobs Helps You To Manage Hiring Workflow Efficiently

Let’s give a brief introduction to Easy.Jobs. if you are hearing about this for the first time. Easy.Jobs is the ultimate SaaS hiring solution to find out the right talent for your organization. You name a feature related to the recruitment process, you will find it here. Moreover, Easy.Jobs hiring solution has a WordPress version, using which you can instantly create a stunning WordPress career site, run new job vacancy campaigns, and many more. Its exclusive features and utmost usability is making it the most popular hiring solution day by day.  google forms

Do you want to get rid of the above-mentioned limitations? Then Easy.Jobs hiring solution can save you out. To find out how Easy.Jobs overcome these limitations, let’s explore the hiring workflow of Easy.Jobs. 

Step 1: Sign Up To Easy.Jobs & Create Company Profile

To get started with Easy.Jobs are the simplest step. All you have to do is create your profile in Easy.Jobs and provide all the necessary information about your organization. Easy.Jobs offers a built-in career site with the application. With the career site, you can easily run job opening campaigns smoothly.

Step 2: Create New Job Post With Ready Job Templates

Creating job posts is the first step for every hiring workflow and in Easy.Jobs, it’s the easiest one. From the Easy.Jobs dashboard you can create job posts easily with all the required fields. All essential fields are added for job posts. So you won’t have to worry if any essential files get missed.

Moreover, Easy.Jobs offers ready jobs templates. You can easily search for the job category and insert the job templates instantly. Every job template contains all the contextual information about skills, responsibilities, and so on. You can also customize the contents easily from the Easy.Jobs dashboard. google forms workflow

Step 3: Add Screening Questions, Quizzes For Better Evaluation

After creating the job post, Easy.Jobs will take you to the next step, to add screening questions. You can add required questions, multiple choices, short answers, and so on types of questions. There is the opportunity to save your screening questions set for reuse in Easy.Jobs hiring solution. This will save your time to create screening questions every time for your hiring workflow.   google forms workflow

Step 4: Create Pipelines To Manage Recruitment Process Swiftly

With Easy.Jobs hiring solution, you can easily add pipelines to your recruitment campaigns. This will make the hiring process smoother. You will get the privilege to create different types of pipelines for different posts, and if you want to stick to the basics, then you can easily go for the default pipeline. Pipelines help to segregate selected candidates from piles of candidates.  google forms workflow

Step 5: Screen Candidates Based On AI Score & Quiz Score

You can easily preview the screening quiz performance of every candidate from the same Easy.Jobs dashboard. Based on the scores you can easily differentiate the eligible ones. To manage the hiring workflow in a more advanced way, Easy.Jobs hiring solution provides AI scores to candidates, based on their skills, experiences, screening quiz performance, and so on. It’s a matter of time to find the right candidates with Easy.Jobs.  google forms workflow

Step 6: Create Communication Channel With Candidates

Besides only analyzing skills and quizzes, you may need to communicate with the candidate personally or assign assessments. To manage these types of communications, Easy.Jobs provide in-app messaging. This way, without leaving the Easy.Jobs dashboard, you as a recruiter can easily communicate with the candidates. google forms workflow

Step 7: Assign Tasks To Your Team Members & Collaborate 

Easy.Jobs hiring solutions come up with stunning features to manage your recruiter team directly from the dashboard. You can provide certain access to certain team members and manage the total recruitment process smoothly. In this, you can also boost team productivity as well as streamline your hiring workflow. 

Step 8: Update Candidates About Every Phase Via Automated Emails

The most needed feature of any hiring solution by the polls of organizations is a built-in email management system. And Easy.Jobs provides you the facility. With Easy.Jobs you can easily automate the entire recruitment email campaign

You just have to change the pipeline status. The rest of the work such as acknowledging candidates, sending them invitations for the next steps, etc will be managed by the email management system. Moreover, Easy.Jobs offers ready email template copy, so you won’t have to worry about the contents of your emails as well.  google forms workflow

Analyze Your Career Site Performance WIth Built-In Analytics

A hiring workflow completes only when you generate analytics reports of your recruitment campaign as well. And this thing is also nicely taken care of by Easy.Jobs hiring solution. From its built-in analytics, you will get a complete view of your career page engagement, how many people have applied to jobs posts, you are, recurring candidates, and many more. 

This insightful data will help you run a smarter hiring workflow in the future. If you have a WordPress career site, then Easy.Jobs will take care of the analytics of that also. google forms workflow

Discover More Stunning Features To Manage Hiring Workflow

You already get a clear idea of how hiring workflow is managed in Easy.Jobs solutions. Now let’s take a look at other utilized features of Easy.Jobs at a glance.

⭐ Easy.Jobs hiring solution supports more than 30+ languages. So you can easily localize the app interface easily into your own native language. It will help you to get candidates of your native language.

⭐ You can add side notes over every candidate in Easy.Jobs hiring solutions. So that if any new recruiter entries to the dashboard, he can get the complete idea of the candidates’ updates from the side notes instantly. It will save you from giving a briefing of the total recruitment campaign.

⭐Search engines the most visited place where people look for new job openings. Easy.Jobs provide the opportunity to index your job posts directly to the Google search engine. So when candidates search for the required job post with related keywords, your enlisted job will be visible in the search result.  recruitment skills

What Stunning Benefits Waits For Candidates In Easy.Jobs?

Not only as a recruiter but also as candidates who apply through Easy.Jobs will get immense advantages in getting hired. Every candidate will get their individual dashboard. From there you can easily check out your status in applied job posts, how much your skills are compatible for the applying jobs, and so on. 

While candidates apply through Google Forms, it’s mandatory to have a Gmail account. It confined other email holders from applying certain job posts. On the other hand, candidates can create their Easy.Jobs profile via Facebook, LinkedIn, or any email ID. Easy.Jobs helps candidates to represent themselves impressively and make it easier for recruiters to find out the right talent. 

Easy.Jobs Vs Google Forms: Which Helps To Manage Hiring Workflow Better?

Which hiring solution is better for you to manage hiring workflow depends mainly on usability and user experience. Between Easy.Jobs and Google Forms, let’s check out one more tool which is applicable for when. 

Easy.Jobs Hiring Solution Is Recommended If:

👉 If you want to manage your hiring workflow in an automated centralized way, then Easy.Jobs is the best hiring solution.

👉 If you want to make your total recruitment process faster, then you will need a complete hiring solution where you will find all the essential features in the same place. 

👉 When you want to get ready templates for job descriptions, emails, and screening questions, there is no alternative to Easy.Jobs in terms of quality. 

On the other side, with Google Forms you will not have these stunning flexibilities. Moreover, you won’t get enough freedom to manage the hiring process as you want.

Let’s have a glance at the feature and usability comparison between Easy.Jobs hiring solution and Google Forms:

FeaturesGoogle FormsEasy.Jobs
Onboarding Process❌✅
Create Visual Pipeline❌✅
Add Engaging Quiz✅✅
Email Notifications❌✅
Use For Remote Interview✅✅
AI Scoring of candidates❌✅
Advanced Analytics❌✅
Do In-app Messaging❌✅
Assign Assessments❌✅
Team Activity Management❌✅

Shift Workflow Easy.Jobs & Streamline Recruitment Process

If you analyze the above-mentioned use cases, then you can find out how easily you candle complete hiring workflow in Easy.Jobs are than Google Forms. As remote interviewing is becoming essential in today’s hiring process, the right hiring solution not only saves your time but also increases the probability of getting the right candidates easily. So, to streamline your hiring process, it’s high time to shift from Google Forms and other old-school conventional ways to Easy.Jobs the right way. 

Hopefully, you have enjoyed this post. What types of limitations do you face while managing the hiring workflow with Google Forms? Let us know via comments or by joining our Facebook community. If you want this kind of more insightful posts, and comparisons, then don’t forget to subscribe to our blogs

job board

How To Create A WordPress Job Board Using Elementor In 5 Minutes [No Coding Required]

An effective job board is very important to hire the right candidates. Having a WordPress career site has made it easy to create and manage job postings effectively. This post is for you if you are planning to create a WordPress job board all by yourself. Continue reading “How To Create A WordPress Job Board Using Elementor In 5 Minutes [No Coding Required]”