How To Onboard A New Candidate With Easy.Jobs: Step By Step Guideline

To onboard a new candidate plays a key role in company growth and development. In order to accomplish this, you will need a tool that can automate onboarding seamlessly. We will take you on a tour today so you can see how easy it is to run an onboarding process with Easy.Jobs hiring solution.  

onboard a new candidate

In order to build an effective team, you need to find the best candidates to fill open positions. Onboarding new candidates is a critical component of making sure newly hired talent will be productive and satisfied. As you are dealing with Human resources, you have to be delicate and empathy-full. 

Moreover, running a successful onboarding process is not a one-day job. It needs days-long planning, an effective recruitment managing team, and the right tool. Among hiring management tools, Easy.Jobs is the newest yet popular one. It helps you to automate the onboarding process, manage candidates smoothly, and so on. Let’s get started with the complete guideline for managing the onboarding process with Easy.Jobs. 

Before Starting Candidate Onboarding process, Consider These 4 Essentials

As mentioned earlier, onboarding a new candidate is a long process. So before starting the onboarding process, here is the list of things you must follow. Let’s dive in.

1️⃣ Identify Which Type Of Onboarding Process Is Better For You

To achieve effective onboarding of a new candidate, you have to pick a type of onboarding process: formal & informal. The formal onboarding process should be fairly easy to select, no matter the size of your company. It helps a new team member to get a brief about his workplace, environment, cultures, etc.

In contrast, informal onboarding processes put an employee in a chaotic environment. The employee’s natural working growth is hampered, and it takes longer for the employee to become useful. There are some companies that can get away with this, depending on their market niche, but most companies simply need to provide an onboarding plan. This will help new employees connect and feel valued.

2️⃣ Design The Pipeline Interactively To Onboard A New Candidate

Another important thing to do before starting to onboard a new candidate is plan ahead and design the pipeline of the entire process. It mainly depends on your company structure and the job opening you are promoting. For some job posts, you can design the candidate onboarding process as collect resume → interview → onboard a new candidate. For a more technical job, you  can design the pipeline as collect resume → screening → take assessment → interview → onboard a new candidate. Plan and design your pipeline interactively so that the candidate onboarding process becomes smoother. 

3️⃣ List Down The Dependency’s With New Candidate & Clear Them

Onboard a new candidate to your organization means, from now on he or she will be part of your team. So there are some official and authorized documents that need to be submitted as well. On the other hand, if your organization provides onboarding goodies, then you will certainly need the employees’ names, pictures, and other information at the beginning. Hence, build a checklist prior to integrating new employees. This will make them feel welcomed. 

4️⃣ Get The Best Hiring Management Tool To Automate Onboarding 

There is a high probability of missing out important steps if you manage your candidate onboarding process manually. Moreover, it’s a time consuming thing. So to avoid these  hassles and automate your organization candidate onboarding process, you should get the best hiring management tool. In today’s tutorial, we are going to use Easy.Jobs hiring management solution.

Why Should You Manage Your Candidate Onboarding Process With Easy.Jobs? 

For our onboarding process, we chose Easy.Jobs from thousands of hiring management tools. Here are the major advantages of using Easy.Jobs that set it apart from others.

🎯 With Easy.Jobs hiring management tool, you not only can create job posts for opening vacancies, but also can create a carrier site instantly. 

🎯 You will get advanced built-in analytical dashboard to measure your career site, job posts performance in-depth.

🎯 To manage candidate screening smoothly you can easily assign assessments, quizzes, and even assign personal tasks to them through in-app messaging. 

🎯 You will also get a flexible pipeline dashboard so that you can easily send candidates from one step to another easily. 

Apart from these basic features, Easy.Jobs offers more advanced and exclusive features like custom domain, index job posts in Google search engine, and the list goes on. 

Complete Guideline: Onboard A New Candidate With Easy.Jobs

Let’s get started with the tutorial to onboard a new candidate with Easy.Jobs. You need to create a job posting and promote it on multiple channels in order to get lists of potential candidates. It will help you to take closer to the right talents and then you can easily choose the right one and initiate the onboarding process. Follow the guideline to know how you can onboard a candidate directly from your Easy.Jobs dashboard. 

Step1: View Candidate Details From The Dashboard

After creating a job post with Easy.Jobs where a number of candidates can apply to it. Then, log in to your Easy.Jobs account. Navigate to the ‘Jobs’ tab from the left sidebar and you will see all the candidates applied in one place. Click on the ‘View Details’ button of any candidate whose resume you want to check.

Onboard A New Candidate

Step 2: Check Out Candidate Resume In Easy.Jobs 

Navigate to the ‘Resume’ tab and view the resume of the applicant. You can decide if the candidate is a good fit for your company or not. In case your candidate shares an online resume URL, you can also check that out by using the ‘Open Resume’ button on the right-top. This is how you can view the resume from the same place.

onboard a new candidate

From your email without logging into Easy.Jobs dashboard, you can view the candidate’s resume, navigate to the ‘Settings’ option from the Easy.Jobs dashboard. Afterward, you just have to click on the ‘Candidate Apply Setting’ option. Toggle ‘Attach Resume With Emails’ and click the ‘Save’ button. 

onboard a new candidate

Step 3: Make Decision On Candidates Based On AI Score & Assessments

Now navigate to Easy.Jobs dashboard Jobs CandidatesAssign Assessment option to pick numerous candidates and assign them to take the assessment test. It will help your screen candidates more smoothly.

Onboard A New Candidate

Now you can assess the candidates to see if they actually have the potentiality of joining your team using Easy.Jobs. Besides adding assessment tests, you can see their score from the Easy.Jobs dashboard. From the same place, go to the ‘Evaluation’ tab and you will be able to see the AI score of that particular candidate.

Onboard A New Candidate

Step 4: Update Candidates Status From Flexible Pipeline Dashboard

Now that you are done checking out the assessment scores of each candidate, you can now onboard any candidate using Easy.Jobs pipeline. Navigate to job post Campaign→Candidate. From the candidate profile, choose the ‘Selected’ button as shown below. From the popup tick the ‘Onboard without above information’ option.

Onboard A New Candidate

In the candidate recruiting email, you can at once mention all the necessary details like when to start office, what necessary things to bring on the first day, etc. This is how easily you can onboard a candidate from Easy.Jobs account just by following some simple steps. 

Utilize Easy.Jobs To Streamline Your Hiring Process

Easy.Jobs hiring management tool makes the entire candidate onboarding process smoother whether your organization is small or large enterprise. So you can also get started with Easy.Jobs for free and start automating the hiring process. 

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