10 Different Types Of Hiring Methods & The Best One You Should Use

Figuring out which types of hiring methods work for your business can be quite a challenge. Especially if you have started to handle the hiring process recently. Here are 10+ different hiring methods to choose from & pick the most suitable one for your company.

types of hiring methods

🤔 Why Should You Learn About Different Types Of Hiring Methods?

To upscale your company and accelerate company growth, you must onboard the right talent as your team members. This means you’ll need a proper, proven, and effective recruitment method. Well-planned recruitment methods are always advantageous to complete tasks because they aid in making chores more systemic and with less hassle. Let’s check out the immense benefits that await you if you follow any specific types of hiring methods.  

⚡ Following recruitment methods mean, you will systematically complete the entire hiring process. So there is no chance of missing any important steps in between the processes. 

⚡ If you follow any of the renowned recruitment methods, it will save a lot of time in hiring. Since everything will take place in a structured manner, there will be no time to waste.

⚡ It is easy for organizations to split up the tasks and work in multiple sectors with structural recruiting methods when they work collaboratively on hiring candidates.

If you want to enjoy these immense benefits while hiring the right candidates, then it’s time to follow these different types of hiring methods.  

10+ Different Types Of You Should Know About

Time to dig into the most popular 10 types of hiring methods for choosing the right candidates for your company. Here are they: 

1. Create Own Job Board To Hire Candidates 

In today’s world, job boards like Indeed, LinkedIn Recruiter and others have made it easier for companies to find new talent. With the help of these job boards,  candidates can easily look for job vacancies and apply for the roles they are interested in. To make your hiring process easier, you can create your own job board on WordPress. This type of hiring is time-saving for both the recruiters and candidates. Moreover, it increases the chance of getting the right candidates.

Benefits Of This Type Of Hiring:

If you use this hiring method, then you can save money in advertising, physical promotions, and so on. If your career site is well optimized, then the potential candidates will easily land on your online job board and apply for the vacancies. 

2. Direct Advertising On Multiple Platforms

In this type of hiring, companies give advertisements on multiple platforms. Such as for designers in Dribbble, for developers in StackOverflow, and the list goes on. Giving advertisements in newspapers, magazines are also part of this type of hiring method. 

Benefits Of This Type Of Hiring:

This type of hiring method is especially beneficial for those companies who have only started their journey. When fewer people know about your company, it isn’t easy to find the right candidate for a suitable post. At that time, this type of hiring will help you a lot. 

3. Recruit Through Employee Referral Programs

It is one of the popular recruitment methods that has been practiced for so many years. In present human resource management, employees are considered as assets. If you can utilize them properly the chance of getting more energetic employees rises. If you run employee referral programs and offer rewards, then present employees will be more interested to suggest potential candidates for your company.

Benefits Of This Type Of Hiring:

This type of hiring method will save a lot of time in the hiring process. Basically, employee referral programs have the advantage that they are time saving and they can bring in skilled people from employees’ own networks. The result is a reduction of recruitment costs, a reduction of employee turnover rates, and improved employee retention. 

4. Internships And Job Exchanges

The internship is another most practiced type of hiring method. To find compatible employees for your company, you can run internship programs. Through this type of hiring, you can easily choose the right candidates for your company. 

On the other hand, the job exchange recruitment method is also a popular one. Job exchange programs help companies develop existing talent by sending them to a different department or location for a short period to develop their skills. By doing so, recruiters do not have to spend time hiring and training new employees but can focus on improving their existing staff.

Benefits Of This Type Of Hiring:

Internship programs and job exchange programs are suitable for newly formed companies. Through internships, companies can find candidates with great potential and turn them into permanent employees 

5. Hire Through Recruitment Agencies

Are you struggling to find the right candidates for your company? Don’t have enough human resources to run the recruitment process? Then hiring through recruitment agencies is the suitable recruitment method for you. Numerous popular recruitment agencies can help you to get the best candidates for your organization. All you have to do is explain your requirements to the recruitment agencies and they will do the rest. 

Benefits Of This Type Of Hiring:

When you can’t get enough time and human resources to run a successful recruitment process, this type of hiring will save your day. Though you have to pay for the services, at the same time you can stay hassle-free while getting new employees.

types of hiring methods

6. Join Job Fairs & Inter-University Programs

Job fairs are the best place to find job seeking candidates. Moreover, you can promote your company branding to create a positive impact in the long run. Hiring through job fairs will help you to get a lot of potential candidates without any promotion. Though this type of hiring will cost you a fortune to decorate your stall in the job fair. Inter-university programs are the best source to get energetic and motivated candidates. Recently graduated university alumni are the biggest asset for any organization.  

Benefits Of This Type Of Hiring:

If you are short of running advertisement promotions for the vacancies of your organization, then a job fair is the perfect opportunity to get the right talents. On the other hand, if you are looking for freshers for your organization, attending inter-varsity programs will help you a lot. 

7. Source Candidates Via Email

Sourcing candidates through emailing is an old type of hiring method. In this method, organizations have to purchase user data from agencies based on work experience, sector of expertise, and so on. After getting this data you can run email campaigns and list down the potential candidates for your company. Moreover, you can complete the whole hiring process via recruiting email campaigns. 

Benefits Of This Type Of Hiring:

Suppose you are hiring candidates from a different region or different sector of expertise. And you don’t have enough data on those sectors. So getting candidates’ emails and communicating with them via email is a good type of hiring method. This recruitment method will save you time in sourcing candidates manually. 


8. Hire Using Top Employer Sites

The most popular review sites for employers are GlassDoor, Indeed, etc. On these sites, you can create a free company account and use it for advertising the vacancies of your organizations. These sites are the most visited sites for potential employees. You can grab the benefit and use these sites for hiring new employees.

Benefits Of This Type Of Hiring:

The utmost benefit of using this type of hiring method is that you won’t need a website for your organizations. Without your website you can use these sites for a new job posting and use these sites as your company career site landing page as well. 

9. Hire Employees Using Online Forms Or Google Forms

To hire employees structurally, Google Forms is one of the most used types of hiring method. All you have to do is create a Google Form with all the additional fields like candidate name, contact number, educational experiences, and so on. You can also add screening questions for better screening of candidates. All your data will be stored in Google Sheets. And from there you can easily shortlist the potential candidates and call them for the interview. 

Benefits Of This Type Of Hiring:

Google Forms are free, so you can create as many job posts as you want. Moreover, Google Forms are sharable. So you can share it on social media platforms, your website, on other websites, and the list can go on. 

Looking For The Best Alternative To Google Forms?

10. Use Social Media To Get The Right Candidate

At present most social media has its own job posting features. Most mentionable are LinkedIn, Facebook, and so on. With the availability of the internet, social media is the first place people visit to gather candidate information about the company or persons. So if you are recruiting using this type of hiring method, it will help you to get the potential candidates easily. 

Benefits Of This Type Of Hiring:

If you use this type of hiring method, then also you will not need any dedicated website. Your social media profile page can work as the landing page. Most importantly, social media platforms are used by all types of people. So these places can help you easily to get the right candidates for your organization. 

Choose The Best Recruitment Methods To Streamline Hiring

Now it’s time for the moment of truth. Which type of hiring will be the best one for you? If you go through all the different types of hiring methods and their benefits, then you will find that it’s not wise to depend on a single type of hiring method. Different types of hiring will give you exposure in different sectors. And the more medium you will use, the chance of getting the right talent will be easier. 

But last not the least, having own career site and running new job post campaigns there; has no alternative. As every organization of the world is creating their online entity with websites, why should you leave behind? And if you are looking for the all-in-one solution to create job posts, run career sites, analyze campaigns performances, then Easy. Jobs hiring solution is the best tool to go for. Check out what amazing things you can do with this hiring platform. 

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