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Easy.Jobs, you can instantly send a candidate pipeline change email from your dashboard. This way, a candidate will receive email notifications when they move through stages in your recruitment pipeline. Check out the guidelines below to learn how to configure candidate pipeline change emails in Easy.Jobs.

Step 1: Set Up Pipeline Change Email From Easy.Jobs Dashboard #

Easy.Jobsアカウントにログインし、に移動します 設定→メール設定 from the Dashboard. It will take you to this page from where you can configure your email to notify candidates about changes in the pipeline., pipeline change, email configuration

After that, click the '更新' button and it will take you to the view from where you can be able to configure the email template.

ステップ2: Configure Content For Candidate Pipeline Change Email #

You should see a pop-up appear with a default email template that includes several presets. Add your own content to create your custom email message template to notify candidates about pipeline changes., pipeline change, email configuration

注意: If you don’t want to notify the candidate about the pipeline changes then you can just turn off the candidate notification option. For this, you need to press on the 「通知」 ボタン。 

If you have followed all the steps, congratulations! You have successfully learned how to configure the candidate pipeline change email Easy.Jobs.

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