How To Preview Analytics Dashboard From Easy.Jobs Dashboard?

Easy. jobs comes with an advanced in-built ‘Analytics’ feature that will let you measure your overall career site performance with your recent job applicants’ performance data. As an employer, you can now easily know how your career site, job posts, or applicants are performing with this in-built Analytics dashboard from Let’s get a complete step-by-step guideline below to know in detail.

How To Preview Career Site Performance In Analytics  #

First, you have to sign in to your account and it will take you to your dashboard.

Analytics dashboard

Afterward, scroll down from your dashboard to preview the detailed ‘Analytics’ dashboard statistics. There you can get the total visitors count of your career site in with unique visitors. If you have integrated your Easy.Jobs account with your ワードプレス website, then this built-in analytics can retrieve data from there and preview them in the dashboard. Also, you can preview performed actions, how many candidates applied or pending at a glace in Analytics dashboard.

Analytics dashboard

Besides you can filter data according to your preferred time for seven days, months, or years data of your career site. And measure how your job posts are performing and all in detail.

Analytics dashboard

How To Preview Job Posts Performance In Easy.Jobs Analytics  # in-built Analytics allow you to preview each job post applicant’s performance statistics in detail if you hover over Analytics Tooltip option. It will then showcase total visitor counts, unique visitors, how many candidates applied or pending for each job post individually.  

Analytics dashboard

By following these steps, you can easily preview the Analytics dashboard from Easy.Jobs dashboard with these simple steps.

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