Ultimate Remote Hiring Guide Using easy.jobs

The number of remote workers has surged in recent years, a shift further accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which necessitated working from home for many. Even before the pandemic, employees globally had occasionally worked remotely for special circumstances. But since the outbreak, remote work has evolved into the new normal, with employers increasingly open to hiring staff to work from a distance, even for businesses that mainly work in a physical premise. If you are planning on hiring remote workers as well, you have come to the right place because, in this blog, we will walk you through the ultimate remote hiring guide using easy.jobs.

Remote Hiring Guide

According to a comprehensive study conducted by OwlLabs, a company dedicated to monitoring and analyzing the global landscape of remote work, it was revealed that approximately 56% of companies worldwide now offer the option for remote work. This significant percentage underscores the increasing acceptance and implementation of remote working arrangements across various industries. 

The findings from OwlLabs not only highlight the growing trend but also signal that employers are becoming more open and adaptable to new work structures, partially influenced by the demands and learnings from the COVID-19 pandemic.

What Is Remote Work And How It Became The New Normal?

Unless you were completely isolated or living in an underground bunker during the initial three months of 2020, you are undoubtedly familiar with the concept of social distancing. This term became a part of our daily buzzword almost overnight and was highly recommended by medical professionals and global leaders alike as a critical measure to mitigate the spread of the virus.

Companies that may have been hesitant to adopt remote working models in the past suddenly found themselves with no other option but to adapt, making work-from-home not just an alternative but a necessity.

While COVID-19 was the trigger, the emphasis here is on social distancing, which had a profound impact on multiple aspects of life, including the way we work. The principle of maintaining physical distance to reduce the spread of the virus fundamentally changed workplace dynamics. It led to the closure of crowded offices and initiated an unprecedented shift toward remote work. 

Remote Hiring Guide

So, it wasn’t just a matter of convenience or preference; social distancing mandates essentially required that businesses transform their operations. The transition to remote work became one of the most immediate and effective ways to adhere to these new social norms. 

The shift also demonstrated that many types of work can, indeed, be conducted efficiently outside the traditional office setting, thereby influencing long-term strategies related to work and office space.

Remote Work

Although Social Distancing might be a new term for many of us, it is not a new concept for many. Many professionals have been practicing this concept voluntarily as it gives them the chance to travel the world and take their work with them while they travel.

Why And How Do Remote Employees Work?

The whole concept of remote work is to hire someone who will work from his home but will not compromise the quality of the work. The reason why Remote Work is so popular is it has been proven that remote workers can also execute tasks successfully as well as meet deadlines.

But why do people choose to work remotely? Many choose remote work over office work from a designated desk, for reasons other than traveling the world. Some do it in order to enjoy both their personal and professional life. Students do it who aspire to pursue higher studies. Parents pick it so that they can spend more time with their kids.

Moreover, most desk jobs come with some sort of restrictions. Most creative workers like designers, and content creators face writer’s block. And this can be easily dealt with if they have the freedom of when to work. That way they can focus more on the production value of their final work. They should work only when they have some creative ideas.

There is no formula for creating the next big movie, writing the next breakthrough novel, or finding solutions to a managerial problem.  As remote employees can create their own schedule, they can easily accommodate other family responsibilities such as taking their grandparents to the doctor, visiting their parents, socializing, learning a new skill, and so on.

Remote Hiring Guide

Outsourcing VS Remote Hiring: Know The Difference

Let’s clear out one thing, Outsourcing and Remote Hiring are not the same things. Outsourcing is rather temporary work that you might not encounter very often. This means you don’t need to permanently hire someone and keep them on your payroll.

On the other hand, remote work refers to hiring someone who lives far away from you, often in a different country. Although remote, he/she needs to be treated as a permanent employee in your company. Remote workers will enjoy the same benefits as your other permanent workers.

However, you can also have temporary remote employees. You might need someone to complete a task or project for you. And when it’s done you might not need their service any longer. In that case, you need remote hiring.

Recent Trends In Hiring Globally: What You Need To Know

The point that you are reading this blog means you have noticed the remote working trend on the internet. At this point, you might be wondering how safe is hiring someone for remote work, and who else is doing it. The answer to that is a lot.

Big companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc. all have separate policies for remote workers. In fact, almost half of all US Companies (45% of all US Companies) offer remote work options to their employees.

According to a recent study conducted by the Royal Society for Public Health in the UK, it was found that remote employees are 55% less stressed with their work life. Just imagine how less your grievance department will be under.

Introducing easy.jobs: An Efficient Hiring Solution For Your Company

If you are an employer who wants to hire remotely, you need to have the proper tools to make the entire process smooth and effective. Needless to say, you need an advanced online solution to manage recruitment. You need a complete tool that can post your jobs online, receive applications, move applicants across your hiring steps, and finally handle the whole recruitment process.

If you have been searching for such a tool, look no further. You can find easy.jobs, right beside you, the complete hiring management solution. You can use this platform to hire permanent, temporary, contractual, and of course remote employees – while streamlining your entire recruitment process.

Highlighting Features Of easy.jobs That Make It Unique

easy.jobs does not only let you make recruitments, but it also gives you advanced features to hire the right candidate for your company.

Remote Hiring Guide

Application Screening

This platform lets you hire the right talent. If you are using easy.jobs you don’t have to blindly trust what candidates add on their resumes. easy.jobs come with a test feature, using this you can create your own test as a solid screening measure. Along with creating a simple MCQ quiz set, you can also create a longer descriptive question set.

Remote Hiring Guide

Quick Communication With The Candidates

When you are convinced of a candidate, you need to talk to him first before making a final decision. And talking to a person in person reveals more than his/her resume.

Don’t worry, easy.jobs come with in-built communication features. You can open a direct message with applicants. Moreover, you can create a video conference window with Google Meet or Zoom and share the window code using easy.jobs’s built-in messaging system, which you could efficiently use for remote hiring the perfect candidate. You will also find messaging templates in easy.jobs to help you with communication with more candidates effortlessly.

Remote Hiring Guide

Easy Candidate Management

Every recruitment begins with drafting the job description and other associated benefits. The next step that follows is receiving applications, screening them, and so on. After a candidate has posted his application he/she wants to know what are the next steps. 

If you are using easy.jobs you can easily create your recruitment layers i.e. application open, receiving application, screening, an invitation for an over-the-phone interview and so on. Here at easy.jobs, we call it the Pipeline, it refers to your formal recruitment process, including all its steps.

You can add as many pipeline steps as you want to get the correct workflow. You can simply save the Pipeline templates and use them for other job posts as well. You can even modify the pipeline steps and save it for another recruitment too.

For hassle-free recruitment and smooth synchronization between the hiring team members, easy.jobs has powerful integrations with Slack, Calendly, DocuSign, and much more allowing you to manage hiring efficiently.

Personalized Company Profile

easy.jobs can help you build your own first job reservoir. Once you sign-up with easy.jobs you can create an account for your company. It will list all your job openings. This way potential candidates who dream about working in your company can keep track of new job positions in your company.

Remote Hiring Guide

Efficient Team Collaboration

While making a hire, along with communicating with your potential candidates you also need to inform your supervisor about your progress. Your supervisor might want to know how many people have applied to the job, and how many have the required skills.

If that’s the case for you, you don’t need to prepare a report daily, just open an account for your team’s HR supervisor and assign him a role. That way, your supervisor can see the progress of the hire yourself.

Remote Hiring Guide

Integrations With Powerful Platforms

As mentioned a little earlier, easy.jobs comes with powerful integrations with many well-known platforms to make hiring and candidate management effortless. These include Slack, Calendly, Zoom, and many more as you can see in the image below. Each of these can be connected to your easy.jobs account to help you with different aspects – arranging online meetings, managing candidate application notifications from a single place, and much more. It even has an integration with WordPress but more on this in just a bit.

Remote Hiring Guide

WordPress Integration

Instead of relying only on social share to get attention, you can also display details about your job opening on your WordPress website. The entire process of it is very simple and easy. Create as many job openings as you currently have for your company, and install the free WordPress plugin for easy.jobs, connect your easy.jobs account with the WordPress plugin.

Remote Hiring Guide

Final Remarks: Manage Your Recruits Online With Absolute Ease

easy.jobs is easy to use and comes with a user-friendly interface. It has truly set a new standard, making the entire hiring process more streamlined, efficient, and user-friendly. The platform’s innovative features have already made a significant impact, but what’s even more exciting is what’s on the horizon

So don’t miss out—keep an eye on our blogs to stay informed about all the latest features and improvements.



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