How To Streamline Your Remote Recruitment Process With Easy.Jobs [2022]

When we consider the remote recruitment process, we immediately think of some obvious challenges. Most organizations face major issues during the remote hiring process, such as communication gaps, inadequate teamwork, or making a good first impression on applicants. Creating a career site with Easy.Jobs is a simple solution to this issue.

Remote Recruitment makes a genuine impact on your whole companies hiring culture. More than 4000+ companies have used this SaaS solution. There was a time when remote hiring was harder than the physical recruitment process because of the poor management system, maintaining consistency, and lack of proper team communications., an amazing tool that has brought you the ultimate SaaS solution to your problems. 

What Are The Benefits of Having A Career Website? Remote Recruitment

A career website can help recruiters to find suitable candidates in this job market. Due to the recent pandemic, many companies have opted for a remote hiring system. As a result, building up a career website has become more advanced that serves multiple purposes. Career websites are no longer static job pages that are linked together by a single homepage. A quality career website offers engaging and interactive features to attract suitable candidates online. Let us dive in to know more benefits of having a career website.

ūüĎČImprove The Employer Branding¬†

To attract more qualified employers, you can create an informative career site to build up a professional image. You can make sure that when your candidates see this career site, they get all the information they are looking for. With an eye-catchy site, you can also attract candidates and become an employer of choice. 

Your career site is the best place to convey proper information about your company. If you can attach some photos of how a typical day at your workplace looks, it can entice appropriate candidates easily. You can portray your company values, work ethics, work environment all in the same place. So employers have a huge opportunity to portray themselves as an ideal destination for job-seeking candidates.

ūüĎČReduced Hiring Cost And Effort

An online remote hiring process is cost-friendly from both sides; employers and candidates. When you can reach out to a broader number of candidates just by creating a career website online, it cuts most of the vital cost as well as effort. You do not have to sit for hours to manually filter CVs. Rather the website helps you to get done with this task. Even if you get help from any agency, it still needs time. As you can assess, filter, and contact the candidates immediately, you do not need to rely on any other source to do these steps. 

Powerful Features Of Easy.Jobs For Streamlining Your Remote Recruitment Process

This recruitment solution comes with the easiest steps to set up your recruiting site without going through any complicated procedure. This SaaS recruiting solution comes with a WordPress plugin version available for all WordPress users. If you have already opened an account, you can sync it using the plugin from the WordPress dashboard. You can easily open a new company inside of Easy.Jobs. Let us find out all the powerful features this SaaS solution has to offer. 

Create A Job Opening Quickly & Easily 

It’s time to build job opportunities for remote hiring after you’ve finished your career website. In the Job Information option, you can describe the type of responsibilities the person needs to fulfill. You must specify the type of work, the type of salary, the hours of office, and other details about the position. If you’re using Easy.Jobs for free, you’ll only be able to launch one job at a time. The number of job openings you can create is determined by the size of your company.

Remote Recruitment

The next step is to set the questions for the candidates. If you have a ready question set ready for your site, you can easily include it in your job opening. Creating a question set ahead of time for any job opening is extremely beneficial because you can create several sets at once and then tailor them to any job type. You can check this step-by-step process of how to create a question set beforehand.

Remote Recruitment

This hiring solution is an amazing SaaS solution that will help you to easily add an interesting quiz for candidates. This quiz collection will include fun and intriguing questions about their perspectives on various topics. Practical questions will reveal the candidates’ true personalities. When you analyze the responses, you’ll get a sense of the kind of person they are.¬†

You won’t get a good picture of that individual by analyzing stacks of CVs. A short quiz will help you learn more about the individual right away. As a result, your candidate assessment session will be enjoyable for them, as well as a simple way for you to choose the type of teammate you want.

Remote Recruitment

Create Custom Job Categories Or Skills With Much Flexibility 

You might be seeking qualities in your candidates which are not enlisted in their default skills or categories. This SaaS solution provides you with the flexibility to add more job skills so that you can have more flexibility while recruiting suitable candidates. Instead of stating vague qualities, you can now specify your required skills using Easy.Jobs. 

Remote Recruitment

Creating a custom job category will also give you much freedom to create an effective team. If you cannot utilize the candidate for their designated roles, that will not be appreciated within your team. So creating custom jobs can be more useful than ever. 

Remote Recruitment

Organize Candidates Using Easy Pipeline Setup 

You can create a visual pipeline for you to organize them individually between each stage. Because of this simple feature, you will know about the recruitment status. For example, you can view at which stage of the remote hiring process a candidate is in. Thus it gets easier from both sides to streamline a recruitment process using this SaaS solution. 

Remote Recruitment

Notify Your Candidates By Email About Their Application Status 

Suppose, a candidate has sent an application to your company and is awaiting your response. Currently, over 100 applicants are awaiting your response. It would take a lot of time and effort to send emails to each of them manually reminding them of their status. Furthermore, sending a variety of email types will become more difficult. However, you can easily inform each of your candidates about their status using Easy.Jobs. You can now remind them with a quick email about everything from candidate pipeline changes to candidate onboarding.

Remote Recruitment

Streamline Your Team Management Using Activity Log

Checking the activity log is important for teamwork because it will help people sync their work accordingly. A recruitment process is not done by only one person instead it includes a handful of people to run and organize the process. When you are managing this task online, you should be well informed about what the other person is doing. Keeping this in mind, this hiring solution lets you see the activity logs of each team member to streamline your remote hiring session.

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Make Your Hiring Process Smarter With Easy.Jobs Premium Account

Easy.Jobs is an amazing SaaS solution with a premium collection of features to boost your team’s productivity. If you want to opt for the premium account and avail of the advanced features now. You will get extended facilities of free features with much more. Let us dive in to find out the premium features of this recruitment solution.¬†

Easily Expand Your Recruiting Team

Easy.Jobs provides a simple choice for expanding your recruitment team or adding new members to your team, which you can use with your premium account. The “Manage Users” option in the settings will assist you in accomplishing this mission. You can easily decide the tasks of each position from the same location.¬†

Remote Recruitment

Instantly Evaluate Candidates Using Easy.Jobs Artificial Intelligence

To make your recruiting process easier, you can now use Easy.Jobs AI feature to view insightful information about the candidates. This feature will help you to see the overall performance of each of your candidates. How they did in the quizzes or did they pass the screening test or not, all will be visible using this feature. You can even sort out candidates according to their AI score and select the best one. A step-by-step configuration process can help you to implement this amazing feature of this hiring solution. 

Remote Recruitment

Set Remote Interviews For Candidates Using Easy.Jobs 

To hire the right people for the right job, this hiring solution offers you an amazing feature to remotely take interviews. Using this feature you can become more efficient because people do not have to worry about traveling a long way to attend an interview. It will also save a lot of time from both ends. 

Easy.Jobs offers you two easy-to-use and excellent platforms of virtual communication like Google Meet and Zoom. When you are done with integrating either of these platforms, you can easily drag and drop the shortlisted candidate to the remote interview session. 

Remote Recruitment

Set Remote Interviews For Candidates 

To hire the right people for the right job, Easy.Jobs offers you an amazing feature to remotely take interviews. Using this feature, you can become more efficient because people do not have to worry about traveling long to attend an interview. It will also save a lot of time from both ends. 

This SaaS solution offers you two easy-to-use and excellent platforms of virtual communication like Google Meet and Zoom. When you are done with integrating either of these platforms, you can easily drag and drop the shortlisted candidate to the remote interview session.

Remote Recruitment

This feature is not limited to having instant conversations only. You can create draft messages to send to your candidates later. This process is efficient when you have to reply to multiple candidates at a time. To get to know more about this feature, check this thorough documentation of how to save drafts on Easy.Jobs. 

Easy.Jobs For WordPress Users

If you are a WordPress user, we have good news for you! You can use for WordPress as your ultimate remote hiring solution directly from your WordPress dashboard with Elementor.

After you have connected your website with Easy.Jobs, you can easily check out all the documentation available to direct you on how to set up all the features from the WordPress dashboard. From publishing your job to managing all the candidates, you can do every single task all from the dashboard. It makes a WordPress user’s workflow even better. Creating a stunning career site has never been fun before.

Remote Recruitment

If you are waiting for something to solve your remote hiring system, Easy.Jobs is the ultimate SaaS solution. No matter how bigger your company is, Easy.Jobs can bring the best solution to recruit the top candidates without any hassle. If you already thought about using this SaaS solution, feel free to share your experience.

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