Как управлять видимостью команды в Easy.Jobs?

With easy.jobs, you can configure and manage team visibility with ease. You can set separate user permissions for each of your organization’s team members when you add them in панель инструментов easy.jobs. In case you have missed setting them properly initially, you can edit and update user access permissions later.

How To Manage Team Visibility Using easy.jobs? #

Check out the complete guideline below to learn how you can configure and manage team visibility in easy.jobs:

Step 1: Navigate To The ‘Manage Users’ Tab #

To set or manage team visibility, log in to your easy.jobs account and navigate to the ‘настройки’ tab from the left-hand side panel of the dashboard. Then, click on the ‘Управление пользователями’ option which will open a different page on the screen. Choose the user or team member whose permission you want to update, and click on the ‘редактировать’ action button on the list, as shown below.

Manage Team Visibility 1

Step 2: Update User Role & Corresponding Permission #

Afterward, it will take you to a new window from where you can be able to select and manage user permissions. Here, you can change the user roles of team members, as well. To do so, click in the ‘Role’ dropdown field and then change the user role from the available options, as shown below.

Manage Team Visibility 2

Once you select your preferred user role, you can update the permissions, depending on the user role. Some permissions are auto-enabled, so you will have to enable or disable each of them individually to customize the permissions as required. Once you are done, hit the ‘Обновить’ button.

Manage Team Visibility 3

How To Customize Notification Alert In easy.jobs? #

You can also customize the ‘Уведомления’ that your team members will receive, as well, for every user role. 

Step 1: Navigate To The ‘Notifications’ Tab #

From your dashboard navigate to your easy.jobs ‘настройки’ tab from the left sidebar. Then, click on the ‘Уведомления’ option to customize the notification alert.   

Manage Team Visibility 4

Step 2: Enable Or Disable The Notification Alert #

Now, simply click on the toggle buttons to enable or disable the notification as needed for your team. You will find two different options for each notification – you can choose between ‘Push' и 'Электронное письмо’ notifications.

You can separately enable the ‘Push’ notifications while disabling the ‘Электронное письмо’ notifications from this page easily.

Manage Team Visibility 5

This is how you can configure and manage team visibility for your team members using easy.jobs. 

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