Как создать набор вопросов в Easy.Jobs?

It’s quite hard to figure out a candidate’s full potential just by going through his/her CV only. In that case, Question Set in Easy.jobs will filter out candidates and help you to make smart hiring decisions for your company.

Check out the guideline below to learn how to create a Question Set in Easy.Jobs:

Шаг 1: Log in to your easy.jobs Dashboard and navigate to Question Set.

Шаг 2: Now click on the ‘Add new’ from the top right corner.

question set, easy.jobs

Шаг 3: Now you will see two input fields: Set Name and Set typeFrom the ‘Set name’ input field, fill out with the name of the question set that you are going to create.

Шаг 4: Then select  ‘Set type’ in the next. You will be able to put your question set here for the job post.

question set, easy.jobs

Шаг 5:  When you have finished with putting your questions on the page, hit the  ‘Save Question Set’ button. This will take to the All sets Dashboard.

question set, easy.jobs

If you have followed all the steps, congratulations! you have successfully created a Question Set.

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