How To Update Company Owner Profile In Easy.Jobs

Easy.Jobs help you create and update company owner profiles following some simple steps. The company owner profile is the admin who will communicate with all candidates through Easy.Jobs dashboard and will work as the face of company recruiting. 

A company owner profile will auto-create right after you created an account for your company in Easy.Jobs. Follow these easy steps to update company owner profiles in Easy.Jobs: 

Step 1: Navigate To ‘My Account’ Page From Your Company Profile #

First, log in to your company profile from Easy.Jobs dashboard. From the right side of the dashboard, click on the company name, and a drop-down will appear. From there click on the ‘My Account’ option to update the company owner profile. 

update company owner profile

Step 2: Update Company Owner Display Image & Other Informations #

В ‘My Account’ option will redirect you to the ‘Account Settings’ tab. From there you can easily update company owner profile information. You can easily update the company owner display page, company owner name, address, contact details, password credentials, and so on.

update company owner profile

From other tabs, like the ‘Subscription’ tab, you can check out your current Easy.Jobs subscription planning. You can also upgrade or downgrade your pricing plans from there. 

In the ‘Billing’ tab, you will find all the information about your payment method and billing account details. To check all your subscriptions payment history, click on the ‘Payment History’ tab.

update company profile owner

Besides, you can also delete your company owner profile by clicking on the ‘Delete My Account’ кнопка.

update company owner profile

This is how easily you can update company owner profiles in Easy.Jobs. 

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