5+ Ways To Keep Your Remote Team Cheered Up & Motivated

Nowadays remote working is one of the norms that most organizations follow to create a diversified team. It connects people from different states and globally who work strongly for companies’ success. For that, organizations need to set up creative strategies to keep your remote team cheered up & motivated.

And this seems difficult when you don’t know the right tactics to keep your team engaged all time during work to achieve your organizational goals. In this blog, you are going to learn 5+ ways to keep your remote team cheered up & motivated. Keep digging into this blog till the end!

Keep Your Remote Team Cheered Up & Motivated

For various reasons companies prefer to maintain remote teams, some are fully based on remote work, some occasionally work remotely, and some organizations prefer to hire freelancers who work remotely. And they can be from anywhere with or without the country. 

That’s why when you are managing remote teams, your remote teams must be clear about achieving your company goals, completely moved towards them, and motivated. During this pandemic situation, this is one of the challenges almost every organization faced, and developed their strategies accordingly to work remotely. 

So whatever situation you may be in, maintaining a remote team you must need to be careful and inspirational for them. Let’s check out some remote team working statistics and correct strategies to keep your remote teams cheer up & motivated. 

Some Statistics About Remote Team Working 

There are some global statistics on remote team working that are being highlighted below to articulate the real scenario of remote working according to a global perspective. Check out all in detail:​​

👉Right now, according to a CNBC report 70% of people globally work remotely at least once a week, study says”. 

👉Except this one of the Upwork research says “1 in 4 Americans over 26% of the American workforce will be working remotely through 2021. They also estimate that 22% of the workforce (36.2 Million Americans) will work remotely by 2025.”

👉The Becker Friedman Institute for Economics survey mentioned 10,000 employees surveyed by the University of Chicago said they thought they were just as productive working from home compared to working in the office.”

👉Owl Labs’ study mentioned Globally 16% of companies are fully remote. According to this same study, about 62% of workers aged 22 to 65 claim to work remotely at least occasionally. Also, 44% of companies do not allow remote work at all.”

x5+ ways Keep Your Remote Team Cheered Up & Motivated

Source: Owl Labs

5+ Ways to Keep Your Remote Team Cheer Up & Motivated

That you have already known remote working statistics and all, now get 5+ ways to keep your remote team cheered up and motivated. Find out the best 5+ ways below:

1. Set Clear Expectations & Company Goals

5+ ways Keep Your Remote Team Cheered Up & Motivated

When your team is completely remote or used to be for some time, in any case, your remote team should be aware of your organizational goals. What purpose you are working for, how you have to manage the whole work, and every detail to motivate them in work. 

Work and time synchronization is very important when you are doing remote work. Your team should be reported on time, and there is a probability that some employees join at the same time or after. This is why when you clearly mention your expectations and goals, your remote team must get motivated to improve their productivity. Otherwise, they might get demotivated and be in trouble. 

  • Remote teams should be available at certain times of the day so that they can sync at a time.
  • When working, you should always be careful to prompt replies during messages during working hours.
  • Ensure work status updates at the end of each workday.

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2. Provide Fruitful Feedback For Daily Works

5+ ways Keep Your Remote Team Cheered Up & Motivated

Constant work feedback is appreciated during remote working. It helps remote employees and hirers keys to bond with work and grows accountability among themselves and the team as well. So that you know where you have to work for betterment or gather new skills to be more productive. Otherwise, if your team didn’t get feedback regularly, they might not feel the importance of work and lose their motivation in the process. 

  • Feedback should be clear and concise to motivate remote teams to do better.
  • One and virtual voice or video communication is appreciated except for messaging. 
  • What else is necessary to improve work has to be mentioned for increasing productivity.

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3. Always Stay Connected & Give Inspiration   

5+ ways Keep Your Remote Team Cheered Up & Motivated

Virtually communicating with remote teams has always been appreciated. It helps you to stay connected and inspires you to work. Just think you are working long hours at home, you would feel the necessity to cheer up or to share your work updates with your team. 

So if you get the best communication channels like Slack, or other team management software by doing live chatting, screen sharing, video calling or others could make your team inspired all time. This is not really that you always have to talk about working, it could be fun facts or other related talks to keep your remote team cheered up and motivated.    

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4. Recognize Team Efforts & Achievements

5+ ways Keep Your Remote Team Cheered Up & Motivated

This is always exciting when you are recognizing your team’s efforts and achievements to cherish. Harvard Business Reviews stated that 40% of employees would put more effort into their work if management recognized their efforts more”. When this is about keeping your remote team cheered up, you should follow this tactic. It helps you encourage them in work and decline employee turnover as well. 

  • Appreciate your employees over phone calls individually or in a virtual team meeting. 
  • Provide rewards with Amazon gift cards or any digital gift cards. 
  • Or you can send them a gift basket to cheer and motivate your remote tea.  

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5. Engage Employees With Recreational Activities

During team meetings, if you play virtual games think remote employees out of the box. These games can be reward-based to keep your remote team cheer up and motivated. Many online games are there to set exciting questions which provide real-time answering. Also, virtual parties could be appropriate for doing some recreational activities. One of the most effective ways is when you plan for outside activities to strengthen your team bonding. It works for remote and in-office employees to collaborate properly.  

Start Motivating Your Remote Teams & Boost Productivity

Hope you find this helpful to keep your remote team cheer up & motivated all time. So that you can organize more as a team achieve your goals and function simultaneously as well. If you want to share your experience, let us know by commenting below. 

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