Hiring Over Phone? Check 20+ Phone Interview Questions To Ask

Are you looking to hire someone but want to save time and streamline the interview process? Look no further than phone interviews! Hiring over phone not only do they save time, but also allows you to get to know the candidate better before investing the time and resources into an in-person interview. But what phone interview questions should you ask to ensure you find the perfect fit for your company? 

Phone Interview Questions

In this blog post, we’ll provide you with over 20+ phone interview questions to ask your candidates that will help you gauge their qualifications, experience, work ethic, and personality. So, let’s get started with the top phone interview questions to ask for your next round of candidates to measure their interview skills.

πŸ’‘ Why Are Phone Interviews In Trend Nowadays?

Hiring for a job position can be a daunting task, especially when you have to sift through a pile of resumes and cover letters. Imagine you’re hiring for a coding position at a big-shot company like Apple or Samsung.

In a scenario like this, the competition is fierce, and thousands of talented individuals are vying for the same job. A traditional hiring process would involve screening every single applicant, which would be both time-consuming and exhausting. That’s when phone interviews come to the table!

As a hiring manager, it’s your job to find the right person for the job and eliminate unsuitable candidates by asking proper phone interview questions firsthand. In just 30 minutes or less, you can assess a candidate’s credibility and potential to uphold the job position. This makes the phone interview a valuable tool in the hiring process, allowing you to quickly and efficiently narrow down your candidate pool.

πŸ’‘ What Are The Advantages Of Phone Screen Interviews?

Phone Interview Questions

Phone screen interviews offer several advantages for both employers and job seekers. Let’s see some of the major advantages below.

βœ… Time & Cost-effectiveness: Phone screen interviews save time and money as they eliminate the need for travel and scheduling conflicts. This is especially helpful when dealing with out-of-town candidates.

βœ… Geographical Convenience: The interview can be conducted from anywhere, making it easy to connect with candidates from different locations and time zones.

βœ… Level Playing Field: Phone interviews can help to level the playing field for candidates, particularly introverted individuals who may not perform as well in an in-person interview setting.

βœ… Candidate Assessment: It allows employers to quickly assess a candidate’s communication skills, professionalism, and enthusiasm for the position. This can help to weed out candidates who may not be a good fit for the company.

βœ… Efficient: An efficient way to screen candidates and determine who should be invited for an in-person interview. This can save employers time and resources by narrowing down the candidate pool before scheduling more extensive interviews.

No doubt, phone screen interviews are a valuable tool for both employers and job seekers. They offer many advantages over traditional in-person interviews, including convenience, cost savings, and the ability to quickly assess a candidate’s qualifications and fit for the position.

🎯 Hiring Over Phone: 20+ Phone Interview Questions To Ask The Candidates

Undoubtedly phone interviews are an essential part of the recruitment process nowadays, allowing employers to screen candidates and assess their qualifications and suitability for the role. To make the most of these interviews, it’s crucial to ask the right questions. In this context, we have compiled a list of 20+ phone interview questions to ask the candidates. Let’s explore.

1. Most Common Phone Interview Questions

While taking an interview over the phone, these are the most common questions you can ask the interviewer as a recruiter. These questions mainly focus on the primary screening of a candidate. Before going into any technical things, ask these questions and get an idea of whether you want to go along with candidates.

Phone Interview Questions
  1. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?
  2. What interests you about this position?
  3. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  4. Can you walk me through your resume and explain your work experience?
  5. How do you handle difficult situations or conflicts at work?
  6. Why are you leaving your current job (or why did you leave your last job)?
  7. What are your salary expectations for this role?
  8. Can you give an example of a project you worked on that you’re particularly proud of?
  9. How do you stay organized and manage your time effectively?
  10. Do you have any questions for me about the company or the position?

If the candidate answers these phone interview questions with confidence and you’re satisfied with that as a hirer. Move on to the next set of questions. Remember, don’t judge a candidate by just his/her speaking skill; rather, make sure he/she is skilled or capable of doing what saying confidently.

2. Behavioral Phone Interview Questions

Behavioral interview questions over the phone are open-ended and seek to elicit specific examples of how the candidate has handled various work-related scenarios in the past. Here are some examples of behavioral phone interview questions you can ask:

Phone Interview Questions
  1. Describe a goal you set for yourself in a previous job or during your education and how you achieved it.
  2. Share an instance where you had several tasks to complete but had to prioritize some over others. How did you meet the deadline?
  3. Recall a time when you collaborated with a team member whose personality differed significantly from yours.
  4. Provide an example of how you motivated a coworker, peer, or team to achieve a goal.
  5. Describe a time when you had a conflict with a colleague. How was it resolved? Or, is there a situation you would have handled differently?

These questions are just a few examples of behavioral phone interview questions that you as employers, may ask. By asking these questions, employers can gain insight into a candidate’s work style, problem-solving skills, and ability to handle various work-related situations.

3. Situational Phone Interview Questions

With the economy constantly evolving, businesses must adapt to keep up. That’s why companies aim to build teams capable of adjusting to any situation. To evaluate candidates’ ability to handle change, consider asking the following questions:

Phone Interview Questions
  1. Share an instance when you were assigned a task outside your expertise. What was your initial reaction? What did you learn from the experience?
  2. Recall a situation at work where you embraced a new methodology, process, technology, or concept that significantly differed from the old ways.
  3. Think of when you were given a responsibility not listed in your job description. How did you respond? What was the outcome?
  4. Describe a challenging scenario where you had to modify your approach. How did you manage it?
  5. Have you ever adjusted your work style to match that of a colleague to achieve project goals? Were the objectives met?

These questions present hypothetical scenarios to candidates, allowing them to draw on personal experiences and demonstrate their ability to adjust to new procedures, concepts, or even colleagues’ work styles. Their responses will indicate their adaptability to handle the situation.

πŸ† Bonus: How To Ace A Phone Interview [Tips For Candidates]

Maintaining a limit on the length of your phone interview answers is crucial, as your voice serves as the primary means of communication without the benefit of facial expressions or body language.

πŸ’‘ To prevent your throat from becoming dry, it’s a good idea to have a water bottle nearby. It’s also important to speak clearly and enunciate your words to ensure your answers are easily understood during the phone interview.

πŸ’‘ To avoid any interruptions during your phone interview, especially if it’s a VoIP call, make sure that your internet connection is stable. Close all unnecessary computer programs to maximize your bandwidth and sit near your wifi connection.

πŸ’‘ To minimize any external disturbances during your phone interview, find a quiet room to lock yourself in and turn off any potential sources of noise, such as alarms, pets, or children. Remember, honesty is key during phone interviews. So be honest with your answers.

πŸ’‘ Finally, to manage situational and behavioral questions with ease, you can imply the STAR method. Learn how to use the STAR method to ace behavioral and situational phone interview questions.

Are You Ready To Face Your Next Phone Interview?

As you already know, phone interviews are a crucial part of the hiring process, so make sure you get the most out of them. That’s why it’s essential to ask the right phone interview questions! The questions we’ve listed above can give you a real feel for a candidate’s skills, experience, and personality. With that insight, you’ll be better equipped to make informed decisions and hire the best person for the job. Happy hiring!

Did you find all these questions we listed helpful & relevant? Hope these questions will come in handy during your next round of interviews! And hey, if you want more tips and hacks regarding interviews, feel free to subscribe to our blog and join our Facebook community.

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