Why You Must Shift From Google Sheets To A Proper Recruitment Tool Like Easy.Jobs?

Until recently, most companies used to rely upon traditional recruitment methods of manually collecting and inputting data on Google Sheets to keep track of their applicants. But is it the most convenient process in today’s competitive job market? Let’s take a look at why you should quickly shift from Google Sheet to modern, powerful recruitment tools.

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Back in the day, organizations had to use several tools and manual methods in the process of hiring energetic and qualified candidates for their teams. But now, most businesses understand that recruitment strategies are vital to the success of their companies.

Therefore, to streamline their process of hiring, employers now prefer automated candidate recruitment tools and platforms. These do not just help to skyrocket efficiency, your HR departments can effortlessly save a significant amount of time and successfully find the right candidates for job positions every time.

proper recruitment tool

In this blog, we’ll help you understand:

🎯 what features a proper applicant tracking system must consist of

🎯 why Google Sheets are no longer the best strategy to use

🎯 and most importantly, what a proper recruitment tool, like Easy.Jobs, can bring to the table. 

If you’re interested to learn more about streamlining your recruitment process with modern recruitment tools, keep reading. 

Must-Have Features For Any Applicant Tracking System

First off, let’s start with understanding the must-have features of an excellent applicant tracking system. Applicant tracking systems actually refer to the recruitment process stages between, and including, gathering resumes and calling candidates in for an interview. Therefore, an applicant tracking system will help you meet your recruitment objectives with its advanced features.

Earlier in the days, firms used Google Sheets as their ‘old school’ applicant tracking system but most are now shifting to intelligent hiring software, like Easy.Jobs

proper recruitment tool

वहां three main features that should be available in every applicant tracking system, and these features must enable recruiters like you to: 

💼 Preview candidate application profiles and screen them. 

When you implement a proper applicant tracking system, you should be able to view and analyze applicants’ profiles and evaluate at a glance if the candidate is suitable for your company. Selecting candidates becomes more precise and easy instantly. 

💼 Analyze and segment candidates into different categories.

Using conventional methods, like Google Sheets, recruitment teams had to contact candidates individually and call them for interviews upon selection. But with the help of the right applicant tracking system and recruitment tool, you can easily create pipelines and automate the entire process of assessing an applicant with tests and quizzes. 

💼 Automate the entire hiring process and help with communication. 

With the right applicant tracking system and recruitment tool, you will be able to automate the entire hiring process without any hassle. Whenever an applicant submits an application, the system will automatically process it, email the candidate, and help to separate the best hire for an interview.

proper recruitment tool google sheet

Needless to say, these features are not available to you when you use conventional applicant tracking processes like collecting and analyzing data through Google Sheets. Nevertheless, let’s look at some of the reasons why your company should shift from Google Sheets and start using a proper recruitment tool

Top Reasons To Shift From Google Sheets & Use Proper Recruitment Tools

As we have already mentioned, back in the days, Google Sheets were the best, cutting-edge technology companies could use to organize their recruitment data. But in today’s tech-driven world, that is no longer the case. Such manual methods of organizing and tracking recruitment processes only slow down recruiters and put them at risk of making multiple errors. So, hiring teams have been gradually making a shift to proper recruitment tools in recent times. 

वहां many pros and cons to using Google Sheet for work, more so if you are using it for recruitment tracking. Below, we have provided some reasons we feel you should quickly shift from Google Sheets if you haven’t already. Let’s take a quick look.

🗃️ No Possible Ways To Carry Out Assessment Tests Or Conduct Quizzes

We all know, you must carefully assess and evaluate your candidates based on several criteria to ensure that the selected applicant is the perfect fit for your company. However, if you use Google Sheets to track your recruitment process, you will be able to input data and scores from tests taken via several methods but you cannot take assessments for your candidates with the online spreadsheet. It will not offer you any facilities to arrange assessments for your candidates.

You can, however, take tests and assessments through other tools like Google Forms and later transfer the data collected through the forms to your spreadsheet. However, this process of inputting numbers and data from other platforms is time-consuming.

proper recruitment tools

A proper applicant tracking system should give you the ability to analyze your candidates with ease and therefore, help you conduct tests and quizzes. Even though Google Sheets can help track scores, they fail to help with the assessment. And so, to streamline your entire hiring process and be able to conduct as many assessments as needed, you should consider shifting from Google Sheets and move to a proper recruitment tool बजाय।

🗃️ Cannot Gather Data Without Integrations With Other Google Tools

As mentioned earlier, you will have to import data from other sources to track your recruitment process using Google Sheets. You will have to integrate with Google Forms or other such sources to import data. You might even have to manually insert crucial information such as the candidate’s name, email address, and scores.

🗃️ Analyzing Candidates’ Test Performances Can Be Too Difficult

Another reason you should consider shifting from Google Sheets to a recruitment tool is that organizing and evaluating data with spreadsheets can sometimes be tedious and make the process vulnerable to multiple mistakes. Especially if your entire HR team takes part in the recruitment process and works on the same Google Sheet, errors are susceptible. You’ll have to lock individual data cells or sheets to prevent any information from being accidentally changed and manipulated. On the other hand, proper recruitment software like Easy.Jobs provide you more precision and accuracy

🗃️ Need To Depend On External Email Services For Communication

When you use Google Sheets for hiring employees, you will not be able to integrate it with your email system. And this means you’ll either have to individually add comments and input email IDs to each spreadsheet cell and manually send emails to candidates about their position in the recruitment process, or you’ll have to rely on 3rd party software for communication. 

On the other hand, modern recruitment tools like Easy.Jobs not only enable you to communicate with applicants through emails easily for each step of the process, but they also provide methods to instantly message individual candidates whenever required. 

Now that you understand the key differences between Google Sheets and a proper recruitment tool, let’s find out what Easy.Jobs and other hiring software have to offer you to streamline the entire process. 

Use All-In-One Recruitment Tools Like Easy.Jobs To Streamline Your Hiring Process 

Streamlining your entire hiring process is just a matter of a few clicks with the right recruitment tools. Easy.Jobs is such an all-in-one recruitment software that does not just help you track data for the hiring processes, but is built to help boost your company brand as a recruiter, create job posts, assess candidates accurately, allow remote recruitment, and much more. 

1) Start Off By Creating A Custom, Detailed Job Post

Recruitment tools like Easy.Jobs assists you through the entire process of finding the right candidate for your company and that starts from creating the perfect job post. Your company needs to start off by attracting eligible and qualified candidates and for that, you will need to publish an eye-catching and detailed job post

An effective recruitment approach used to alert job seekers about available vacancies in your company is to create a job post description in detail and present it beautifully on your career site or webpage. From job titles to descriptions and responsibilities, job categories and types, working hours, and probable salaries – you’ll be able to add everything required in your job posts when you create them using advanced recruitment tools. 

proper recruitment tools

Another exceptional feature Easy.Jobs offers is ‘remote’ hiring. It allows you to state in your job posts that you are willing to interview candidates online to ensure every eligible candidate gets a chance to apply for the job post. Moreover, this amazing recruitment tool also lets you integrate with Zoom and Google Meet to allow you to take remote interviews online.  

None of these would have been possible with Google Sheets alone. But with recruitment software like Easy.Jobs only takes minutes to streamline the entire workflow and recruit candidates quickly.

2) Create A Pipeline To Easily Track & Organize Each Stage

Organizing the stages of the hiring process is crucial and can create a big difference in the applicant tracking system. With the help of Easy.Jobs and some similar recruitment tools, you can now easily use pipeline filters to sort candidates and keep track of each stage. 

proper recruitment tools

Pipelines in Easy.Jobs helps to get a quick overview of the candidates and keep track of them as they move along the different recruitment stages. It even allows you to quickly sort and find the candidates you want to engage with instantly from your dashboard. You can also send selected candidates to different steps in the pipeline and assign them tasks, assignments or simply communicate with candidates easily. To find out more about how pipelines work, check out this detailed documentation

3) Effortlessly Carry Out Interviews, Assessments & More 

While on the topic of assigning tasks and assignments, we would also like to inform you that proper recruitment tools enable you to take tests and evaluate candidates with ease. Screening methods may vary from company to company, but assessing candidates is a crucial step in finding potential employees.  

proper recruitment tools

With Google Sheets, you cannot take tests or even set assessments for your candidates as we have already mentioned earlier. You will have to manually email each candidate the questions and tasks which can take long hours to do so. 

On the other hand, Easy.Jobs makes it effortless to screen candidates by helping you set as many quizzes and assessments as you need. You can implement test questions at the time of setting up the job post, or you can also conduct other assessments at any stage of the recruitment process. You can also upload documents and assign tasks to applicants throughout the recruitment process. 

4) Evaluate & Analyze Candidates Using Artificial Intelligence

Tracking candidate scores and other crucial information is what both Google Sheets and recruitment tools like Easy.Jobs have in common. So let’s evaluate the differences.

proper recruitment tools

With Google Sheet, you will have to bring the data collected from other tools or software, like Google Forms, and then organize them in your spreadsheet. You will have to manually calculate the scores they receive from any tests or assessments using formulae. You can, however, easily organize them into categories and use different filters to separate candidates based on your evaluations. 

Easy.Jobs, on the other hand, helps to automatically store information and scores, and evaluate the candidates based on thorough analysis. Moreover, you can instantly and precisely assess candidates with the use of artificial intelligence features

You can instantly sort and analyze each candidate using an AI-based screening process focused on their skills, experience, and education. In a matter of seconds, the AI will match the candidate’s qualifications to keywords in your job description and give them an accurate score. This way, you get an insightful overview of how each individual candidate qualifies for a specific job in your company. You’ll be able to sort the right candidates for your company effortlessly and accurately. 

proper recruitment tools

5) Send Customized Emails & Messages In Each Step Of The Hiring Process

Another crucial factor we have mentioned earlier is communication with candidates. Google Sheets do not offer any facility to communicate with your candidates directly. In fact, you cannot integrate any email sources into it. As we mentioned a little earlier, you would need to hire external tools for emails and messaging to communicate with candidates. So this is a vital step that can easily go wrong if your team forgets to input the email address of one or more candidates in the 3rd party source. 

This is where we see quite a difference between Google Sheet and modern, advanced recruitment software again. Most recruitment tools help to simplify communication with candidates and your team members by allowing you to email them with ease. With Easy.Jobs, you can inform the applicant about their selections and assessments every step of the way using ready, email templates.

proper recruitment tools

But not only emails, Easy.Jobs take communicating with job applicants one step ahead and allows you to send instant messages to individual candidates whenever needed. Find out more from this documentation

All these factors mentioned in this blog are just some of the major differences between Google Sheets and recruitment tools. Factoring in all these points, we think it’s time you shift your recruitment strategies from Google Sheet and shift to hiring software platforms like Easy.Jobs but that’s not all. There are many more amazing and advanced features that Easy.Jobs has to offer your company to streamline your entire hiring process. Stay tuned to find out more. 

6) Analyze Your Hiring Process With Built-In Analytics With Easy.Jobs

While all these features mentioned above can be set modern recruitment tools above conventional applicant tracking systems like Google Sheets, Easy.Jobs sets itself apart with more advanced features.

It helps you streamline your hiring process even further by enabling you to analyze the recruitment campaign using built-in Analytics that provides you with several insightful data:

🎯 Number of recurring and unique site visitors

🎯 Number of candidates for the job posts

🎯 Number of pending applicants to be approved, and much more.

proper recruitment tools

You can use several filters to determine which period of time you want to analyze data for and the information will be instantly visualized in a graphical form on the Easy.Jobs dashboard.

7) Other Advanced Features That You Can Access Through Easy.Jobs

Apart from the amazing features listed above that you will be able to access from modern recruitment tools but not on Google Sheets, there are many more advanced features to expect from Easy.Jobs. Among these, we would like to highlight a few:

⭐ Easy.Jobs allows you to work in more than 30 languages as you need.

⭐ Helps to build your company brand and even enables you to use custom domains.

⭐ Use stunning templates to create your personalized job posts.

⭐ Enables you to check activity logs to keep track of work and team members.

⭐ Allows working efficiently with your team and set roles for each member.

Enhance Your Company Profile & Collaborate With Your Team With Easy.Jobs

Finally, we would like to let you know that a successful recruitment process also involves creating your own, stunning employer brand. It is an essential step to bring your company to the attention of qualified candidates and skyrocket your credibility to the industry. 

proper recruitment tools

With Easy.Jobs, you can instantly create an eye-catching company page or career site within minutes and include detailed information that will attract anyone to apply to your company for a job position. You need to showcase your company’s basic information and details in a visually attractive manner that will grasp applicants’ interests and highlight the company’s work culture.

Among other features, Easy.Jobs lets your HR department and hiring team easily collaborate and work together in finding the right candidate for your company. You can set roles, tags, allow individual notifications and even view analytics, all directly from the Easy.Jobs dashboard. 

If you find this blog helpful, do share your experience with us by commenting below. If you want to know more about recruitment strategies, hiring tips and tricks, and get the latest updates about Easy.Jobs, subscribe to our blog posts, and join our friendly फेसबुक समुदाय today. 



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