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Easy.Jobs Updates: Remote Interview, AI Powered Screening & More

With the latest update of Easy.Jobs v2.5.2, we have introduced tons of new features, improvements and fixes to help you streamline your recruitment process. From setting up 远程采访, evaluating candidates with an AI powered screening system, testing candidate’s skills and knowledge with assessments and question sets, there are tons of things you can do with Easy.Jobs v2.5.2 to attract and recruit the right talent for your team.


Since our initial launch back in November 2019, we have been working hard to support both startups and large enterprises by developing a complete, modern recruiting solution. We have come a long way since then, and have introduced many features requested by our community with Easy.Jobs. Let’s take a look at some of these new features that you get with the latest update, Easy.Jobs v2.5.2.


Modernize Your Hiring Process With New Easy.Jobs Features

The best way to hire smarter and faster is to modernize your hiring process. This involves creating an easy, straightforward application process, enhancing your employer branding, streamlining your hiring steps, and of course, going digital for the best results. Here’s how Easy.Jobs v2.5.2 can help you do all of that with some amazing new features.

Instantly Set Up Remote Hiring With Easy.Jobs

The coronavirus pandemic has made recruiting a challenge for all kinds of businesses and organizations. To help you adjust to the new normal and continue your hiring activities without any problems, 轻松工作 has introduced a new feature that lets you enable remote hiring for any job post with a single click. 

All you have to do is toggle the “允许远程” option when you are creating a new job post or modifying an existing one to turn on this feature. Check out the full tutorial below.

You can even set up remote interviews with Zoom or Google Meet using Easy.Jobs so that you can identify the right talent while maintaining social distancing protocols. Easy.Jobs has introduced a new “远程面试” stage for your recruitment pipeline, which you can add to the hiring stages for any job post in your organisation.


After adding this “远程面试” stage to your recruitment process, you can move any candidate to this stage of your hiring pipeline and schedule remote interviews with them. You can choose the date, time zone and duration for your remote interviews. 

At the moment, you can configure Google Meet with Easy.Jobs to take remote interviews of candidates. Alternatively you can also choose to 配置缩放应用 代替。


AI Powered Screening System To Sort & Evaluate Candidates

Why waste your precious time screening applicants one at a time when you can automate your workflow with the power of artificial intelligence? Using Easy.Jobs AI, you can quickly screen and evaluate each candidate on the basis of their skills, experience and education. The AI will match the candidate’s qualifications with your job description and give them an accurate score in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is check the scores and evaluation, and then instantly onboard the right talent on your team.


Want to find out more about this powerful HR technology? Read this post here to learn how Easy.Jobs AI works and why you should use it for your recruitment strategy.

Test Candidate’s Skills & Knowledge With New Assessment Feature

Easy.Jobs has also introduced a new ‘Assessment’ feature to help you thoroughly evaluate your applicants and find the right talent. With this feature, you can test the skills and knowledge of your applicants at any stage of the recruitment process. 

Create question sets, assign marks and time duration, and easily invite candidates to take your assessment test with Easy.Jobs. Once your candidates have taken your assessment test, you can easily view their assessment score to decide whether to onboard them, reject them or move them to a different stage in your recruitment pipeline.


Easily Upload Candidate Documents & Export Candidate Data

Sometimes you may find that you have to share important files or documents with your candidates. For instance, when you are offering the job to a candidate, you might have to share the offer letter, which you can now do from inside your Easy.Jobs dashboard.

When you are sending a message to any candidate, you can click on the ‘Attach’ button to upload any file and share it with the candidate. Easy.Jobs lets you upload many different file formats as long as they do not exceed 2MB in size.


Add Custom Job Apply Fields And Sign In Options With Easy.Jobs

If you want, you can change how candidates should sign in to Easy.Jobs in order to apply for job positions, or if you want add your own custom apply fields for any job. Easy.Jobs comes with a ‘Candidate Apply Settings’ option which you can configure to do this.


From your Easy.Jobs dashboard, you can click on the “设置” tab and then navigate to ‘Candidate Apply Settings’ to make these changes. From here, you can click on the checkboxes under ‘Login Options’ to decide how you want your applicants to sign in to Easy.Jobs. You can also add as many required custom fields for your jobs as you want.

Invite Candidates With Job Invitation Links

Easy.Jobs v2.5.2 has introduced a new feature that lets you send job invitation links to candidates via email so they can easily apply to a job in your company. By going to the '工作' tab from your dashboard and clicking on the '考生' option, you will be able to see a list of candidates who have applied for that particular job. 

If the candidate you wish to send the invitation to has not applied yet, you can send them the invitation link to their email by clicking on the '更多' button and choosing the ‘Invite Candidate’ option. Afterwards, simply enter their email address address and hit the ‘Invite’ button to send them the job invitation link.


Create And Manage Custom Job Categories

Writing your job description the right way is crucial for attracting potential candidates. This includes clearly describing responsibilities, benefits and much more. To help you do this, Easy.Jobs lets you create and manage custom job categories straight from your dashboard. All you have to do is navigate to the “设置” tab and then click on the ‘Manage Categories’ option. From here, you can add, update or delete as many job categories as you want.


Afterwards, you can add these custom categories when you are creating a new job post or updating a published one in Easy.Jobs. These custom job categories will appear in the list of options as shown below.


View Activity Log From Your Easy.Jobs Dashboard

To help you streamline your workflow and keep track of your activities, Easy.Jobs lets you view your activity log with a single click. You can view all job related activities as well as candidate activities easily from your dashboard. For example, you can check if a manager has added an expiry date for a job from the Job Activity Logs and if a manager has assigned a candidate for an assessment from the Candidate Activity Logs. This way, you can track and manage your team member’s activities, as well as those of your candidates, from one single place.


Default, Premade, Drag-And-Drop Pipeline

The default, premade, drag-and-drop pipeline that comes with Easy.Jobs is designed to help you get started easily when organizing your hiring process. You are free to add different stages to the pipeline as you see fit, and the drag-and-drop interface lets you easily move candidates along the recruitment pipeline instantly. 

Easy.Jobs Updates: Remote Interview, AI Powered Screening & More 1

Email Setup Feature For Sending Automatic Email Notifications

To speed up the hiring process, Easy.Jobs has made it easier than ever to communicate with your candidates through automated emails. You can configure the email setup feature to send automatic emails to candidates as they move along your recruitment pipeline, if they have been rejected or accepted for a job, for inviting them to take assessments or remote interviews, and much more. You can also modify the email content template in Easy.Jobs to quickly send automated emails to your candidates.


Customize Company Profile With Logo, Favicon, Gallery & More

To attract ideal candidates, it’s important to enhance your employer branding. You can do this easily in Easy.Jobs by customizing your company profile with logo, favicon, adding your brand colors, and creating an image gallery to let your applicants to give them an idea of your working environment and company culture.

New Improvements, Fixes, Updates And More

Besides these new features, Easy.Jobs v2.5.2 also comes with tons of new improvements, fixes and updates. Take a look at them below..

Added Support For Multiple New Languages

Easy.Jobs is now available for multiple languages like Chinese, German, Dutch, French, Hindi and much more. This makes Easy.Jobs more accessible for businesses all over the world, and hiring remotely is now much easier.

Disable ‘Explore Company’ Button On Public Company Pages

Don’t want to display the ‘Explore Company’ button on your company page? You can uncheck the option from the Settings page in Easy.Jobs to disable the button. Afterwards, when candidates view your company page, the ‘Explore Company’ button will be hidden from them.


Other Improvements And Fixes

Besides these, there have been a lot of improvements and fixes introduced for Easy.Jobs to enhance your experience and make it the ultimate, smart recruiting solution. From improving email templates, making changes to the user interface, and fixing minor issues, Easy.Jobs v2.5.2 is now better and faster than ever before.

As you can see, Easy.Jobs v2.5.2 has tons of improvements, and new features to help you hire smarter and faster in 2021. Try it out today, and share your experience with us; we’d love to know your feedback. 

Have a feature request for Easy.Jobs? Then send us an email and we will try to bring it for you in future updates. We are constantly trying to improve our user experience with Easy.Jobs every day, so let us know how we can make Easy.Jobs even better for you.

For more updates, news and tutorials, make sure to subscribe to our blog, or join our Facebook group to connect with other recruiters who are using Easy.Jobs remote hiring solution.


引入Easy.Jobs AI:为招聘策略实施AI

厌倦了筛选数百名申请人以找到合适的人才?避免麻烦和使用 招聘人工智能 代替。简介 Easy.Jobs AI – 现代人力资源技术,可以更快,更智能地招聘员工。现在,您可以通过智能地自动化工作流程来节省自己的时间。只需单击几下,您便可以使用AI进行招聘,并在团队中培养合适的人才。


过度 4,000多家企业 相信 轻松工作 管理他们的招聘过程。这项新的人工智能功能是用户最受欢迎的要求之一。您要了,我们听了。希望借助这一新的AI招聘功能,使您在Easy.Jobs方面的体验更好。

ÿ你现在可以 快速评估每位候选人 根据他们的技能,经验和教育程度。在几秒钟内,AI将使候选人的资格与您的职位描述相匹配,并给他们准确的分数。然后,您可以加入团队中得分最高的候选人。 

是否想了解有关此强大功能的更多信息?在下面阅读以了解如何使用 招聘人工智能 Easy.Jobs。 



对于任何招聘团队而言,评估候选人总是很压力且很费时间。雇用新员工时,决策涉及多个因素。借助电子招聘解决方案,例如 轻松工作,我们现在有更好,更快的方法来自动化我们的招聘流程。

使用AI进行招聘是这些现代策略之一,您可以用来在团队中培养合适的人才。根据 到这篇文章福布斯, “人工智能技术已成为加强招聘工作的必要先决条件”。如今,无论是小型创业公司还是大型企业,这对每个企业都是如此。



最重要,最明显的使用理由 招聘人工智能 是为了节省时间。在当今世界,时间就是金钱。您可以更快地筛选理想的候选人并将其登上,这是更好的选择。借助人工智能,您不必花时间评估每个候选人。 AI技术将为您快速,准确地评估候选人。 



快速招聘很重要,但最适合该职位的入职候选人更为重要。这是因为加入合适的人才会降低您的员工离职率。从而减少了您的招聘成本。这就是为什么您需要包括 招聘人工智能 战略。人工智能没有人为错误。因此,它将更准确地筛选潜在的候选人。这样,您不必担心浪费时间和资源。您可以放心,您正在为该工作招聘合适的人才。


人工智能将帮助您组织招聘过程。你将能够 简化招聘  通过简化团队识别潜在候选人的过程。由于AI将自动筛选和评估候选人,因此您的团队成员可以将更多的精力放在得分高的候选人身上。 


引入Easy.Jobs AI进行招聘:使招聘流程更智能,更快

尽管使用AI进行招聘有很多好处,但是通常设置起来很困难且成本很高。但是随着 轻松工作,即使是新的创业公司也可以利用这种AI技术来改善他们的招聘流程。您无需担心要投资昂贵的技术或软件来做到这一点。 Easy.Jobs AI适用于我们所有的人 高级订阅套餐, 仅从开始 $9.99 每月。

继续阅读以了解如何在不到5分钟的时间内使用Easy.Jobs AI自动执行招聘过程。


你可以立刻 运行AI设置 只需单击几下即可从Easy.Jobs仪表板访问。 在Easy.Jobs上创建一个帐户 然后使用您的凭据登录。在信息中心的左侧菜单中,导航至 设置→AI设置。您应该能够看到 “显示AI得分” 按钮位于页面顶部。 您可以切换此按钮启用或禁用 Easy.Jobs AI进行招聘。


使用Easy.Jobs AI评估候选人的分数以进行招聘

在Easy.Jobs中运行AI设置后,您可以开始使用此人工智能快速 评估候选人的分数。 Easy.Jobs AI将考虑您的职位描述中提到的所有要求的资格。然后它将 匹配每个候选人的申请 相应地评估他们的分数。这样,您将获得有关每个候选人如何胜任公司特定职位的深刻见解。

要评估候选人的分数,请转到Easy.Jobs仪表板。点击 '候选人' 然后点击 '查看详情' 以任何候选人的名字。如下所示,这会将您重定向到新页面。

如果您已经为测验和筛查测试创建了问题集,则还可以从该选项卡检查结果。 这样,您可以使用 招聘人工智能 快速评估潜在候选人。

引入Easy.Jobs AI:为招聘策略实施AI 2


在Easy.Jobs中运行AI设置并检查每个候选人的AI分数后,您可以 在几分钟内找到合适的人才。您要做的就是确定候选人AI分数的基准,然后使用Easy.Jobs AI功能立即筛选那些候选人。 

您可以选择 对候选人进行排序 根据他们的技能匹配,AI得分,经验匹配等等。例如,如果您单击 '工作' 标签,然后单击 '考生' 任何已发布工作的选项,您将看到一个根据不同分数对候选人进行排序的选项。 

如果您的工作需要经验丰富的应聘者,只需选择 “按经验匹配排序” 为您找到合适的人才的选择。同样,您可以选择 “按技能匹配排序” 如果您的工作要求应聘者具有特定技能。



如您所见,更快,更聪明地招聘的最佳方法是使用AI技术现代化招聘策略。因此,请尝试从 轻松工作,并分享您的使用经验 招聘人工智能 和我们。

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