Why Would You Use Easy.Jobs Over Facebook Jobs?

These days people are heavily dependent on remote recruitment and many are trying out platforms like Facebook Jobs to get the perfect employees for the company. So is it the best platform? And how much does it actually help to make the recruitment process easier? Let’s find out.

Facebook Jobs

In the recent pandemic situation, there is no other way than implementing a remote recruitment process. Remote recruitment can be a popular hiring method even in the future. Thanks to advanced hiring solutions, people are getting used to using these platforms.

Even social media site Facebook has the remote recruitment solution named Facebook Jobs to create an efficient hiring process. In this blog, we will explore all the things you need to know why you should use Easy.Jobs over Facebook Jobs.

Why Do You Need A Platform For Remote Recruitment Process?

Let’s clear out why you need a platform for the remote recruitment process. Remote recruitment platforms can not only help your organization out in this pandemic situation, it is the future.

Facebook Jobs

Unlike the old ways, with a proper remote recruitment process you can increase productivity and give you an efficient hiring process. It’s much easier to post a job and collect applications. You don’t need to check emails and sort them all out by yourself.

Platforms That People Use For Online Job Posting

One of the popular platforms that people use for online job posting is Facebook Jobs. With this platform, you can tap into one of the biggest social networks so that your job posting can reach more people. But not every job posting can do that.

Facebook Jobs

People have to boost their job posting on Facebook itself so that it can reach more people. Facebook Jobs does not have the features that can help the recruiters to deal with other processes like custom assessments and AI to make the right choice.

People also use Google Forms and advanced hiring solutions like Easy.Jobs, Recruitee, JobVite where you can easily streamline your hiring process. From more easy communication with the applicants to analytics, these SaaS tools can give you an efficient hiring process. And this is a good reason why you should try Easy.Jobs over Facebook Jobs.

Limitations In Facebook Jobs That Easy.Jobs Can Overcome

You can find quite a few limitations in Facebook Jobs that can stop you from getting a fully efficient hiring process. Just think about the whole remote recruitment process, it’s not just about getting applications from the right people. There are so many other tasks that go into it making an efficient hiring process. And with an advanced hiring solution, you can get things done easily.

Now we will show you why you should choose a SaaS tool like Easy.Jobs for a more efficient hiring process. There are many features that give Easy.Jobs the edge over Facebook Jobs. And these features will make you clear on why you should use Easy.Jobs over Facebook Jobs to get an efficient hiring process.

More Formal Approach For Recruitment Process

Facebook Jobs can seem a bit informal remote recruitment process. Ultimately when the job post will be boosted, it will show up in the middle of your News Feed, between other content. And it can seem very informal for serious job posts. And Facebook tends to fetch information from applicants from their profiles directly and sometimes they are not proper details for a job post.

Facebook Jobs

Easy.Jobs gives you a more formal platform for the remote recruitment process. You can also instantly share the job post to social media platforms. It does not collect any informal informal information from your social media accounts. So it is a more efficient hiring process. This is a really good reason to choose Easy.Jobs over Facebook Jobs.

Custom Recruitment Pipeline For Individual Jobs

One of the most amazing features that Easy.Jobs has, is the Recruitment Pipeline. In Facebook Jobs you cannot manage candidates that easily. This feature helps to make things more organized and it prevents any mistake and also helps to create an efficient hiring process.

Facebook Jobs

The Recruitment Pipeline gives you a great way to organize applicants between different stages of the remote recruitment process. And the best part about it is, the pipeline is completely customizable. If you try Easy.Jobs over Facebook Jobs then you will see how important this function is. You can even move candidates during the recruitment process and make it easy to track the stages.

Custom Assessment For The Job Candidates

Facebook Jobs does not have any field for creating custom candidate assessments. But Easy.Jobs lets you create your custom assessment to screen and test your candidates to get the best match for your job. So this feature gives you a more efficient hiring process.

Facebook Jobs

Easy.Jobs lets you add an assessment to test the knowledge and skills of your candidates. You can even add any existing question sets as your assessment test for your job posts. These assessments are timed and contain marks so that you can evaluate tests. Try using Easy.Jobs over Facebook Jobs and you will get to add the assessment part with the job post from the start. This will save you a lot of time.

Job Templates To Create & Post Faster In Easy.Jobs

In Facebook Jobs you have to write every bit of the job post according to your needs. But this takes time and there are no templates. Easy.Jobs provides you over 40 ready job templates to use from. Helping you to enjoy a fully efficient hiring process that saves you a lot of time. Another good reason to choose Easy.Jobs over Facebook Jobs.

Facebook Jobs

These ready job templates can help you to create and post faster. You can access these templates from the Easy.Jobs dashboard. An efficient hiring process saves you a lot of precious time and effort and Easy.Jobs does that really well. You can read this step-by-step guide on how to use these ready job templates here.

Establish Better Company Branding With Custom Domain

With a custom domain, you can make a good impression on all of your candidates. So when people see your custom domain they get to develop a better image of your company in their minds.

Facebook Jobs

Facebook Jobs will show you the company business page but if you are a relatively new company you might not have so many likes and follows. And that might make people think twice about the authenticity of the job post. If you choose Easy.Jobs over Facebook Jobs then you get to enjoy this amazing feature where you have your own custom domain so that you can ensure the authenticity of your post.

Simple Steps To Create A Job Post In Easy.Jobs Platform

Creating a job post in Easy.Jobs is very simple. It only takes a few minutes to do these steps. Now let’s go through these simple steps and you can easily start the remote recruitment process today.

Step 1: Fill Out The Basic Job Information

First, you need to log in to your Easy.Jobs account and open the Dashboard. Then you need to click on the ‘Jobs’ from the left sidebar. Now you need to click on the ‘Create A Job Post’ button.

Facebook Jobs

Now you need to fill out the job information like the Title, Job Details and all the rest of the necessary information. This information will show up on the job post. And when you are done filling it out, you need to click the ‘Save and Continue’ button.

Facebook Jobs

Step 2: Add Question Sets & Quiz Tests

In the second step you need to add question sets and quiz tests. You will see the ‘Screening Question’ view. There you can add your pre-made question set for the candidates. And you can select the required questions that the candidates must answer.

Facebook Jobs

After adding the set on the job post you can adjust the time duration and marks for the questions and that’s it. You need to hit the ‘Save and Continue’ button and now we can move to the next part. Now it will take you to the ‘Quiz’ section. Here you can choose the pre-made quiz questions. And again you need to hit the ‘Save and Continue’ button to save it.

Facebook Jobs

Step 3: Set Customized Required Fields

In this last step, you need to select the required fields that candidates need to fill up when they apply for the job. This is an easy way to set up what you need to collect from the candidates. Once you have selected the fields just click on the ‘Save And Publish’ button and confirm it.

Facebook Jobs

Congratulations! You just created a new job post for your company on Easy.Jobs. It’s that simple to create a job on this platform. It only takes a few minutes to set everything and publish the job post. This proves that Easy.Jobs gives you a very efficient hiring process.

Easy.Jobs Vs Facebook Jobs: Which Hiring Solution Should You Choose?

If you look at the limitations on the Facebook Jobs you can see Easy.Jobs clearly can get the edge. But before taking any decisions let’s go over the main advantages of using Easy.Jobs on more time.

➡️ Easy.Jobs is more professional

➡️ You can post jobs faster

➡️ Easier to sort and assess candidates

➡️ More advanced features that help remote recruitment process

Now let’s go over the main advantages of using Facebook Jobs

➡️ Reach more people by boosting on Facebook

➡️ Helps to attract passive candidates

➡️ Establish a more personal connection

In general, we can say that Easy.Jobs is a more professional and advanced hiring solution and Facebook Jobs has more of a personal touch. You can choose any one of them according to your needs. We recommend you to try Easy.Jobs over Facebook Jobs and see how a fast & efficient hiring process really feels like.

Let us know if you liked this blog or not in the comments. And do share which platform you ended up using for your remote recruitment process. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blogs to get the latest news and updates and interesting tutorials.

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