20+ Funny Interview Jokes Any Recruiter Will Relate

Are you planning to bring change in boring conventional interviews? Then funny interview jokes are what need to be added by the recruiter to lighten up the interview environment. To help you make your interviews more lively and engaging, we have selected the funniest interview jokes. Take a look at why these are important, and which ones are popular.

funny interview jokes

Funny Interview Jokes: Why Should Recruiters Practice Them?

Let’s take a step back and explore why recruiters should practice funny interview jokes. Jokes are meant to be light-hearted and funny. Therefore, why should you use funny interview questions or jokes in a serious situation such as an interview board? Let’s share interesting statistics first:  

In the end, 57 percent of interviewers base their hiring decisions on a candidate's personality and how it fits within the company's culture.

Time to check out the basic reasons behind cracking funny interview jokes as a recruiter in an interview board: 

📌 Great Alternative To Ice Breaking Session

In an interview board, a lot of tension is created. Sometimes candidates find it difficult to feel relaxed and adapt to the environment. Due to that, sometimes recruiters lose potential candidates for the vacancy. Ice breaking sessions are the best solution to deal with these kinds of situations. What if you don’t have enough time to take an ice breaker session? In such cases, funny interview jokes help to create an atmosphere for both recruiter and candidate. 

Besides, there are cases when a conversation doesn’t flow smoothly due to tech issues. While potential interferences can be reduced with proper headphones and a microphone for interviews, things are a bit more complicated with the atmosphere during an interview.

📌 Assessing Candidates’ Creativity & Skills

From resumes and CVs, it is easy to determine whether a candidate has the required job experience. But it’s not possible to take tests on candidates thinking out of the box. By asking interesting and funny interview jokes, you can get a clear idea about the candidate’s adaptability and creativity. Answering these funny interview jokes will also give you a sense of how collaborative the candidate is.

Candidate Pro Tips:

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📌 Whether Candidates Fit For The Company Culture

Every organization holds its own jargon and company culture. Through written tasks and CV resumes, you cannot determine if the candidate is a good fit for your company culture. Cracking funny jokes in an interview can help a recruiter determine which candidates are able to fit in with the company culture. It also helps to realize the main motive of the candidates and how much they are going to cope with the culture. 

Check Out 20+ Funny Interview Jokes For Recruiters

Here we will find out the best funny interview jokes for recruiters. For your convenience, we’ve collected the best funny jokes you can tell on interview day if you work in recruitment. And if you wish to save some to spread out during the year, that is a great idea, too! 

For your help, we have categorized the funny interview jokes, so that you can use them properly depending on the situation. 

Popular Funny Jokes For Interview

Let’s start with the popular funny jokes for interviews that are widely practiced in almost all organizations. The top picks are here:

  •  A hiring manager asks a job candidate, “When do you find you’re most productive?” The candidate responds, “When the bills are due.”
  • “I think I want a job cleaning mirrors. It’s really something I could see myself doing.”
  • “I managed to get a good job working for a pool maintenance company, but the work was just too draining.”
  • What superpower would you choose if you had the chance?

Mike Simpson Tips: You shouldn’t choose invisibility as your superpower when you answer this question. You may come across as sneaky or untrustworthy if you say you want to be invisible, even if you don’t mean it that way.

  • What is the most common job of spiders? → Web designer.
  • Why was the scarecrow hired? → His field of expertise was outstanding.
  • Interviewer: “Why do you want this job?” Candidate: “Well, I’ve always been really passionate about not starving to death.”
  • My boss told me, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” Now I’m sitting in a disciplinary meeting dressed as Wonder Woman.
  • A recruiter asks a candidate, “What’s your biggest weakness?” The applicant replies, “I don’t know when to quit.” “You’re hired.” “I quit.”
  • What do you consider yourself to be: a hunter or a gatherer? If so, why? → A hunter comes to mind when you picture someone who is quick and strong. They will look for something far off in the distance and move quickly. The hunter will notice minor differences in the landscape to find a hunting location. Visualize a gatherer as someone who is meticulous, slow, and deliberate.
  • When interviewing a job candidate, a recruiter asks, “How long have you been in your last position?” –> In response, the applicant states, “My biggest weakness is listening.”In response, the applicant states, “My biggest weakness is listening.”
  • Job applicants were asked, “What are your main strengths and weaknesses?” –> I think I have a weakness regarding reality,” he said, “so that would definitely be my main weakness. It’s sometimes hard for me to tell what’s real and what’s not.”
  • I went for an interview for a job today and the manager said, “We’re looking for someone who’s responsible.” “Well, I’m your man!!” I replied, “In my last job, whenever anything went wrong, they said I was responsible.”
  • The boss asked, How do you perform under pressure? The man said, Well I try my hardest but I always end up singing “Ice Ice Baby”
  • The interviewer asks: “So, do you have any special skills?” Man, pulling a dead hamster out of his pocket: “Taxidermy!” Hamster: “And necromancy!”
  • A millionaire was asked in an interview the secret behind his success? He replied, “Well you see the first million is always the hardest to make, so I started from second”
  • I overflowed a cup of water during a job interview yesterday. “Nervous?” asked the interviewer. I simply replied “No, I always give 110%”

Knock Knock Jokes For Interviewer

Usually, a knock-knock joke ends with a pun and is a type of audience-participatory joke cycle. In job interviews, knock knock jokes are also popular jokes among recruiters and candidates. Here are some best funny interview jokes that you can follow.

  • Knock Knock Who’s there? Canoe! Canoe who? Canoe (can you) give me a job, please?
  • Candidate: knock knock. Interviewer: Who’s there?. Candidate: You’re hired.. Interviewer: You’re hired… Candidate: interrupts thank you; I won’t let you and the team down.
  • Knock Knock. Who’s there? Chair! Chair who? Chair up buttercup don’t be sad.
  • Knock, knock. Who’s there? Radio. Radio who?. Radio not, here I come!
  • Knock, knock. Who’s there? Wire. Wire who? Wire you asking me?
  • Here is a popular The Office serial knock knock joke.
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Zoom Remote Interview Funny Questions

In present times, remote interviews are getting more popular. As it is efficient and time convenient. There are some funny interview jokes that got especially popular in remote interviews. Let’s take a look at them. 

  • “What would you do if you found a penguin in the freezer?” –> If they lived in the Arctic, it wouldn’t be surprising to find a penguin in the freezer. There would probably be a party. 
  • “Why are manholes round?” –>“They’re made that way because men fit comfortably in round holes.”
  • “If you could have any superhero power, what power would you have and why?” –> “I’d want to fly if I could have any superpower—partly because I don’t like traffic, and I’ve never seen things from a bird’s-eye view before, besides looking from an aircraft window.”
  • “What would you do if you were the only survivor in a plane crash?” –> “I’d be happy that I flew alone that day, and then I’d probably complete more hours of flight training before I flew a plane again.”

✨ Tips: How To Answer Funny Interview Questions

Now you know about the top funny interview questions with sample answers. However, these are not all funny interview jokes that can be asked by interviewers. So, you have to take basic preparation for all the funny interview jokes and answer them smoothly. A funny interview question isn’t geared towards any specific position, unlike standard interview questions. In contrast, they may be used to gain insights into your personality or examine how you handle unexpected situations.

To get yourself prepare for the funny interview jokes, presenting the best strategy to implement: 

Firstly, you need to be able to take humorous interview questions sincerely. Regardless of how weird the funny interview joke is, you should pivot swiftly, take it in a positive light and prepare yourself to respond creatively.

Secondly, you should start practicing tailoring methods. You can adapt your answer so that it is more compelling to the hiring manager using the tailoring method. It’s all about tailoring your response to a company’s unique needs so that you are relevant to that company.

Recruiter Pro Tip:

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Discover more about a company’s needs by doing some research. Visit the company’s website after reviewing the job description. In fact, almost half of hiring managers will not extend a job offer to a candidate – even if they possess the right skills – if they cannot demonstrate a thorough understanding of the industry.

That’s all for today. Don’t forget to share these funny interview jokes if you found them helpful as a recruiter or a candidate. Also, subscribe to our blog to keep updated with these kinds of fun guidelines, tutorials, reviews, etc. 



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