[FREE] Best 3 Pre-employment Personality Tests You Can Use During Hiring

Pre-employment personality tests during hiring help employers to assess or can easily get an idea about the employee sitting in front. Employers can know applicants’ or newly onboards nature, overall personality, leadership skills, management capabilities, diversity, and many more. This is ultimately to decide whether the job candidate can be fit for your organization or not. So let’s check out more to know about pre-employment personality tests and the free best  3 pre-employment personality tests you can use during hiring. Get started. 

Pre-employment personality testsPre-employment personality tests

This is ultimately to decide whether the job candidate can be fit for your organization or not. So let’s check out more to know about pre-employment personality tests and the free best 3 pre-employment personality tests you can use during hiring. Get started.

Purpose Of Pre-Employment Personality Tests During Hiring

As an employer, along with aptitude tests or skill tests,  a pre-employment personality test can help you make your decision faster. This is because the pre-employment test consists of question sets related to character traits. That helps employers to get an idea about how candidates’ are thinking, their mindsets, extrovert or introvert, managerial skills, leadership qualities, and more in detail.

So when you access this with complete pre-employment personality tests during hiring can help to analyze applicant’s personalities at the beginning. It eventually helps you take the further decisions to onboard him or not. Take a look at below what hiring managers can find during pre-employment tests: 

  • Teamwork skills of any candidate. 
  • Get an idea of your employee’s work style. 
  • Diversity & flexibility of a candidate. 
  • Work ethics & values as a professional. 
  • Know about candidate soft skills and personal traits. 
  • Managerial qualities and their overall thinking process, and a lot more.

Impacts Of Pre-Employment Personality Tests During Hiring 

Pre-employment Personality Tests

Pre-employment tests articulate one candidate’s detailed traits and help you analyze their personality, qualities with others to hire them at a faster pace. Another Aberdeen Group research mentioned that companies who use pre-employment personality tests report a 39% lower turnover rate. So without any delay, let’s check out some impacts of it below:

Reduce Employee Turnover: 

If you take pre-employment personality tests, you can initially judge the employee key traits that eventually help you to minimize the employee turnover rates and be assured of their longevity. Because a detailed report is generated to analyze each trait. 

Take Quick Decision & Reduced Costs: 

It’s obvious pre-employment personality tests help you make decisions quickly because you already get a prompt idea about their characteristics. So you can make sure which employee you should take, reducing the further hiring costs. 

Be More Neutral On Hiring:

When you take these pre-employment personality tests you can have a completely different opinion about your applicants. So no initial judgment or biased opinion can take place. You can make your decision neutrally.  

Plan Job Training Instantly:

This personality test actually helps you get an idea about your employee job candidates’ strengths and weaknesses. You can know their learning process, and their extroverted or introverted nature can be improved. According to this, you can plan for further training to develop your career as a professional that benefits your organization.  

Identify Hidden Talents: 

Personality tests help you discover your job candidates’ hidden talents, skills, mindsets that allow you to handle and organize your team so well from the beginning. You can also use their talents that will be beneficial for your organization.

Some Statistics On Pre-Employment Tests During Hiring To Look At: 

87% of employers assess that some candidates represent their qualities beyond their capabilities during job applications or resumes. That’s where pre-employment assessment helps employers make their hiring decision by taking relevant aptitude tests and personality tests. 

So as you already know about pre-employment personality tests, now we are going to mention some more statistics of pre-employment tests during hiring success. Take a look:

HBR research mentioned that about76% of organizations with more than 100 employees rely on assessment tools such as aptitude and personality tests for external hiring.”

According to the Aberdeen Group study, “hiring managers who convey pre-employment personality tests or assessments report 36% more satisfaction with their final decision than those who don’t.”

SHRM research states that ‘82% of companies use pre-employment personality tests, while 80% of Fortune 500 do the same.’

[FREE] Best 3 Pre-Employment Personality Tests You Can Use During Hiring

As you get to know all about the importance of pre-employment personality tests and all, now this time how you can do this using the free best tools that you are going to know. Check out the blog to know all the FREE Best 3 Pre-Employment Personality Tests you can use during hiring. 

Popular Pre-Employment Test Tool 16Personalities 

Pre-employment Personality Tests

16Personalities is a world-renowned personality or pre-employment personality tests tool for employers. More than 500 million people use this personality tests tool to know what they actually are. Employers or individuals use this tool because of the reliable framework it provides. It recognizes each personality by providing a particular personality type according to their question answering or the deeper thinking process. And it’s completely free for all.

Why Choose ​​16Personalities

  • It combines the personality test with psychometric research, time-tested concepts with powerful and highly accurate testing techniques such as Myers-Briggs personality test.
  • Hundreds of pioneering studies that help you dig into distinct personality types, impacts, geographical distribution for different types of cultures, social attitudes, relationships, and more in detail.
  • This test is available in 37 languages that translate text to people of different languages, and a lot of expertise is included. 

Assess Candidates Personality With PI 

Pre-employment Personality Tests

PI (The Predictive Index) can help you assess candidates’ behavior by answering two long questions that they estimated to take 6 mins. It’s another useful tool that can help employers analyze their applicant’s personalities. You will get detailed information about how you are going to act in a work environment with your specific personality types and more. 

Why Choose ​​PI (The Predictive Index)

  • You can as a leader take this personality test to know which personality traits you have and acknowledge accordingly. 
  • This personality tests tool can identify and categorize workplace behaviors that show how you are going to organize and manage.
  • It helps to grow you as a leader to hire better and encourage you to be a high-performing employee or employer. 

Know Who You Are With With Truity

Pre-employment Personality Tests

Truity is another free and handy pre-employment personality test you can use to assess your candidate’s personality traits. You can take the Myers & Briggs 16 personality test, Enneagram personality test, big five personality test, or other types as well. It will analyze and provide you with the best personality that fits you completely. 1,462,434 tests were taken in the last 30 days.  

Why Choose ​​Truity

  • You can assess your candidate’s personality by taking different personality tests that will help you make your hiring decision faster.
  • It examines your personality in-depth according to your answers to the questions they asked. So finalizing results can easily help you with your candidates’ strengths and weaknesses.

Now It’s Your Turn To Explore!

So to make your hiring process faster and more effective, you can assess your applicants with a Pre-employment personality test using any of the above free personality tests platforms. Hope you find this blog helpful and if you want to share your thoughts then make your comment below.

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