How To Create AI-Generated Job Posts With

With the technological evolution driving towards automation and artificial intelligence in recent years, AI is taking care of everything online. And here at, we have always aimed to ensure you have all the features and facilities needed to keep up with the changing landscape, both in terms of recruitment and technologies.

Earlier, with, you could create great job postings manually, but now we introduce you to our latest upgrade – advanced features to effortlessly create AI-generated job posts with to streamline your hiring process more than ever before. Want to know how it works? Then buckle up and read our step-by-step guideline below and try it for yourself now!

AI-Generated Job Posts With

How Does A Good Job Post Help You Recruit the Right Talent?

A great job post is essential for attracting top talent to your organization. It serves as the first point of contact between your company and potential candidates, making it crucial to create a compelling and informative job listing. Here are some key ways a great job post can help you recruit top talent:

A Clear Job Title: You need to use a clear and concise job title that accurately reflects the role. Plus, it is mandatory to avoid internal jargon that may confuse external candidates.

Compelling Job Summary: Crafting a compelling job summary that highlights the most important aspects of the role is the key to a good job post. AI-generated job posts with can make this easy and simple.

Detailed Job Description: With AI you can easily write a detailed and accurate description of the job, including key responsibilities, qualifications, and expectations. Plus, clearly outline any specific skills, certifications, or experience required.

Company Overview With Benefits & Perks: AI-generated job posts with will give you a brief overview of your company, highlighting its mission, values, and culture. If you command, the job post will outline the benefits and perks associated with the position. This could include healthcare, retirement plans, flexible work schedules, and any other enticing offerings.

SEO Optimization: Ai-generated job posts with will make your job post content SEO-optimized. Your job post will be search engine friendly to increase its visibility. Relevant keywords related to the job and industry to improve search rankings will be there.

Step By Step Guide To Create AI-generated Job Posts With

Using, you can easily create a new job post with AI. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps. After that, you will easily make your hiring right talent process more easy and simple.

Step 1: Log In To Your Account

The first thing you need to do is enter into your account with the right credentials & go to the dashboard.

AI-Generated Job Posts With

Step 2: Create A Job Post With AI In

Once you’re in the dashboard, click on ‘Jobs’ from the left sidebar and it will take you to this view below. To create a new job, hover over the ‘Create A Job Post’ button from the top right corner.

AI-Generated Job Posts With

If you’ve followed correctly so far, you’ll be redirected to the below page. From here, click on ‘Create A Job With AI’. In the popup screen, write the title of the jobs in the ‘Job Title’ field, a few line details about the job in the ‘Job Details’ field, and responsibilities in the respective field. 

And hit the ‘Generate’ button finally. Now please hold on because it’ll take a few seconds to generate the job post with AI.

AI-Generated Job Posts With

Here you go! The AI has generated content for Job Details and Responsibilities. Review the AI-generated information for any changes or make sure everything is correct.

AI-Generated Job Posts With

This is how you can easily generate AI content and create a job post with AI in with ease. The rest of the things in the ‘Information’ field, you need to put manually.

Bonus: How To Promote Job Postings With Proper Action Plan (Startups)

To attract top talent, startups need to compete with larger companies, despite having fewer resources. Here are some simple tactics for startups to promote job posts:

✅ Use the power of the internet by running recruitment processes on hiring platforms and promoting job posts.

✅ Consider recruiting agencies to overcome challenges related to company size.

✅ List job posts on free job posting sites to easily attract candidates.

✅ Simplify your recruitment process with user-friendly solutions like for creating career sites, running successful job campaigns, and screening candidates hassle-free.

Get Seamless Hiring Success With easy.job’s AI-generated Job Posts

Using the capabilities of AI-generated job posts with offer a streamlined and efficient approach to recruitment. The platform’s user-friendly features, combined with AI technology, empower businesses to craft compelling job listings that attract top talent. By incorporating into your hiring strategy, you not only enhance the quality of your job posts but also simplify the entire recruitment process, ensuring a seamless experience for both employers and candidates alike. 

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