Top 10 HR Blogs That You Should Follow In 2022

In order to manage a smooth recruitment process and nurture your employees, organizations follow HR blogs. Here we have curated the best HR blogs that will help your organization to grow. Let’s check out them all. 

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Why It’s Important To Follow HR Blogs? 

Indeed there is no stop to learning. And to run your company efficiently, you have to keep adapting to the new trends and strategies. At present time, blogs are considered as the knowledge hub. And HR blogs are the best place to gather descriptive information about recruiting, training employees, and many more. Apart from publishing books or magazines, companies are more focused on publishing HR blogs. So as a part of the managing committee or human resource team, following HR blogs are considered crucial. We have pointed out the key benefits of following HR blogs:

🧲 You will find every important tutorial

🧲 Stay up-to-date on the latest trends

🧲 Get to know about breaking news

🧲 Get insights about recruiting, employee management

🧲 Best place to look for inspirations

Top 10 HR Blogs To Follow This Year

The HR blogs you read will not only help you excel in your role, but they will also help you see where HR is going in the coming years and prepare you for an ever-changing labor market. Nevertheless, where can you find HR blogs worth subscribing to and following this year? We’ve gathered the top 10 HR blogs and newsletters that you need to read right now. While some of them will be familiar to you, others are emerging, making them all worthwhile to explore. 

For your easy navigation, we’ve listed HR blogs based on categories. 

Blogs From Recruiting Companies

Almost all the recruiting tools manage HR blogs to teach customers about their product usages and other insightful sections. Here are the top ones. 

Indeed HR Blogs

Indeed is known as the most popular job board for all types of professions. And they come with resourceful HR blogs. From there you can easily create CVs, resumes, get unlimited templates, the latest recruiting trends, etc.

hr blogs

How To Subscribe?

Simply by signing up for Indeed, you will be enlisted on their blog subscriber list. Then you can get to read the latest HR blogs. 

Easy.Jobs Blogs

Easy.Jobs is an ultimate recruiting management tool that will help you to create your own company page, run job opening campaigns, and many more. This stunning recruiting service has its own blog website. From where you can check out the trends, Easy.Jobs updates, tutorials, and many more. 

HR blogs

How To Subscribe?

By providing an email to the subscribe form, you can easily be a part of Easy.Jobs HR blogs.

LinkedIn Talent Blog

Nowadays LinkedIn is considered an online portfolio service and also has insightful HR blogs. LinkedIn Talent Blog focuses mainly on sourcing, hiring, and recruiting. Along with in-depth tutorials on topics like writing better job descriptions and sourcing underrepresented candidates, you’ll also find other interesting content such as holiday gift ideas for your friend or colleague, and an annual recruiting roundup in GIF format.

hr blogs

How To Subscribe?

Directly from the LinkedIn Talent blog, you can subscribe to this HR blog.

Glassdoor For Employees

It is another popular place to look for vacancies, and more. To guide users thoroughly for a successful hiring process, you will get every type of tip, tutorial, etc. Glassdor focuses mainly on recruiting and retention, and given the feedback employees leave on their platform, you can imagine they have some great advice to share. In addition to tips on how to improve your company’s Glassdoor profile, Glassdoor for Employers contains useful tips you can use for employer branding. 

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How To Subscribe?

To subscribe to Glassdoor HR blogs, you have to open an account first. Instantly you will be added to the subscriber list. 

Recruiter Magazine Blog

Recruiter is a job management tool that helps to create own job board and run job opening campaigns. Online and in print, With publishes quality recruitment content for its readers. There are some pieces that are unique to the UK region, but the overall tone and quality are intended for recruiting professionals globally.

hr blogs

How To Subscribe?

You have to sign up to subscribe Recruiter blog page. Automatically you can enjoy all the HR blog posts.

Personal Blogs On Recruiting

Apart from hiring solutions, there are other blogging sites that come with helpful HR blogs. Let’s explore them. 

The Savage Truth

A video and written component combine to make The Savage Truth a powerful tool for creating conversations about recruiting. Greg Savage has built a brand and a site with textbook precision thanks to over four decades in the industry, his unique perspective, and his forward-thinking approach.

hr blogs

How To Subscribe?

You will find the subscribe button on the HR blog page. All you have to do is click the button and give your email. You will be enlisted instantly. 

HR Industry Blogs

If you are looking to follow insightful HR blogs direct from the industry, then here are the blogs to follow: 

Fistful of Talent

In contrast to the more professional HR blogs on this list, Fistful of Talent is a welcome change of pace. There are many articles written by different guest bloggers on the site, which will make you laugh while you learn something new. You can also find video tutorials, podcasts, etc on HR guidelines here. 

hr blogs

How To Subscribe?

This HR blog site doesn’t have a direct subscriber option. You can visit the site and check out the new blogs anytime. 

The HR Capitalist

Despite all the competition on the internet, The HR Capitalist keeps doing the impossible, making HR blogs enjoyable to read. In addition to highlighting best practices within the industry, the blog uses examples from real-life to illustrate HR and recruitment theory.

hr blogs

How To Subscribe?

To get updated with the latest HR blogs, you can easily subscribe to the blog site and enjoy freshly baked articles. 

TINY Pulse

Das Tiny Pulse blog is an excellent way to learn more about employee engagement and happiness. Topics covered include company culture, benefits, leadership, and recruitment. Tiny Pulse is the blog that you should go to if you’re looking to change the culture at your company. Here you will also find diversified topic blogs on office culture, ethics, etc.

hr blogs

How To Subscribe?

You have to log in to this HR blog site to get subscribed. 

Personal Blogs from HR Professionals

Apart from renowned HR blog websites and companies, renowned HR professionals also maintain a personal blog where you can get every type of HR help, tips, and tricks.  

The HR Bartender

Its name, HR Bartender, is given so that you can read the articles and relax. Sharlyn Lauby is an HR professional turned consultant who writes on a variety of topics on her popular blog. A variety of topics, such as engagement, recruitment, and career advice are served up by the HR Bartender.

HR blogs

How To Subscribe?

This HR blog has an RSS feed. You can easily follow it to get the latest blogs. 

These are the top 10 HR blogs for you. From beginner to expert, these blogs are helpful for every professional. Start following these blogs and enrich your knowledge. To get more these kinds of listing, subscribe to our blog as well.



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