How To Write A Professional Resignation Letter [Samples Included]

Are you willing to learn how to write a professional resignation letter? It is encouraged to provide the company you are working with a formal resignation letter when you are planning to switch or quit your job. Writing a resignation letter is something you must handle sincerely. Here, you will have a detailed guideline on how to write one as well as sample templates. 

Write A Professional Resignation Letter

Why Do You Need To Write A Professional Resignation Letter?

A resignation letter is through which you convey the message of your intention to leave your current job. It is a formal way of expressing the reasons behind leaving the company and therefore, there should be no stones unturned to make it professional & pleasant to read that does not create a bad impression. If you write a professional resignation letter, it can benefit you in a number of ways,

👉 It helps you create a positive impression while leaving the company

👉 It reflects your sincerity and concern for the organization

👉 It is a good way to express your gratitude for the company while leaving

👉 It helps you maintain a positive relationship with your previous employer

Not all companies require a resignation letter, you must check the human resource department of your company first. However, if you want to keep a professional connection with your employer, it is recommended to send a resignation letter. 

When You Should Write A Job Resignation Letter?

To maintain a good relationship with your previous company you should consider writing a formal resignation letter before leaving the company. So a question may arise when you should write a job resignation letter or what is the best time to send a resignation letter to your company?

There are some basic resignation etiquettes that you must follow in order to proceed smoothly. The most important among them is the amount of time you give to your boss and the company to be prepared and make a balance after you leave the com. Your departure must not be a shock to them, so you need to be sincere about giving them enough time. This will be helpful for your boss to find your replacement and you will be able to hand over the tasks you were supposed to do.

The US standard for sending a resignation letter is two weeks before your departure. However, the time may vary depending on the place you live in or the company you are associated with. If your company has certain policies regarding the time of sending a resignation letter, you must follow those policies unless there are circumstances that befall you suddenly. You can consider sending the resignation letter earlier but not later than two weeks before the departure date.

Best Practices To Write A Professional Resignation Letter

Write A Professional Resignation Letter

A formal resignation letter must include some basic components. Below are the things you need to include while you are about to write a professional resignation letter.

  • Salutation

You may need to send the resignation letter directly to your team lead, manager, or HR supervisor or you can even address the entire team or the company as a whole. For your letter, you can use a general salutation that mentions, “Dear Michael”, ‘’Hello Team’’ etc.

  • Objective & Departure Date

Next, in your resignation letter, you need to state your intention for leaving the job and clearly mention your departure date. Don’t forget to mention your current job title and other necessary information.

  • Reasons For Leaving

You should clarify the reasons for leaving the company. The reasons need to be clear and specific. You must be careful and professional in tone and the words you choose. 

  • Include A Thank You

Do not forget to express your gratitude so that the company gets a positive impression of you and helps you in the remaining days you are working in the company. This will also help you to ensure a healthy relationship even after your departure from the organization.

  • Offer Cooperation In The Transition

You can offer assistance from your side if possible to make the transition process even smoother. For instance, you can suggest an ideal candidate as your replacement or simply just ask whether you can help the company anyway. 

  • Detailed Contact Information

If you didn’t include your personal details earlier, you can add the details in this phase. You should include your contact information, designation, signature, and other important details so that it becomes easy for the company to reach you if needed.

Things To Omit While Writing Your Job Resignation Letter

Write A Professional Resignation Letter

We have come across the best practices of how to write a professional resignation letter and now we will focus on things that you should not include in your letter of resignation. Make sure that your resignation letter creates a good impression. 

Even if you have issues or complaints regarding any matter of your company, this is not the right time to express them when resigning. Also, the size of the letter, font, font size, and formatting; all should be into your consideration while writing a resignation letter. So you must sincerely handle the process and be careful that you don’t end up dissatisfying anyone.

Professional Resignation Letter Samples

Writing a resignation letter before you leave the company is important and it is evident from the discussion above. Now it is time to check some examples of writing a resignation letter in a more professional way. Here are 2 examples of resignation letters that you can follow.

Sample 1: Job Resignation Letter Two Weeks Notice

Aug 14, 2022

[Employee Name]

Dear [Manager Name], 

I'm writing to let you know that, two weeks from today, I'll be leaving my 
job as a senior project manager. I've liked working at [Company Name], and 
I appreciate the chance and instruction you've given me over the past five 

If you have any inquiries, don't hesitate to get in touch with me. 
I'll be pleased to assist you with making any hiring-related preparations. 
My cell phone number is +9986750934, and my email address is [Email Address]


Signature (hard copy letter)

[Employee Name]

Sample 2: Job Resignation Letter 1 Month Notice

[Employee Name]


[Email Address]

Sep 1, 2022

Dear [NAME],

Hope you are in good health. I am writing this letter today to inform you 
that I am resigning from my position as Assistant Sales Manager of 
[Company Name] from the 30th of September.

My journey over the past 2 years in your company was full of professional 
growth and development. I am grateful to you and the company for helping me 
grow more. The support and guidance you provided me during my time at 
BDL Properties Limited are irreplaceable. Thank you for your encouragement.

Please let me know how I can help before my departure. I wish you and 
the company the best.


[Employee Name]

Want To Write A Professional Resignation Letter?

It is important to write a good resignation letter that creates a positive impression. Therefore you need to be conscious while sending the letter. It is both important for a smooth transition and a relationship with your company. 

Hope this blog was helpful for you to write a professional resignation letter. Please share your experience with us in our Facebook community and subscribe to our blogs for more guides, tips, and ideas on employee management, human resources, and more.



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