Step By Step Guide To Translate Easy.Jobs Posts In Different Languages

Want to translate your job posts into different languages? The easiest remote hiring solutions 轻松工作 comes with translation facilities to translate posts in almost 14+ languages and more. Wondering how you can do that and curious about the configuration? Here you go! Let’s check out the step-by-step guide below and learn how easy it is.

Translate Easy.Jobs Posts

Why Do You Need Different Languages Support In Your Hiring Solutions? 

Companies are now globally connected to go beyond the boundaries to promote their business and hire people from different countries around the world. In this case, you might need your job posts to translate in different languages.

Make Global Connections

To make a global connection, you need to get employees who can help you to corporate with different regions of the world effectively. Without this balance, you will not be able to succeed in the long run if your goal is to participate in the global platform as a successful organization. Also, in hiring multilingual employees, you have to translate your job posts for sure that support different languages. 

Translate Easy.Jobs Posts

Hire Employees Remotely 

It will help your preferred candidates to relate to your job posts at a glance. It smoothens the remote hiring process. Not only that, but you also need global representatives who can handle your business in those particular regions. For that, different language supports works like a blessing to hire the right talent in a faster process. 

Translate Easy.Jobs Posts

Smart Recruitment Process 

Reaching out to global students as your employees, your specific job post-translation makes this applying and hiring process efficient and effective for both sides. Or suppose anyone who reaches out to your job posts if it supports different languages, it will make visitors feel you care about other language groups that they might read your posts and encourage others, share on different groups to get applied. This way you can hire the best talent in a quicker and smarter process. 

Translate Easy.Jobs Posts

This is why company owners look for a complete hiring solution that can easily translate their job posts without any hassles to their future employees. It creates a friendly environment at the very first look before even applying and creates a good impression on the overall recruiting process.      

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Step By Step Guide To Translate Posts In Different Languages

轻松工作 is considered as the most advanced, easiest remote hiring SaaS solution that is available in the WordPress plugin version. SAAS to WordPress site, all users can easily now create a stunning career site page using this exclusive solution and manage their remote hiring with ease. 

轻松工作 comes with great user friendly designs, exclusive AI integrations, structured candidate pipelines, different language supports, and more to streamline your whole hiring process to get the right talent faster. It has become the all-in-one solution to maintain your career site to translate job posts in different languages. All you need to do is just follow some simple steps and configure the changes according to your need. 

Step 1: Signing In To Your Account

First, create an account in and then log in to your credentials to proceed further. If you have already done so, then you are all there to explore exclusive features. 

Translate Easy.Jobs Posts

Step 2: Pick Your Preferred Language

After logging in to your account, just navigate to the top bar section of dashboard to pick your preferred language from the available 14+ different language options and make the changes accordingly.  

Translate Easy.Jobs Posts

Final Outcome: Take A Look At The Final Outcome

Congratulations! After you have completed these simple steps, you can now able to translate posts in different languages anytime you want.   

Translate Easy.Jobs Posts

That’s how simply you can translate posts in different languages and maintain your career site in advance using its fascinating, exclusive features. 

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Translate Easy.Jobs Posts

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