Toxicity In Workplace

How To Handle Toxicity In Workplace: 7 Ways To Resolve Conflicts

Whether you are running a startup, or a large organization, running a team can be difficult. You may occasionally find that you or your teammates are struggling to deal with work related stress. However, when stress becomes a daily phenomenon, it could be an indication of toxicity in workplace

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Workplace Diversity

How To Promote Workplace Diversity And Inclusion In 2022?

We have often heard about the importance of workplace diversity and inclusion; in fact, every organization, no matter how big or small, needs to know the importance of diversity in the workplace. However, creating an inclusive workplace can be challenging. To help you out, we are going to share our top strategies for promoting diversity in your team.

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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits & Compensation Ideas That You Should Offer

An attractive salary is not the only thing to make ideal candidates apply to job vacancies in your company. Similarly, giving an existing employee a pay raise may also not be enough to motivate them. If you want to hire new talent or encourage current team members, you must offer the right employee benefits and compensation that will help them to see you as an employer of choice.

Employee Benefits

When an individual is seeking a new job, they are not simply looking for remuneration. They are also looking for a place where they can feel welcomed, where they will feel appreciated for their efforts and also a place where they can develop their own skills and experiences. 

If you are familiar with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, then you may already be well aware that a well-paying salary is only the beginning; to motivate your team members and hire new talent, you will need to consider all of their other needs and prepare your employee benefits plan accordingly. 

Let’s take a look at what kind of employee benefits and compensation are most attractive today in 2021, and how recruiters can offer them in their employment benefit package or compensation plan.

Most Sought-After Employee Benefits & Compensation In 2021

Since the beginning of the pandemic, our lifestyle and working conditions have changed dramatically, especially with remote work becoming the norm. In fact, research shows that 90% of employees recommend remote working, and the pandemic has proven just how easily this can be done with modern technology. 

The reason for this, according to Statista, is that during 2020-2021, employees have felt that they can do more work in a short amount of time and be more productive when working remotely.

So it should come as no surprise that in 2021, flexible working hours and the opportunity to work remotely is one of the benefits employees desire at their organization.

Employee Benefits
Image Source: Statista

Similarly, just as flexible working hours and remote work options have become a popular benefit to employees, people are also looking for other compensation plans that allow them to spend more time with their family, take better care of their loved ones through health insurance or medical support, and more.

Of course, one important factor to keep in mind here is that the employee benefits people seek are usually shaped by other factors such as their age, the role they play in their family and more. 

For instance, a fresh graduate would want to work for a company that offers assistance with student loan payment, and research shows millennials want to live a fulfilling life and therefore would enjoy employee benefits such as company retreats or paid getaways. 

So you see, while some employee benefits (such as flexible working hours) are sought after by all employees, there are some specific company perks that you can include in your employee benefits plan depending on the demographics of the majority of your team members.

Four Major Types Of Employee Benefits Recruiters Should Offer

Besides the employee benefits mentioned above, there are some basic yet major perks that every company should offer in their compensation plans. Let’s take a look at them below.

1. Medical Benefits

This is an essential employee benefit that every company should offer. Medical or health coverage can be a determining factor for new employees to join your team or for retaining existing employees.

Employee Benefits & Compensation Ideas That You Should Offer 3

While some companies offer health insurance, they do not cover the costs of dental care, vision care or dermatology. So if you want to enhance your employer brand by offering benefits most others don’t, you can offer dental coverage, vision or dermatology insurance in your employee benefits plan.

In addition to this, with more and more people becoming aware of the need to take care of one’s mental health, employees and job seekers alike would definitely appreciate having mental health coverage as part of their compensation package. It shows them that you genuinely care about their happiness and wellbeing. 

2. Life Insurance

Life insurance benefits can help employees feel that you genuinely care about their well-being as well as their family’s well-being. Helping your employee’s family with financial aid after their death or any unforeseen accident shows that you not only cared about your employee for their contribution to your team, but also valued them as a human being. 

3. Disability Insurance

Often, unexpected accidents may occur which could result in your employee being unable to work. For instance, if your employee has had a severe illness or injury that is making it difficult for them to perform their duties, then you can support them financially with disability insurance.

Disability insurance can be short-term or long-term. In case of short-term disability insurance, you can provide financial support for injuries or illnesses that will incapacitate your employees temporarily.

On the other hand, long-term disability insurance may be provided to employees when their treatment requires them to rest for a long period of time or when they are suffering from a lengthy illness

4. Retirement Benefits

This is one of the most common types of benefits that employees are given. Retirement planning is one of the biggest concerns for any employee of an organization. Although younger, fresh graduates may not consider retirement benefits a major factor when they apply to a job, it is a great concern for older, more experienced employees. 

These are just some of the basic employee benefits and compensation packages offered by most organizations. However, if you want to set yourself apart from others in the competition and become an employer of choice, you need to come up with more unique benefits or perks that will attract candidates to your team, and also motivate existing employees.

10 Best Employee Benefits & Compensation Ideas To Attract Candidates

In this section, we are going to look at the best employee benefits and compensation ideas you can use to attract and retain employees in your organization.

1. Student Loan Assistance

Helping your employees to pay back their student loans or education expenses is an amazing compensation idea, and more and more businesses are getting onboard with it. After all, higher education can be expensive and fresh graduates will be able to benefit from this the most. Thus, offering assistance to pay back student loans can be a great way to get younger, fresh graduates on your team.

That’s not all, you can also offer student loan assistance to existing employees who are seeking part-time higher education. This is a great way to show that you are invested in your employees and you will help them develop their skills and knowledge by offering to help them pay for higher education.

2. Corporate Discounts Or Coupons

A good way to get your employees excited about being a part of your team is by offering corporate discounts or coupons for products or services. You can either partner with different brands to provide employees-only discounts or coupons; or you can offer corporate discounts for your own products to your employees.

3. Paid Vacation Or Weekend Getaways

Employee Benefits & Compensation Ideas That You Should Offer 4

Employees tend to be more productive and efficient when they return recharged from a break or vacation. In fact, several research has shown that providing a short paid vacation or weekend getaways have often resulted in lower unscheduled absenteeism. This is a good way to make sure your employees are not overworking themselves and also keep them motivated when they return to work.

4. Wellness Programs

Another employee compensation idea that can help you reduce absenteeism and motivate team members is introducing wellness programs. These programs encourage and support employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It could include meal plans for lunch or breakfast, monthly marathon races, employees-only gym or yoga classes, etc.

5. Office Perks

Making your workplace a comfortable and fun place to work at is an important strategy to keep employees motivated, happy and wanting to stay on your team. And for that, you should offer office perks that are unique to your company only. 

When choosing what office perks to offer your employees, you should try to listen to what your employees want first. For instance, if most people on your team have a passion for indoor games and sports, then you can offer indoor games such as foosball, table tennis or other games they may be interested in.

Another perk could be free meals and snacks. Since working individuals may not always have the time to prepare meals and bring them to work, they will definitely appreciate free meals and snacks, provided these meals are taste good and are also meeting hygiene standards.

7. Stock And Profit Shares

Large companies often offer their employees shares in the company at a lower price than that in the market. This gives a sense of ownership to employees and helps them have more personal interest in the work they are doing for the organization. 

Other companies may also have a profit sharing system in place, in which employees get a portion of the company’s annual profits. This helps employees feel rewarded for their hard work and motivates them to continue working for the team.

8. Extension On Parental Leaves

Employee Benefits & Compensation Ideas That You Should Offer 5

Family and loved ones are often the primary reason why individuals work hard in the first place and so it should come as no surprise that parental leave is important for your employees. In particular, new parents might often be overwhelmed trying to manage their work life and also being there for their children’s most important, formative months. 

So, you can offer extensions on parental leave upon request, so that new parents who need more time looking after their young ones can give their children the attention they deserve, and then return to work feeling more inspired. 

9. Facilities For Childcare

While offering extended parental leave to new parents who need the support is important, you should also pay attention to working mothers and fathers who may be concerned about their children’s safety and wellness while they are awake. After all, if your employees are tense and worrying about their children, then they will be distracted at the workplace and will not be able to focus on their tasks.

In this situation, you can offer childcare facilities. If your workplace has sufficient space and resources, you can provide in-house daycare for working parents. Even if you do not have the ability to provide in-house daycare, you can always partner with renowned daycare providers and offer exclusive financial support to your employees who send their children to the daycare center you are affiliated with. 

10. Free Training & Access To Resources

Employee Benefits & Compensation Ideas That You Should Offer 6

Ambitious employees and fresh graduates are constantly looking forward to developing their skills when they join your team. And to help them do this, you can support them by offering free training and giving them access to premium resources so they can hone their skills further. This will make your employees feel that you care about their personal goal and their individual aspirations, thus motivating them to work harder and continue providing value to your team. 

More Unique Employee Benefits Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

If you are still looking for more unique and fun ideas to offer employees as perks or benefits, then here are some suggestions that you can easily implement without any extra cost. These ideas will help create a fun, supportive work environment while also boosting your team spirit. 

💡 Casual Dress Day: If your office follows a formal dress code on most work days, why not have one ‘casual dress day’ right before the weekend? Dressing down can be a great morale booster, and employees often perceive casual dress days as a reward for working hard. Hence you can add this to your employee perks and benefits plan. 

💡 Culture Day: If you want to attract more diverse candidates, it is important to show them that you appreciate the cultures and traditions of people from different backgrounds and walks of life. And to celebrate workplace diversity, you can host ‘culture days’ at your company where team members can come forward and celebrate their individuality. 

💡 Family Day: As mentioned earlier, family is very important to employees especially since they are away from their loved ones for 40 hours a week. So hosting fun ‘family days’ can help give your employees chance to show their loved ones what a day in the life looks like for them at work, while also making them feel like you appreciate the hard work your team members do.

With these ideas, it should now be easy for you to create a compensation plan for your employees that they will surely be interested in.

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Hire Through Email

Why You Should Not Hire Through Email In 2022 & Use Modern Alternative [FREE]

When it comes to hiring new employees, there are several challenges recruiters face on any given day. And now, when the Covid-19 pandemic is still affecting the job market in many parts of the world, recruiters should no longer hire through email in 2022. 

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Assess Candidates

How To Assess Candidates To Screen The Right Talent For Your Team [2022]

Finding the right talent for your team can be a challenge, especially when there are so many qualified candidates who apply for a single job post. That’s why small businesses and large companies alike need to assess candidates and test their skills before making a hiring decision. 

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Easy.Jobs update v.2.6.3

Easy.Jobs Update v2.6.3: Pipeline, Custom Domain & More

With the latest release of Easy.Jobs update v2.6.3, we have introduced some changes to help make your hiring process easier and more streamlined. From improving the way you can sort candidates from your dashboard, to making the process for adding custom domains much easier, check out all the things that we have improved with Easy.Jobs update v2.6.3.

Easy.Jobs update v.2.6.3

New Pipeline Filter For Sorting Candidates From Dashboard

From your Easy.Jobs dashboard, you can now easily filter candidates by the jobs they have applied for, their current status according to your recruitment pipeline, as well as candidate ratings. This way, you can quickly sort and find the candidates you want to engage with instantly from your dashboard with Easy.Jobs update v.2.6.3.

All you have to do is sign in to your Easy.Jobs account and click on the ‘Candidates’ tab on the left-hand sidebar from your dashboard. Afterwards, use the filters at the top of the page to sort candidates according to their pipeline status as shown below.

Easy.Jobs update v2.6.3

Updated Process For Adding Custom Domain Easily

We have made the process for adding custom domains easier with Easy.Jobs update v.2.6.3. By adding a custom domain, you can make your career site look more authentic and credible to website visitors. You can follow the steps outlined in our documentation here to easily add a custom domain for your career site with Easy.Jobs.

Easy.Jobs Update v2.6.3: Pipeline, Custom Domain & More 7

Add Candidate Notes, Select Ready Job Templates & More

When creating job posts, you can speed up the process with ready job templates in Easy.Jobs. Using these job templates, you can quickly create a new job post instantly and simply make changes where needed to hire new people on your team more efficiently. 

To do this, you can just click on the ‘Job Templates’ link to pick a ready template in Easy.Jobs. You can also filter the templates according to industry and then insert the template in Easy.Jobs.

As soon as you insert the template, you will notice that all the required fields have been automatically filled in as per your selected job template.

Easy.Jobs update v.2.6.3

You can then modify the job description and other details as you see fit. This way, creating a new job post in Easy.Jobs have been made much easier. 

Besides these, you can add candidate notes and enjoy several other minor improvements and bug fixes with Easy.Jobs update v2.6.3.

Organized Subscription Packages According To Plan

All subscription packages have now been organized according to plans such as monthly, yearly and lifetime plans. This way, you can easily sort through the subscription packages available based on which plan you want to go for. 

For instance, by clicking on the ‘Monthly’ tab you can easily view all the subscription packages available for our monthly plans as shown below. Similarly you can check our ‘Yearly’ and ‘Lifetime’ plans with just a click and change your subscription package just as easily.

Easy.Jobs update v.2.6.3

Other Notable Changes With Recent Easy.Jobs Updates

There have been several other notable changes with the recent Easy.Jobs updates. Some of these include the introduction of major features such as remote hiring, AI powered screening system, assessments for candidates and much more.

Below is a quick overview of some of the most important changes with recent Easy.Jobs updates.

Seamless Integration With Google Meet And Zoom For Remote Hiring

Using Easy.Jobs you can easily recruit talent remotely by enabling remote hiring for any job post. Furthermore, you can set up eksterne intervjuer with your candidates using Easy.Jobs seamless integration with Zoom and Google Meet. You can even add a new 'Eksternt intervju' stage for your recruitment pipeline any job post using Easy.Jobs to make the hiring process more manageable and track candidates accordingly.

Easy.Jobs Update v2.6.3: Pipeline, Custom Domain & More 8

Sort Candidates With AI Powered Screening System

With the help of Easy.Jobs AI, you can quickly sort and evaluate candidates and make better hiring decisions. Easy.Jobs AI matches your candidate’s qualifications with the requirements in your job post and gives them a score based on their skills, experience, education and quiz tests results. You can then use this score to make more accurate hiring decisions and sort candidates accordingly.

Easy.Jobs Update v2.6.3: Pipeline, Custom Domain & More 9

Evaluate Candidates With Easy.Jobs Assessment Feature

In addition to testing your candidate’s skills and knowledge with questions sets during the job application process, you can also assign assessments to candidates any stage of the recruitment process with the new ‘Assessment’ feature to evaluate them and decide if they are fit for the job role. Once your candidates have taken the assessment, you can easily view their assessment score in Easy.Jobs to decide which stage of the recruitment pipeline you should move them to.

Streamline Your Hiring Process With Easy.Jobs

With these advanced features from Easy.Jobs, you can modernize the entire recruitment process for your company and find the best talent for your team. To learn more about how to use these features, make sure to check out our ultimate guide to organize your hiring process med Easy.Jobs.

We are constantly trying to improve your experience with Easy.Jobs, and help make the hiring process easier for you. So feel free to share your feedback with us in the comments below, or send us your suggestions by reaching out to our support team.

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Job Posting Example Easy.Jobs

How To Write A Great Job Posting [With Examples]

The key to finding the right employees for any job, is to write a great job posting. If you cannot craft an excellent job vacancy post that highlights the top reasons why a candidate should join your team, then it will be challenging for you to attract talented individuals.

Job Posting Example Easy.Jobs

Similarly, if your job posting does not properly describe the kind of talented and qualified individuals you are seeking, then you will not be able to onboard the right person for the job. This will lead to high employee turnover rates, hiring costs and waste of your time and resources.

That’s why in today’s post we are going to give you some tips and tricks on how to write a great job posting with real-life job posting examples, so you can hire the right people on your team with ease.

How A Great Job Post Can Help You Recruit Top Talent

Job Posting Example Easy.Jobs

A great job posting is an essential part of any hiring strategy. After all, job seekers need to know why they should join your team, and at the same time, they will also need to know if they have the required skills for carrying out the responsibilities you expect from them.

In other words, a great job description can help you recruit top talent by giving them incentives to join your company while deterring unqualified candidates by clearly explaining the duties associated with the role.

Tips For Writing A Great Job Post To Attract Candidates

Job Posting Example Easy.Jobs

The secret to writing a really great job posting is to remember that each section of your job post should be written with a specific goal in mind.

You have to keep in mind what kind of person is the right fit for your team and tailor each section of your job post or hiring post accordingly. This way, you will be able to create an effective job post that will attract the right candidates for your team.

Here are some tips for writing a great job posting to attract top talent to your company, along with some real job posting examples.

1. Research Similar Job Postings In The Industry

When writing your job post, it is always important to research what other companies in your industry are offering for the same position and responsibilities.

After all, you want to give attractive incentives to job seekers if you want them to become a part of your team. This could include offering a competitive salary, benefits package, or other advantages that your targeted applicants would be interested in.

In fact, research shows that 60% of applicants say compensation is one of the most important factors they consider when applying for a position. So you need to make sure that your compensation package is attractive when compared to what others in the industry are offering.

Job Posting Example Easy.Jobs

It is important to keep in mind that when you are hiring, you are not only looking for someone who can add value to your team, you also have to offer value to those you are recruiting and thus enhance your employer branding.

2. Make Sure The Job Title Is Specific And Direct

Being specific with the job title is important because it helps interested applicants understand what the expected role is and what responsibilities they may have to take on.

For example, if you are hiring content writers, it is best to specify the job title as either “Junior Content Writer” if you are looking for fresh graduates with good writing skills, or “Senior Content Writer” if the job responsibilities require more experience and knowledge.

3. Keep The Job Posting Short But Precise

According to data from LinkedIn, writing short job posts will get 8.4% more applications for each view.

Job Posting Example Easy.Jobs

This is because most job seekers do not want to waste time reading long job vacancy notices. So, it is important to write a job vacancy post that is short, around 300 words, but contains all the important information that a candidate may need to want to apply for the position.

Take a look at this job posting example from Walmart for ‘Maintenance Area Manager’. Note how the job posting is short but contains all the necessary information that interested candidates would want to know when they apply for the position.

Job Posting Example Easy.Jobs

4. Describe The Responsibilities And Goals

While it is important to keep your job posting short, make sure you are explaining the responsibilities and goals clearly. This will help candidates understand whether they can take on the required tasks and if they should apply for the position. 

It will also help you attract candidates who are capable of carrying out the responsibilities listed in your job post and thus help you reduce employee turnover rates more effectively.

Below is a great job posting example from Elastic that clearly but succinctly describes the responsibilities and goals expected from a candidate.

Job Posting Example Easy.Jobs

5. Focus On Company Culture And Vision

Different organizations have different company cultures, work environments, visions, and goals. To make sure you are recruiting the right people who will not only be a good fit for the job but will also thrive in your organization, you need to briefly give ideas about what life at your company looks like.

This could involve sharing images of what your company does beyond the daily work-related tasks such as any company retreats, fun events or programs that you organize, or other details that could be appealing to the candidates.

6. Structure And Organize Your Job Posting

Great job postings are not only short and precise, but they are also organized and neatly structured so that candidates can quickly go through all the necessary details at once.

For ideas, take a look at this job posting example from T-Roc where they start by giving a brief overview of their company culture, before swiftly moving on to the job position, what responsibilities they expect, what qualifications they are looking for, and what benefits they are offering in return.

Job Posting Example Easy.Jobs

How To Write A Great Job Post In 5 Minutes With Easy.Jobs

Now that you know some of the key elements of a great job description and have seen some job posting examples from real companies, let’s see how you can write a great job vacancy post in 5 minutes using Easy.Jobs

This is an advanced remote hiring solution that is helping all kinds of businesses, from small startups to large enterprises to quickly attract, screen, and onboard top talent for their teams. 

To help you do this, Easy.Jobs comes with tons of features that you can use to attract ideal candidates. One such feature is how Easy.Jobs lets you quickly create and publish a job post for any vacant position in your organization.

Step 1: Create An Account With Easy.Jobs

First, create an account with Easy.Jobs and get started with any of the flexible subscription packages. There are several available options for you to choose from, such as the oppstart prisplan og Virksomhet pricing plan. If you want, you can also get started with the free package from Easy.Jobs and check out the features at no cost.

Job Posting Example Easy.Jobs

You can create your account by filling out the necessary information in the login page of Easy.Jobs as shown below. When you are done, just click on the 'Melde deg på' knapp.

Job Posting Example Easy.Jobs

Step 2: Create A New Job Posting With Easy.Jobs

After creating your account, make sure to set up your company profile so that you can gain credibility and build your employer branding. You should also take the time to create a stunning career site or career page so that you can build credibility and also attract candidates for available positions in your company.

Once that’s done, it’s time to create a new job post. To do this, head over to your Easy.Jobs dashboard and click on the ‘Jobs’ tab. This will redirect you to a new page where you can click on the ‘Create A Job Post’ button to add a new job posting for your company.

Job Posting Example Easy.Jobs

As soon as you click on this button, you will be taken to a new page where you can enter all the necessary information for your job posting. You can see that Easy.Jobs already comes with all the relevant fields that are needed for creating a great job posting.

You can quickly add the job title, describe the job responsibilities, and add other important information such as job category, required skills, job location, number of vacancies, and much more. 

You can even mention if the job posting is for remote working, which is very crucial information for candidates during the COVID-19 pandemic situation and also for recruiting candidates from overseas.

Job Posting Example Easy.Jobs

In addition to this, there is a separate section here where you can add information about the working hours, nature of employment (such as a part-time job or full-time job), salary type, and other company benefits and details.

Job Posting Example Easy.Jobs

Simply fill in these required fields to create your job posting with Easy.Jobs. It will take you less than 5 minutes to complete, and by the time you are done you will have crafted a great job posting for your company. You can even add custom job categories and skills to your job posting to tailor it even further.

If you want to speed things up even more, you can use the ready job templates from Easy.Jobs to get a quick start. Simply click on the ‘Job Templates’ link as shown below, and choose a ready template that fits the available job position in your organization.

Job Posting Example Easy.Jobs

All the needed information for that particular job offering will be automatically inserted in Easy.Jobs. 

You can then make changes according to your company policies to create a job posting with Easy.Jobs i løpet av minutter.

Step 3: Preview And Publish Your Job Posting

Once you have added all the needed information in the previous step, you may be asked to create screening questions or quiz for your candidates. These will help you screen the right candidates for the job. For more information, check out our detailed guide on how to add screening questions for candidates with Easy.Jobs.

If you do not wish to add any screening questions, you can directly preview or publish your job posting by clicking on the ‘Publish’ button as shown below.

How To Write A Great Job Posting [With Examples] 10

When you are done, this is what your job posting will look like on your company profile in Easy.Jobs. You can customize your job posting to make it look more attractive and professional to interested applicants.

Job Posting Example Easy.Jobs

Grow Your Team With Easy.Jobs Smart Recruiting Solution

This is how you can write a great job posting in a matter of minutes using Easy.Jobs. There are tons of more features available with this modern, talent sourcing and hiring solution that you can use to onboard the right people on your team.

For instance, you can use Easy.Jobs Artificial Intelligence to evaluate and sort the right candidates for a job, create and assign assessments for candidates and even hire remotely by setting up eksterne intervjuer with Google Meet or Zoom.

Try Easy.Jobs today, and let us know your feedback. We are constantly trying to improve your experience with Easy.Jobs and would love to add new features and enhancements to make the hiring process easier for you.

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Employer Brand

9 Ways To Enhance Your Employer Brand & Recruit Top Talents

Just as customers prefer purchasing from well-known brands, job seekers also only want to apply to companies that have a strong, reputable brand presence. That’s why, if you focus on your employer brand from start, it will help you to attract and recruit top talents easily. In this post, we’re going to share tips on how to enhance your employer brand, and use it as a part of your hiring strategy.

Employer Brand

What Is Employer Brand & How To Use It As Hiring Strategy?

Every company has a reputation, not just for the type of products or services they provide, but also in terms of how they treat their employees. Simply put, your employer brand defines what kind of employer you are, why people should apply to your company, and why they should remain as a part of your team. 

But how exactly do you use employer branding as a hiring strategy? It’s simple. When candidates view your company as a place where they can grow as individuals and also be recognized for their contributions, they will want to apply to vacant job positions in your company. In addition to this, job seekers want to be a part of a team that shares their values and views on working culture.

In other words, if you want to recruit top talent, you want to market yourself as one of the best places to work.

9 Employer Branding Strategies To Attract Top Talents

Employer Brand

Building your employer brand doesn’t necessarily have to be a challenge. The important thing to remember here is that you want to attract the right talent for your team, and that means you want to attract candidates who will thrive in your company’s working culture and share the same vision and values. Here are some tips on how to attract and recruit top talent by enhancing your employer brand.

1. Streamline And Improve The Entire Hiring Process

Your hiring process plays a key role in how candidates will perceive you as an employer of choice. This is because all applicants, including those who have been selected and those who have been rejected, will share their feedback on your recruitment process. 

9 Ways To Enhance Your Employer Brand & Recruit Top Talents 11

This, in turn, will help future potential candidates decide whether they want to apply to your company. So, if you want to enhance your employer brand and attract top talent, you need to streamline and improve the entire hiring process. The easiest, and fastest way to do this is by using a smart, modern recruitment solution like Easy.Jobs.

Med Easy.Jobs, du kan organize your hiring process effortlessly with tons of advanced features. For instance, you can create a structured, recruitment pipeline to help you visualize each stage of your hiring process. You can communicate with candidates instantly, invite them to take assessments, or even set up eksterne intervjuer, and much more.

2. Create Branded Career Pages Or A Career Site

Of course, to build your employer brand, having a special branded career page and a stunning career site is absolutely necessary. With a branded career page, you can showcase what it might be like to work in your company and attract ideal candidates.

This is very easy to do with Easy.Jobs. You can easily build stunning career pages complete with your company colors, logos, favicons and much more straight from your dashboard. You can also add a cover photo, team photos and create your own image gallery to showcase important achievements, events, and much more.

9 Ways To Enhance Your Employer Brand & Recruit Top Talents 12

In addition to this, if your company has a WordPress website, you can connect Easy.Jobs with WordPress to build your career page and manage your entire recruitment process directly from your WordPress dashboard. If your WordPress website has been built with the page builder Elementor, then you can use Easy.Jobs integration with Elementor to create a stunning career site without having to touch a line of code.

9 Ways To Enhance Your Employer Brand & Recruit Top Talents 13

This way, by focusing your efforts on creating an informative and attractive career page or a career site, you can enhance your employer brand and recruit top talent for your team. Check out our detailed tutorial below to learn more about creating career sites with Easy.Jobs.

3. Write Highly Effective Job Descriptions

Never underestimate the importance of effective job descriptions. Ultimately, you can only recruit top talent if you can give them the right incentives to join your team. You need to be able to highlight the benefits of working at your company. 

9 Ways To Enhance Your Employer Brand & Recruit Top Talents 14

This goes beyond offering good, monetary compensation; candidates will want to know how flexible your working hours are, whether they can work remotely, and other benefits of joining your team. So, it’s important to write a highly effective job description that focuses on why candidates should choose you as their employer.

4. Be Transparent About Your Company Values

To recruit top talent by enhancing your employer brand, you need to be honest and clear about your company values. Consider your company’s vision, mission and objectives, and highlight these in your company profile and in your career pages.

In addition to this, you can host events or support causes that align with your company values. This will help candidates decide if they share the same values, which could ultimately lead to them to apply to vacant positions within your company.

5. Give A Clear Picture Of Your Company Culture

Another reason why creating a career page or a career site is important is because it gives applicants a clear picture of your company culture, which helps you build your employer brand. 

Moreover, most people want to have a work-life balance. They want to be a part of a team that will help them grow both professionally and personally.

9 Ways To Enhance Your Employer Brand & Recruit Top Talents 15

So, if you want to position yourself as a top employer of choice, you need to focus on improving your employer brand which you can do by showing applicants that you have an amazing, supportive and friendly company culture where your team members can thrive.

6. Turn Existing Employees Into Your Brand Ambassadors

Often, companies forget that their existing employees are the best source for building their employer brand. After all, your current team members have unique experiences and insights about your company. If you treat your team members the right way, you can turn them into ambassadors of your employer brand. 

They can recommend your company to their connections, and give ideal candidates honest, credible information about what it is like to be a part of your team and why they should join as well.

7. Leverage Social Media To Connect With Candidates

Another easy way to enhance your employer brand is by sharing content on social media platforms. Usually, most companies simply share important announcements and news on social platforms. 

9 Ways To Enhance Your Employer Brand & Recruit Top Talents 16

For instance, you can write blog posts that are related to your industry and share them on social networks, and other relevant content that will be of interest candidates who want to work in related fields.

Moreover, you can leverage social media platforms to build your online presence and connect directly with candidates.

8. Build A Strong, Consistent Presence In the Industry

In addition to building your online presence, you should also be an active participant  and a well-known name in the industry to enhance your employer brand. Be present during seminars, conferences and other important events taking place within the industry.

By establishing a strong presence in your industry, you will be able to further enhance your employer brand so that candidates know who you are and feel interested to apply to job opportunities in your company,

9. Check Feedback From Past Candidates & Employees

Improvement is an ongoing process, and employer branding is no different. With time, you may often have to make changes to improve your image as an employer in the industry. 

9 Ways To Enhance Your Employer Brand & Recruit Top Talents 17

The best way to do this is by checking feedback from both past candidates as well as previous employees. Often, employees and candidates leave feedback on sites like Glassdoor about their working experience. You can check their reviews to find new ways to improve your employer brand.

Pakk inn

As you can see, employer branding is crucial for any recruiter if they want to attract top talent to their team. So if you want to hire the best people for your company, make sure to position your business as one of the best places to work by enhancing your employer brand with these tips and tricks.

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