Pre-employment personality testsPre-employment personality tests

[FREE] Best 3 Pre-employment Personality Tests You Can Use During Hiring

Pre-employment personality tests during hiring help employers to assess or can easily get an idea about the employee sitting in front. Employers can know applicants’ or newly onboards nature, overall personality, leadership skills, management capabilities, diversity, and many more. This is ultimately to decide whether the job candidate can be fit for your organization or not. So let’s check out more to know about pre-employment personality tests and the free best  3 pre-employment personality tests you can use during hiring. Get started. 

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Places To Find Or Post HR Jobs

Top 10 Places To Find Or Post HR Jobs [Remote/In-Person]

A human resource management job is one of the most demanding ones among all types. This is because no organization can run properly or make a success if they don’t have expert HR who will maintain the entire human or non-human resources as a whole.  That’s why enthusiasts who want to build their career in the HR field and employers who are looking for HR experts, this blog is only for them. If you stick with this blog till the end, you will get to know the top 10 places to find or post HR jobs remote/In-Person both. Let’s take a deep dive into this blog!

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Keep Your Remote Team Cheered Up & Motivated

5+ Ways To Keep Your Remote Team Cheered Up & Motivated

Nowadays remote working is one of the norms that most organizations follow to create a diversified team. It connects people from different states and globally who work strongly for companies’ success. For that, organizations need to set up creative strategies to keep your remote team cheered up & motivated.

And this seems difficult when you don’t know the right tactics to keep your team engaged all time during work achieving your organizational goals. In this blog, you are going to learn 5+ ways to keep your remote team cheered up & motivated. Keep digging into this blog till the end!

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Best Icebreaker Questions

Best Icebreaker Questions To Make Your Team Talking

In a long tiring day of work, you feel exhausted and unmotivated in your workplace for obvious reasons as a human being. That’s why innovative activities, casual conversations should be there to ease employees and increase work productivity. And team building icebreaker questions are one of those super-effective tactics to break the silence. It includes fun and makes your employees’ minds active and refreshed instantly. 

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Job Trial Period

What Is A Job Trials: Explained With Benefits & Tips For Success

The purpose of hiring any new employee in an organization is to enhance the workforce and make the team stronger. So before onboarding anyone how can you know if a newly hired man can be helpful or not? That’s where a job trial period or probation period is being introduced. It is the time any organization takes to evaluate new onboarding employees’ performance before offering them permanent employment. 

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Job Board Plugin WordPress

Top 5+ Best WordPress Job Board Plugins & Career Page Templates [2022]

To organize your online recruitment smoothly, the best WordPress job board plugins are there to help you out. But which solution to choose and which will be the best fit for your organization is the real challenge. Don’t worry! We are here to provide you best WordPress job board plugins and career page templates to help you create and manage your remote hiring easily. 继续阅读“ Top 5+ Best WordPress Job Board Plugins & Career Page Templates [2022]”

Recruitment Methods

Top 10 Recruitment Methods You Need To Know To Improve Hiring Process

Do you want to know the top recruitment methods to improve your hiring process right away? In this blog, you are going to discuss these proven recruitment methods that can easily improve your overall hiring process.

Recruitment Methods

Recruitment methods are essential when you are planning to hire new employees for your organization. You will create your own recruitment process through which you can get the best talent faster and most effectively. You need to analyze fast in which position, and department you need people urgently. And you need to know who you can take in a slower process, and more.

Moreover, you have to then make your job posts look attractive to influence your potential employees so they apply instantly. This all is included and defined as a recruitment strategy that helps you to recruit the right employees faster and get them on board immediately.

Recruitment Methods

Check out this detailed blog of Indeed to know the top-most strategies to improve remote hiring.

Top 10 Recruitment Methods You Need To Know To Improve Hiring Process

As a recruiter, you must have to acknowledge all the top 10 recruitment methods to improve your hiring process without any hassles. This detailed information can help you to set up a complete recruitment strategy, and get started immediately with the right plan. Take a look!

1. Streamline Your Entire Hiring Process & Recruit The Top 

You have to first ensure in which process you want to follow to showcase your latest job posts and recruit the best candidates in a quick process. The latest online recruitment with an all-in-one, remote hiring solution is considered the most qualified process to onboard the right employees.

Recruitment Methods

You can easily spread your job recruitment posts on multiple social media channels, sharing on your all-time active job groups, and more. It helps you to reach out to your targeted candidates locally or globally and take your recruitment methods a step ahead to the boundaries.

2. Create A High Profile Company Page Or Career Site

If you want to make your online recruitment strategy effective, then create a high-profile company page or career site to run your job circular through the entire year effortlessly. It raises your job post’s authenticity and adds credibility right away. Potential employees feel secure before applying, also make the global employees comfortable for having your exact company information in detail.

3. Make Your Job Posts Appealing To Attract Candidates

Making your job post description in detail, and representing it beautifully on your career site is one of the top recruitment methods effective tactics. That can easily convince your applicants to know what you are offering, whom they will be working with, and more at a glance. This can create a transparent environment and in the meantime helps you grow trust among your potential employees.

Recruitment Methods

4. Showcase Your Company Culture With Real-Time Images  

To make your job posts more enticing for your customers you have to find out other ways. Among them, if you showcase your company cultures, sharing values, mission, and vision with real-time images can help you to create a strong brand value. If you are a startup organization, this can easily convenience the potential employees to apply right away. This could be one of the most important recruitment methods to improve your hiring process.

5. Use Social Media For Sharing Job Posts & Add Credibility

Social media platforms help you to share your job posts from your company profile, or on different effective job groups, communities. These recruitment methods can easily make your job posts get viral and reach out to your target audience.

Recruitment Methods

Because you can ask your colleagues, other employees, or friends & family to share your posts. That can easily be one of the efficient ways to smoothen your remote hiring and add credibility to your business.

6. Translate Your Job Posts On  Your Preferred Language

If you translate your job posts in your native language or the language you want to hire can easily make your potential applicants comfortable and satisfied. Even if you share this, social media platforms can easily draw attention to anyone who belongs to that language and surely feel secure to apply. This could be one of the recruitment methods to make your hiring process effortless and efficient.

Recruitment Methods

7. Collect & Manage Employee Resumes Securely

If you are recruiting through online platforms or others, you have to make sure that all your collected resumes are secure in one place and can easily be managed. That’s why a complete SAAS remote hiring tool is important to have. That can easily be integrated into different platforms and help you to backup your all employee resumes and lessen your manual workload.

Recruitment Methods

9. Add IQ Test Or Online Quiz For Initial Screening 

Online quiz tests on related job posts topics or IQ question tests can easily help you to do your initial screening. You can easily get the idea of whom to take further for other tests or interviews This is one of the finest recruitment methods that help you to screen your candidates on an initial process and further future hassle.

Recruitment Methods

10. Implement AI-Based Screening Process

Now online recruiters are using an AI-based screening process to onboard candidates, do their initial screening with online tests with results, sort the best talents, and more from one place. These recruitment methods can be even smoother and smarter if you get the right remote hiring tool. You can get this feature in-built with your hiring tool and don’t have to worry about anything else. For that, you just have to identify which tool can make your hiring process faster and effective instantly.

Recruitment Methods

Get A Complete Remote Hiring Tool

As you just get concerned and we are here to help you out with the best and easiest remote hiring tool 轻松工作. It comes with an advanced AI-based screening process, structured candidate pipeline, in-built insightful analytics to measure applicants’ performance, and more. You have the option to create your entire career site, single job posts, and make it stand out with ready layouts.

You can easily add real-time images, translate your job posts, share your job posts on different social media, and more. So all your manual work processes can be automated with this perfect SAAS remote hiring tool. Which is also available in the WordPress plugin version.

Recruitment Methods

Moreover, all your candidates’ resumes will be organized in one place, you can easily check the online test score that you have set, and sort them with ease. If you want you can do in-app messaging with the potential ones, can have video conferencing through Zoom or Google Meet, and a lot. The only thing you need to do is to explore this solution and take the best out of it immediately.

Bonus Tip: 9 Ways To Enhance Your Employer Brand & Recruit Top Talents

Now you know the top 10 recruitment methods to improve your hiring process with a complete hiring solution. This can make your half work done and the other half will be fulfilled if you use these methods.

So if you haven’t used 轻松工作 yet, you can give it a try and let us know your experience by commenting below. Or you can even join our friendly Facebook社区 to know more about  

Setup Remote Interview

Easy.Jobs: Step By Step Guide To Setup Remote Interview & Tips

Many organizations are now looking for a complete solution that can help to setup remote interviews smoothly. This will help them to have seamless communication with their candidates during the time of taking interviews without any glitches. To onboard the right candidate faster and streamline the whole process, a complete remote hiring solution is all you need.

Setup Remote Interview

Guess what? We are here to provide you with this powerful, easiest remote hiring solution that can match your expectations and syncs all advanced recruiting facilities to make the hiring process seamless. So without any further delay, let’s get started!

What Is A Remote Interview? How Can You Conduct A Remote Interview?

Remote interviews defined by an interviewer, interviewee, and a transmission medium which will connect two different geographical location people is one place over the phone or using any virtual video conferencing platforms using the internet service. 

Setup Remote Interview

Right now, digital platforms are becoming very popular for the blessing of using the internet. Check out below what essential things you have to ensure before conducting a remote interview using digital platforms:  

First Ensure Your Virtual Communication Medium:

As you are taking your interviews online, that’s why you have to get a stable internet connection and choose your preferred medium that can help you to take your remote interview over video conferencing. For this, right now Google Meet or 放大 become one of those famous video conferencing solutions that can help you to communicate with your future employees without any issues. You have to select wisely to have seamless interviews.

Check Your Sound Systems On Device or Use Headphones:

If you are taking your interviews over the internet through a video conference, you have to check if your laptop or computer sound system is fully working or not. Assure this first, so it doesn't make any glitch later. You should have good headphones and a webcam to make seamless video communication without any interruption. It’s essential because any glitch during the time of the interview can create a bad impression on your interviewee.

Easily Setup Remote Interview With Best Recruitment Solution

You need a complete remote hiring tool where you can process everything from creating a career site to publish your job post details, structured candidate pipelines, advanced AI system integrations, online assessment facilities, ensure direct email communication, also that support 3rd party video conferencing tools and more. 

For example, Google Meet or Zoom now become one of those famous video conferencing mediums that connect employers and future employees in one place virtually in videos. So getting one complete solution can serve your all aspects without any hassle and automate your tasks.

Setup Remote Interview

Gartner HR survey shows 86% of organizations are conducting virtual interviews in 2020 during this pandemic.

Necessities & The Ultimate Benefits of Taking Remote Interviews

Remote interviews are necessary for global companies, remote organizations, or anyone who want to avoid office interviews or outsource their workforce. Because you can not reach out to each country any time just for an interview. It’s not sound effective and not efficient work. Besides, during this pandemic situation, we realized the importance of remote work a lot. Take a look at the real benefits that can facilitate to setup remote interviews for your organization.

✅Setup Remote Interview Is Cost-Effective 

It’s cost-effective because when you are setting up a remote interview stable internet connection, one remote hiring SaaS tool can process your whole remote interview without any interruption. You don’t have to worry about the candidate’s arrival or their maintenance at the office. From a candidate’s perspective, they can save their transportation costs, don’t have to rush out for anything, and can easily get interviewed by their employers. It seems simpler and flexible for both ends. 

✅Saves A lot of Time & Increase Productivity As Team 

You don’t have to do any extra setups, just on the time you have to check connections and appear on the video interview using the video conferencing tool. Both sides, from anywhere you, can take and participate in the interview just confirming a stable internet connection and your tool activity. Right after that, you can get your other work done that surely will be more productive.

✅Screening Remote Candidates In A Smart Way

You can easily check your candidate screening on video conferencing by communicating with them over the internet using a particular tool. You can check your candidates’ technicality, communication skills, punctuality, and more. Because they are coping up with new technologies and how they are handling them, you can easily have an idea.  

✅Employee Selection Can Be Done Online With Ease

If you are taking remote interviews and selecting candidates for your organization can easily be done by remote interviews. You don’t have to bother with anything except having the right tools. It works like a face-to-face interview in the office just happening virtually. So doing proper communication, you can easily get your right candidates on board in a much faster process.

Top 20 companies were listed on CNBC reports who always take remote employees, and conduct remote interviews.

Tips: Most Effective Ways To Evaluate Your Remote Candidates & Faster Your Recruitment Process

Faster your online recruitment process, you have to take some initiatives as an organization. That can help you to smooth your remote interview process and select the best employees for your company in a faster process. Which will save time and productivity for your team. Check out some special tips below:

Setup Remote Interview

Be Specific On Your Online Job Posts 

You have to be specific on your job posts mentioning what sets of knowledge, skill, and other technicalities you want in your candidate. This will help you to get only more relevant candidates for your organization and saves lots of timing in sorting candidates.

Setup Remote Interview

Take Online Assessments

To check shortlisted or can say evaluate your candidates’ skill before taking the remote interview with online question sets and assessments. You can set up quizzes, true-false questions or brainstorming question sets, and more to mark them online. This process can even faster your work, you can get an idea about their knowledge and easily sort them for the final remote interview call. 

Setup Remote Interview

Check Candidates Skill Set With Tasks

Communicate with your candidates through email to give online tasks. You can provide them with a related topic, and ask them to submit it at a relevant time. This will help you to check their prompt response, efficiency, skill sets, punctuality that you must want on your candidates. You can easily get an idea about them, and shortlist your remote interviews. 

Setup Remote Interview

Get A Complete Remote Hiring Solution 

To smoothen your remote hiring work, you must have to get a complete recruitment solution to make your remote hiring process fruitful. You don’t have to do any manual work, just by maintaining an advanced recruitment tool, you can faster and smoother your hiring process with automation. For that, you just have to be aware about that complete solution that can help you to make your remote hiring  smarter than anything.

Pro Tips: Use Easy.Jobs – An Advanced Remote Hiring Solution To Quickly Setup Remote Interview 

If you get 轻松工作 as your ultimate remote hiring tool you can get the advanced facilities that serve all aspects that you are looking for to setup remote interviews and more are mentioned in this blog. You can easily make and maintain your career site and publish your job posts there.

Its structured candidates’ pipelineAI integrations can help you to sort, filter, analyze, and onboard employees faster than ever before. You can take online assessments to judge your candidates, and make your list even shorter to hire the right talent faster for your organization. You can assign team roles quickly and manage your remote hiring error-free and most effectively. 

Even you can make email communications, video conferencing through Zoom & Google meet with ease having integrated with them. This is very important to get a complete, all-in-one remote hiring SaaS solution if you want to recruit your employees remotely or outsource from different parts of the world.

By getting the right remote hiring tool, you can easily sort, analyze, communicate with your remote interviewee, finalize, and onboard your candidate faster with automation. You don’t have to bother with any other essentials, just one complete solution and you are there to make your online recruitment process flexible, smooth, and faster than before. 轻松工作 is also available in the WordPress plugin version to facilitate both platform users simultaneously.

Easy.Jobs: Step By Step Guide To Setup Remote Interviews 

Well, 轻松工作 are very flexible to setup remote interviews to hire the right talent faster for your organization that can help you to build up the best team eventually, you just need to follow some simple steps. Let’s have a look.

Before getting started, first, you have to Sign Up’ for accounts and then '登入' your career site account on You can then easily configure your career site basic settings and setup remote interviews to proceed further. 

Step 1: Update Recruitment Pipeline For Remote Interviews

Let’s assume you have logged in to your account. Now all you have to do is to click on the 职位 option from dashboard.

Setup Remote Interview

Afterward, you have to move and hit the 管道 button that has been showing below on your published job posts.

Setup Remote Interview

Step 2: Configure Remote Interview In Your Pipeline

In this stage, as you have hit the Pipeline button, it will redirect you to your job posts dashboard. Here, you have to press the ‘Edit Pipeline’ button that is displaying on the top bar of your dashboard. 

Setup Remote Interview

After clicking on it, it will showcase a popup window like the image below. You just have to select the checkmark on the “远程面试” section to add this stage to your pipeline.

Setup Remote Interview

Step 3: Finish Setting Up Remote Interviews For Candidates   

Finally, in this step, all you have to do is to move your selected remote interviewees on the Remote Interview pipeline just like the image below. 

Setup Remote Interview

It will popup a configuration window where you can set up your interview starting time, date, duration, and location. You can also choose the right remote interview conducting platform to configure Zoom app or Google Meet App.

Setup Remote Interview

This is it! That’s how simply you can setup remote interviews easily in and make your remote hiring process faster than over. Besides, you get some exclusive tips to configure and smooth your remote hiring process. If you want to know more about, you can check out our blog page and get up to date about its latest features and benefits. 

So if you didn’t use 轻松工作 yet, you can give it a try and let us know your experience by commenting below. Or you can even join our friendly Facebook社区 to know more about 

Bonus Tips For WordPress Users: Make A Stunning Career Site Page In Elementor & Get Ready Career Site Templates From Templately.