10+ Jobs That Hire At Age 15 Or Even 14 Years Old

Gathering experience is always fun especially when you do the work you find interesting. Is it possible to start having job experience in your teens? Yes, it is! There are jobs that hire at age 15 or even 14 years old which can be a fun learning experience for teenagers. So, here we highlight 10+ jobs that hire teenagers.

Jobs that Hire At Age 15

Working As A Teenager: Important Things To Know

Before getting associated with jobs that hire at age 15, some basic things are important to know. There are some rules and regulations for teenagers to get employed at this tiny age. When you’re a teen with great goals, you want to look for jobs that will provide you the time to concentrate on your study while also helping you develop your foundational skills. 

We need to be careful that getting employed at this age doesn’t become a problem or a burden for them.  The minimum age for employment in the United States is 14, in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act. Additionally, there are restrictions on the days of the week and the number of hours 14 and 15-year-olds can work. The restrictions vary based on where you live. Below are some basic things that we need to know before getting jobs at teenage according to Fair Labour Standards Act

✅ Jobs that are exhausting and hazardous are not suitable for teenagers. So. they must not be engaged in such occupations that may be a threat to their physical, mental, and social well-being.  Mining, logging, or any job that requires explosives, ladder work, or something similar are prohibited at this age. 

✅ On school days, it is not allowed to work more than three hours and on non-school days you can work 8 hours per day. In school weeks, you can work 18 hours in total.

However, conditions may vary under certain circumstances. For instance, participating in state-sponsored work or study programs. So teenagers must adhere to the conditions before getting employed in jobs that hire at age 15 or even14. 

Jobs That Hire At Age 15

10+ Jobs That Hire At Age 15 Or Even 14: Find The Best Fit For You

Working doesn’t always have to be scary and exhausting. It can be a pleasant experience if you find the appropriate jobs for your age. Getting employed during your teenage years can be beneficial for further personal and professional growth as well. Let’s find out about 10+ jobs that hire at 15 or even 14 years of age.


Jobs That Hire At Age 15

Making delicious coffee and tea is something easy and doesn’t require much work. Learning the menu, making and serving drinks, and assisting with any inquiries clients may have will be your key responsibilities as a barista. Among the jobs that hire at age 15, Barista is a suitable job for teenagers. 

Besides preparing delicious beverages, you may need to clean the equipment, use the cash register, and do another easy-to-do task. You can be indulged in the aroma of coffee beans and tea leaves to stay fresh & awake which is a bonus! So, being a barista is among the coolest jobs for teenagers that we have on this list.

Caddy At A Golf Course

For teenagers who enjoy sports, being a caddy at a golf course can be enjoyable. For golf lovers, it can be a fun job. A caddy is frequently hired at Golf courses to assist golf players. You will be entitled to carry the equipment, maintain instruments, suggest appropriate clubs for each hole, hold flags, etc. Even if you are not a golf-loving one, you can still like doing things and earn as a teenager. On top of that, it’s a good job for teenagers who wants to stay fit and active physically.  

Camp Counselor

If you love camping activities, being a camp counselor is a suitable job that typically hires at the age of 16-18 years old. Camp counselors assist in leading games, hikes, sing-alongs, and other camp activities that teenage students at 14 or 15 years old can also easily manage. If you want an exciting job as a teenager & earn, being a camp counselor might be perfect for you.

Ice Cream Scooper

Jobs That Hire At Age 15

Being surrounded by different flavors of ice cream! Yummy isn’t it? Teenagers 14 or 15 years old can opt for this job which is a very easy-to-do task and full of fun at the same time. Being an ice cream scooper you will have to welcome guests, give suggestions, get familiar with the menu, respond to inquiries, and even offer samples. 


Looking for a job as a teenager? Many retail stores or restaurants hire cashiers of young age as well. Your primary responsibility will be to receive cash, prepare bills, process payments, refund, count money, etc. If you are good at math and like to work with others, it is a good option for you to be a cashier. Teenagers of 15 or even 14 years can be a cashier and start earning from this age.


Jobs That Hire At Age 15

For teenage students who are passionate about teaching, being a tutor is a good job as a teenager. You can help kids of your own age or younger by working as a tutor and applying the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired in the classroom to a particular subject. This can be helpful for you to grow professionally and enhance your teenager’s resume as well. So for those who find it interesting to teach others, being a tutor is a suitable job to do in your teenage. 

Theater Usher

Theater usher is another interesting job for teenagers. If you’ve ever watched a teen TV show, chances are quite high that you saw teens had a job as theater ushers. It is among the jobs that hire teenagers. As a theatre usher, your task is to roam around theaters before, after, and even during movies. You need to make sure the audience is following the rules and you need to assist them in having a good customer service experience. Additionally, between each movie, you’ll need to clean the theater as well. 

Host In A Restaurant

Jobs That Hire At Age 15

If you love to interact with people then being a restaurant host is something you may enjoy. It’s also among the easy-to-do jobs that hire at age 15. So, teenage students can work as a host in a restaurant. If you are looking for a job as a teenager, this might be a good fit to earn as well. The major responsibilities include greeting customers, leading them to tables, presenting menus, etc. As a restaurant host, teenagers can develop communication skills, learn to be presentable in front of guests, etc.

Pet Sitting

This one is especially for pet lovers. If you want to work as a teenager, being a pet sitter is among the most exciting jobs. Teenagers who love pets can do it at the age of 15 or even 14. Pet sitting is a simple job that requires basic animal care skills, and the ability to travel and meet the client. Teenagers can pick this job as a good income source which is relaxing as well. So, being a pet sitter is a good job for 15 year old.

Voice-Over Specialist

For those who have a pleasant voice and have the passion to be a good speaker, working as a voice-over specialist can be very beneficial. It is one of the suitable jobs for teenagers that don’t require put much burden and can be fun at the same time.  With just some good-quality recording instruments you can start to work as a teenage voice-over specialist if you have a connection with a website where people search for teenagers interested in voice-over work.


Jobs That Hire At Age 15

You can start working as an author even at the age of 15 or 14 if you have an interest in writing and want to grow your skills as a writer. In fact, it is one of the most impactful jobs for teenagers that enables them to develop writing skills and earn money simultaneously. You can choose to write about anything, be it a subject you are interested in, your life events, fiction, or anything you prefer. Having some basic computer skills is enough to start earning as a teen author and grow your skill sets. Being an author you can work remotely as well.

Grow Skills As A Teenager and Do What Best Suits Your Interests

It is commendable to start to work as a teenager especially when you do something you feel passionate about. Gaining work experience is always great and it helps a person be more confident and skilled. However, teenagers must not be involved with hazardous work that hampers their overall well-being.

So, here we end with 10+ jobs that hire at age 15 or even 14. Was this blog helpful for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below and subscribe to our blogs for more insights.

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