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You can redeem your AppSumo Coupon by following these steps below:

ধাপ 1: Go to your AppSumo Account & click on ‘My Products’ বিকল্প।

AppSumo BetterDocs

ধাপ ২: You will be redirected to the ‘My Products’ page and Find the product you want to redeem & choose the ‘Action’- ‘Redemption Instructions’.

ধাপ 3: থেকে ‘Redemption Instructions’ page, you can either copy the Redeem Coupon Code or simply just hit the Yellow Button to go to the ‘Redemption URL’.

পদক্ষেপ 4: After hitting on ‘Redemption URL’, you will be redirected to the Easy.Jobs Purchase page. Your Coupon will be automatically redeemed.

AppSumo Easy.Jobs

পদক্ষেপ 5: Simply just fill-up the Personal Information and complete the form. After finishing the form, hit the ‘Redeem’ button to redeem your AppSumo purchase for Easy.Jobs.

AppSumo Easy.Jobs



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