How to Write Job Rejection Email – Sample Templates Included

Telling some prospective job candidates that they did not get the job is one of the hardest things to do. Writing a job rejection email is really tough because you need to tailor your words carefully and clearly while having a soft tone. You should always see some job rejection email templates before writing one.

job rejection email

It is really important to know how to write job rejection emails. You can also use some job rejection email templates. In this blog, we will be presenting you with a number of job rejection email templates. 

This blog will tell you how to write job rejection emails. You will also get a few job rejection email samples. The job rejection email templates can be customized and edited to fit more perfectly for your needs.

Why You Should Care More About Job Rejection Emails

Notifying people that they are not getting the job is the most professional thing to do. It also improves the image of the company to the job candidates. In the future, they might be interested to apply again when they see the organizational behavior is amazing. So it’s important to know how to write job rejection emails. 

Job candidates spend time getting ready for interviews and sit for written exams for the jobs. It’s a part of the hiring courtesy to let every applicant know that they have moved forward with other job candidates. You have to learn how to write job rejection emails but people often use job rejection email templates while writing their emails to save time.

Even if you haven’t even spoken to the applicants before, it’s a professional gesture to send a rejection email. It won’t take up much of your time. Especially if you already have a job rejection email template ready. The most common complaints from the job seekers are that they don’t ever hear back from recruiters when they don’t get selected.

Candidates always are excited about the opportunity when they apply for the position. If they can know earlier that they are not selected then they can move on and try out other opportunities. That’s why it’s important to learn how to write job rejection emails and have some job rejection email templates ready. Let’s check out some points that you need to remember for learning how to write job rejection emails. 

Must Include Points In A Candidate Rejection Email

The most perfect job rejection emails are a bit personal and very professional. These emails provide enough feedback to the applicants and are positive as well. Your main goal should be to sound encouraging while you say no to them. To learn how to write job rejection emails perfectly you need to make sure to cover these points.

Thank The Job Candidate Cordially For Applying

The first thing you need to know about how to write job rejection emails is that you need to appreciate their interest and their efforts. They have prepared and invested their time for this job position so you will need to show them that you care about their time.

If you are using or creating a job rejection email template then you will need to make sure to start by thanking them. This will show that you care about others’ time. Which will in return give a really good impression to the job candidates about your organization.

Leave The Door Open For Future Opportunities

The second thing to remember while learning about how to write job rejection emails is that there will be times when you will get applicants who are perfect for your organization but not just now. Make sure your job rejection email template has a small portion that will express your encouragement.

Maybe later for another position in your company this job candidate will be perfect. So you can leave the door open for future opportunities by telling them in your job rejection email. You can say that you will contact them when another opportunity arises in your company in the future.

Provide Legitimate Explanation For Rejection

The next thing you need to know on how to write job rejection emails is that you need to give some small explanations for moving forward with other job candidates. Your job rejection email template needs to have a feedback portion.

This feedback will help the rejected job candidates to do better in the future. It will encourage them to improve what they are lacking. All of the rejected job candidates are your potential employees for the future. So a job rejection email can be very helpful for them and your company’s professionalism can be noticed greatly with a proper email. 

Try To Identify A Strength Of The Job Candidate 

Lastly, you need to include some strengths that you discovered from the candidate. It is necessary to balance between the feedback you gave and the strengths of the job candidates.

You need to find a balance of the tone and let them know what they do well and talk about their strengths while you also explain why you have decided to move forward with other job candidates.  

Job Rejection Email Templates That You Can Use

We know writing a job rejection email will take you a while because it needs to be carefully tailored. So to save you a bit of time we have prepared some job rejection email templates. You can use them and edit them however you like and send them off to those job candidates who didn’t make the cut.

A Classic Job Rejection Email Template  

Dear [Candidate Name],

We appreciate you for taking the time to attend our interview about the [Positions Title] role at [Company Name]. It was our pleasure to get the chance to know about your skills and amazing accomplishments.

But unfortunately, our team did not select your application for any further proceedings. We would like to mention that there is a lot of competition for this role and often we need to make some hard decisions among very talented candidates. We feel that you can be a good fit for other openings in the future, so we will be keeping your resume 

Thanks again for showing your interest in [Company Name] and all the best for your future endeavors.

Best Regards,

[Sender Name]

A Short & Sweet Job Rejection Email Template

Hi [Candidate Name],

We thank you for your interest in [Company Name] and we also appreciate you taking the time to apply for the [Position Title] role opening.

Our team ended moving forward with another candidate, but we thank you again for investing the time and effort. We are glad to get the chance to know your skills and accomplishments.

Our company will be recruiting again in the coming months. We hope that you will keep us in mind and we encourage you to apply again  

Thanks again for showing your interest and all the best for your future endeavors.

Best Regards,

[Sender Name]

A Feedback Focused Job Rejection Email Template

Dear [Candidate Name],

We would like to thank you for showing your interest in the [Position Name] role in [Company Name]. 

Unfortunately, our team will not be offering you the position. While we were impressed by your academic qualifications, we have chosen a candidate who has more relevant and hands-on experience. We will be keeping your resume for any future job openings that will become available. When you will gain more experience, we hope you will apply at [Company Name] again.

On behalf of [Company Name], I would thank you again for your interest and I wish you all the very best in your future career endeavors.


[Sender Name]

Start Maintaining A Good Relation With All Of Your Candidates

job rejection email

Every applicant can be your future employee, even the ones who are getting the job rejection emails. You never know when someone applies again after building a better resume. So you need to know how to write job rejection emails well. And you can make it easier if you have some job rejection samples ready. 

People are going with remote hiring solution nowadays, you can try out Easy.Jobs today on your WordPress site as well and witness how smooth it makes the process. And at the end, you need to make sure to use the rejection email templates that we just showed you and customize it however you like. And always remember that sending a good rejection email is vital for staying in touch with the people who apply for your job positions.

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